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Author: Bear Grylls
ISBN13: 978-1585742509
Title: The Kid Who Climbed Everest
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Publisher: The Lyons Press; 1st edition (April 2001)
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The Kid Who Climbed Everest by Bear Grylls

The Kid Who Climbed Everest is a tale of courage and determination. Bear Grylls was brought up on a small island off the south coast of England, where his late father taught him to climb and sail. Reading this book coupled with watching Everest Beyond the Limit Reality TV series helped give me an appreciation of the mountain and the difficulties that it presents to climbers. Grylls has a casual tone that guides the reader on a exciting trek up the biggest mountain in the world. This made an excellent vacation read for me.

Bear has always had a dream of climbing Mt. Everest but that dream was shattered in 1996 when Bear suffered a broken back while parachuting. Even though he went through 18 months of agonizing rehabilitation, Bear never lost his that dream. In 1998 he accomplished his the impossible by becoming the younge Ok, I know I am biased because I'm a fan of Bear Grylls but this was an excellent book! This was Bear's first book and, even though he is not an author, I felt he did a fantastic job at writing. The story begins with Bear having a near fatal parachuting accident while in the British Army and being literally on bed-rest for several months. Surviving this incident stirs something in his being and the quest for the summit of Everest begins.

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Everest," writes British climber Bear Grylls, "is no place to prove yourself. I found it to be much more personal with much less arrogance than Into Thin Air. Bear admitted his fear throughout his journey to the top of the world. I cheered as he stood at the summit of Everest! I highly recommend this book to younger readers. I found it much easier to read and formed a bond with the author after reading it. what an adventure! Published by Thriftbooks.

It is a book about his adventures climbing Mt Everest. Call it what you want.

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In 1996, a d soldier in the British Army was flying over an African desert on a routine parachute jump. He had a lot to look forward to-a long career ahead of him in the army, a beautiful girlfriend back home. But those dreams were cut short when his parachute failed to open at eleven thousand feet. He had cracked three vertebrae and come within a fraction of severing his spinal cord. A grueling eight months of physical therapy followed. Bear had to retrain his muscles to do all of the things we take for granted-how to sit, stand, walk, even breathe

Bear Grylls' Everest Climb was in aid of SSAFA Forces, a British-based charity that helps former and serving members of the UK armed forces and their families. The UK book was entitled "Facing Up". In 2000, Bear Grylls led the first team to circumnavigate the UK on a personal watercraft for the benefit of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

THE KID WHO CLIMBED EVEREST is a tale of courage and determination. Everest, writes British climber Bear Grylls, is no place to prove yourself. The likelihood of reaching the summit is so slim that you are inevitably setting yourself up to be disappointed.

A British Army officer chronicles his ascent of Everest at the tender age of twenty-three after recovering from a broken back just a few years earlier.
Reviews: 7
I love the show "Man vs. Wild." The star of the show is Bear Grylls. As I was looking through the local book store, I noticed this book by Bear about climbing Everest. I love two things, Bear's survival in the harsh conditions and Everest stories. It seemed like a book I would love. The book starts with a little background information. Bear (which is a nickname) was in Britain's special forces. But an accident in which bear was parachuting out of the plane, and his parachute did not open completely and he broke his back; this caused him to get out of the military. He was doing little until he was asked to climb Everest. This was his motivation to start life again. The book journeys into the heart of the high country. This is dangerous territory, and a unforgiving landscape. The account is interesting and scary at times. There are close calls, sickness, and weather that is going to stop everything. But in the end, Bear makes it. He was the youngest Briton to do so. Though I might never climb Everest, these books always provide for me some powerful inspiration to climb the mountains that I travel. Bear is the man!
I have read this book several times and never fail to be drawn into it. Bear is a fascinating man in his own right, but getting the whole, unabridged account of his Everest climb is a blessing. He's perfectly willing to share the bad with the good, from mistakes that were made to the truth of those last few steps to the summit itself. His modesty and honesty are refreshing. If it's bravado you're looking for, you won't find it here, and that's one of the many things to appreciate about this book.

It's well-written, funny, emotional and intriguing.

I can only hope that people read it for what it is and not what they expect it to be. I see a few reviews here that tell me some people went into it hoping for something (though what, I'm not sure) and were irritated that they didn't get it. This book deserves to stand on its own and not be compared to others. It is what it is-- a wonderful tale of a real man, with doubts and fears and weaknesses, who just wanted to accomplish a dream.

I thank him for sharing it with us.
Great book and very motivational. Not many people know about Bear's background and early times before he got his own show and this book shines a bit of light into it. It's an easy read and not boring. While it's not a motivational book of that sort I felt like I could take on the world after reading it.
Let me start by saying I thought this book was excellent. I've read about all there is when it comes to Everest and this is not your typical Everest book. Bear, best known in America for the TV show Man vs. Wild, does an excellent job bringing you into his climb of the worlds highest peak. What the "other" Everest books always seemed to lack, in hindsight, was humor, something this book has no shortage of. Probably one of the most interesting and favorite parts of the book for me were his descriptions of the mountain. He does a great job painting the picture of what he sees, something I've always thought the big name Everest writers have lacked. His descriptions of the view (top to bottom) and the western Cwm/South Col really helped me envision a place I will likely never see. Bear is a storyteller and it shows in this book. As I said before, I found the humor a pleasant surprise and I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions. But Bear also knew how to bring the book to a serious point when the story called for it. His story is amazing and inspiring. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.
This account of Grylls' climb is interesting and captivates the reader who is interested in adventure mountaineering. Reading this book coupled with watching Everest Beyond the Limit Reality TV series helped give me an appreciation of the mountain and the difficulties that it presents to climbers. Grylls has a casual tone that guides the reader on a exciting trek up the biggest mountain in the world. This made an excellent vacation read for me. Recommended.
Not the best writing (whoever edited it was asleep a lot of the time, as there were grammatical and spelling errors throughout) HOWEVER, I found the details of the experience fascinating, as I always do when it comes to stories about climbing Everest. I will read every book on the subject to continue to convince myself that I NEVER want to do it myself!
Bear outdid himself in this one. More detail of what it is really like to climb Everest than in any other book about it I have read