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Author: Peter Robb
ISBN13: 978-1860464652
Title: Midnight in Sicily
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Publisher: Harvill Pr; 1st Edition edition (May 1, 1998)
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Midnight in Sicily by Peter Robb

Peter Robb's is one such talent, and "Midnight in Sicily" combines incisive thoughts on politics and gangsterism with reflections on food, art and literature that are so richly evocative that one's senses are attuned not only to Sicily's olive groves and caponata but to its corpses and smoking ruins. This book is about this history of the Sicilian mafia as part of the formal and informal structures of life in Sicily. The Midnight referred to in the title is the dark period in the lead up Until I was over halfway through this book, I wasn't really sure what it was about. I knew it was Sicily, Cosa Nostra (the Sicilian mafia), and apparently all the hidden must-see places in Sicily, but I didn't understand how these all tied together.

South of mainland Italy lies the island of Sicily, home to an ancient culture that-with its stark landscapes, glorious coastlines, and extraordinary treasure troves of art and archeology-has seduced travelers for centuries. But at the heart of the island's rare beauty is a network of violence and corruption that reaches into every corner of Sicilian life: Cosa Nostra, the Mafia. Peter Robb lived in southern Italy for over fourteen years and recounts its sensuous pleasures, its literature, politics, art, and crimes. Categories: Other Social Sciences.

The book was first published in 1996. Spending fourteen years in southern Italy, Peter Robb recounts his journey into the Italian mezzogiorno - chiefly Sicily, but also Naples, and reveals its culture, history, art, literature and politics

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Midnight In Sicily - Peter Robb.

From the author of M and A Death in Brazil comes Midnight in Sicily. Peter Robb has divided his time among Brazil, southern Italy, and Australia for the last quarter century. What Our Readers Are Saying.

A journey into the heart of Sicily, using art, food, history and literature to shed light on southern Italy's legacy of political corruption and violent. Starting in Palermo I understood from this book why you hear doors banging shut, the odd voice, but you don’t see anyone about. Other books by Peter Robb. A Death in Brazil (A Book of Omissions). Genre: s, Historical. Street Fight in Naples (A City’s Unseen History). Genre: Historical, Nonfiction.

A New York Public Library Best Book of the Year. From the author of M and A Death in Brazil comes Midnight in Sicily. South of mainland Italy lies the island of Sicily, home to an ancient culture that-with its stark landscapes, glorious coastlines, and extraordinary treasure troves of art and archeology-has seduced travelers for centuries.

Peter Robb's journey into the dark heart of Sicily uses history, painting, literature and food to shed light on southern Italy's legacy of political corruption and violent crime.

Midnight in Sicily
Reviews: 7
Midnight in Sicily is a beautifully written exploration of the horrifying history and politics of Southern Italy from the post War years through to the mid nineties. It ties in some of Sicily's more ancient history too, to provide the needed background for the development of the society as it is today. Peter Robb lived in Naples for 14 years and spent a lot of time in Sicily researching this book. His inclusion of the works of local authors Scascia and Lampedusa and the art of Guttuso to help make sense of this story is inspired, as nowhere else but in fiction could we possibly come close to understanding the reality. The black and white photographs of Letizia Battaglia are the evidence backing up his tales (if you have not seen them, look them up as they are not shown physically in the book). Sometimes I had to put the book down for a day to digest the truth and the unbelievability of the truth. His reliance on court records and the writings of the magistrates makes the whole thing undeniable. This is a seriously disturbing book and makes one wonder how far the disease of Mafia style corruption has spread across the world.
This is a detailed story of the post war Mafia in Sicily by a foreigner who lives the place and manages to bring an informed outsider's perspective to a forbidden subject. A very worthwhile read.
A word of warning: I grew up in Italy in the1970s so I understood a lot of the Italian political references from that era. If Italy's Cold War political scheming is a mystery you might be confounded by parts of the narrative.
I enjoyed it and am glad to have it in my library for a second read in the future.
With a finite amount of time in my life to read I made time for the book to understand my Sicilian roots for the best. This book uncovers and unravels the treachery of Sicily, Naples, and even Milan and yet in never comes to fruition. It teeters between mafia (coscas) important people, art, food, and travel. I feel with a better organizational structure this book can be re-worked, and a more sought after version would be easier to read. This book just never reaches the full potential it can easily muster.
A sympathetic, personal, outside but informed view on life in Naples and Palermo, centered on a looping history of the Mafia trials and the collapse of the major Italian political parties. Unsurprisingly, a bit dark, not a travelogue. You might also consider "The Sack of Rome", that provides a sequel of sorts, as it documents the rise of Berlusconi, from a well-informed insider. The challenge with both is to put them into the broader context of Italian history and culture. The latter also raises intelligent and thoughtful parallels with developments elsewhere in Europe and, presciently, in the United States.
This book is quite good at cataloging the atrocities of the Mafia and the corruption of Italian politicians--and not only Sicilian. However, in 2014 it is quite dated, ending its review around 1996. Lots has happened since then, and for that you will need to be updated. Robb is very thorough in his description of the complex relationships in the politics of Italy and Sicily, but the cast of characters is broad and requires a lot of backtracking to remember who is who. You will come away with a dark view of this stunningly beautiful island which, when visited, gives you a totally opposite opinion of the charm of its people, its inspriring landscapes, rich resort towns, and its awesome al dente pasta!
In their reviews, Michael Swisher and Marilyn Ferdinand's do an excellent job of describing this book. There's no point to replicating their work.

I encourage anyone who is thinking about reading this book to do so, but to first read The Leopard. Translated from the Italian by Archibald Colquhoun., a novel about Sicily that is consistently ranked among the world's 100 best novels of the 20th Century and which Peter Robb discusses extensively in this book.

Although the professional reviews say that this book is not a travel guide, I disagree. Robb's comments on various aspects of Sicilian life are perceptive and, read in conjunction with other travel guides like Top 10 Sicily (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides), will prepare you well for a visit to the island. For those of a more intellectual bent, try Blue Guide Sicily, Seventh Edition.

As other reviewers have said, the Mafia are simply scum that should not be glorified. The real heroes of this book are the police investigators, magistrates and others who, knowing they would be assassinated, gave their lives for their country.
This book has it all...a travel book, FOOD!, and the omnipresent corruption of the Mafia in Sicily. Peter Robb has written a masterpiece detailing how La Cosa Nostra has invaded every part of Sicily's everyday life. First published in 1996, Robb updated this book in 2007.
I lived in Sicily. Robb's descriptions of the marketplaces, the dusty heat that is Sicily are spot on. The Sicilians I lived with simply accepted the Mafia as a business...nothing more. But it is MUCH more.

Peter Robb put into words the uneasy feeling I had while living there. I never quite knew what was going on...I never had that feeling in any other foreign country... It's a closed society and even though I speak both the Sicilian dialect of Italian and French (most Sicilians also speak French) I couldn't quite figure what residents were thinking.

If you think that the mafia is "The Sopranos" or "The Godfather" trilogy...you don't understand the depth of the 'Ndrangheta and other Calabrese mafia. These are the mafia who were condemned by Pope Francis. When Pope John Paul II also condemned the "Ndrangheta in 1993, they blew up churches in Rome including the Pope's own St. John's Basilica.

The entwining of the Roman Catholic church and the Mafia is as bizarre, evil, and corrupt as it comes..and I'm a Roman Catholic.

Read this book and you will never see "Wiseguys" as interesting.