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Author: Andrew L. Harbin
ISBN13: 978-0912045092
Title: Land Surveyor Reference Manual (Engineering Review Manual Series)
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Language: English
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Publisher: Professional Pubns Inc; 2nd edition (July 1989)
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Land Surveyor Reference Manual (Engineering Review Manual Series) by Andrew L. Harbin

If you are a practicing surveyor, you will find it to be an invaluable and frequently used addition to your library. I keep one copy on the bookshelf next to my desk in my office and another copy in my home library. Second, because of its comprehensive coverage, it is an ideal resource for people preparing for the Fundamentals of Land Surveying (FLS) examination.

This book may also be used as a study aid for the Principles and Practice of Land Surveying (PLS) exam, but it should be recognized that since it is intended as a comprehensive manual of fundamental principles rather than an in-depth analysis of any particular area of surveying, it may not be suitable as a stand-alone study guide for all portions.

The Land Surveyor Reference Manual is the book most used to prepare for the Fundamentals of Land Surveying (FLS, formerly LSIT) exam.

Land Surveyor Reference Manual. Land Surveyor Reference Manual. Download (pdf, 8. 3 Mb) Donate Read.

This eight-hour exam is all multiple-choice and is closed-book except for a handout provided in the examination room. The Land Surveyor Reference Manual is the core book examinees The first test in the two-part surveying licensing process, the Fundamentals of Land Surveying (FLS/LSIT) exam is typically taken by upper-level students or recent graduates, in April or October. This eight-hour exam is all multiple-choice and is closed-book except for a handout provided in the examination room. The Land Surveyor Reference Manual is the core book examinees use to prepare for this test.

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Book by Harbin, Andrew L.
Reviews: 7
I am married to a licensed land surveyor, and have been in surveying for five years. I purchased this book to prepare to take the LSIT exam. It is a useful review of the pertinent math and does touch on a pretty comprehensive scope of topics, but still leaves a lot to be desired. This is a new edition and is FRAUGHT with errata. I have to update from their errata website frequently. It would be bad enough if I was familiar with the concepts in the book, but as I am trying to learn new concepts for the exam it is very demoralizing to be working through a problem which has errors in it and I can't figure out why I can't make my answer match what they have. I've done the problem correctly, but they've got a bogus solution and without a solid understanding of the concept at hand, there's no way for me to know who's right and if I've got the concept or not.

Also bear in mind this is a textbook. And trying to learn from a textbook is virtually impossible without a teacher. My husband is my tutor and I am learning using this book and his knowledge together--you are not going to learn surveying concepts out of this book by yourself...it's just too superficial. They breeze through a concept, give an example and move on...there's no explanation or in-depth analysis of what you've just touched on. It is a fine tool for exam prep, but you better already know the concepts, or have a tutor available.

The biggest disappointment is all the errata. If they had done a better job of editing before it went to press it would be a far better and more useful book....unfortunately there aren't many to choose from, so you're kind of stuck with it for LSIT prep work.
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Great book, great price.
One of the better manuals for learning surveying mathematics. Highly recommend the Solutions Manual companion to help work out some of the more complex math problems as sometimes the explanations are a bit vague in how they arrived at the solution.
I bought this book to use as a reference for the surveying portion of the civil PE exam that California requires. I thought it was very well organized and contained all the information that I needed for our test. I also used some of the practice problems in the back of each chapter to help refresh my memory and prepare for the exam. I know that it is not comprehensive for people taking the LS or LSIT, but it is better than the surveying textbook I was required to purchase when I was in college.
Much of the information contained in the text has been updated with computers and digital technology.
It's not a "bad" text but I would not knowingly purchase it again.
This book is resonably well written and is aligned with the NCEES models for Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) and Principles of Surveying (PS) exams. About 60% of book is math related starting with fractional multiplication and proceeding through state plane to Lat/Lon conversions. Other areas include limited introductions to Boundary Law and Business Practices. Outside of the math, I would not depend too heavily on this book for answers.