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Author: Ian Hogg
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Title: Missiles and Artillery (Twentieth-Century Weapons)
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Missiles and Artillery (Twentieth-Century Weapons) by Ian Hogg

20th century Century tncyciopeaia ot of zutn Encyclopedia. Eapons arfare and. VOLUME 24 Vim/Zulu. Encyclopedia of 20th Century. enormously in sophistication and the transport and artillery support provided have made even greater progress. missiles is mounted on the forecastle, and two SPG-55 for the Terrier missiles are fitted above the bridge.

Describes various types of artillery and missiles and explains how they fit into the organizational framework of the army. missiles and artilery. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 13 years ago. This was a good book with great pictures and writing. A very good book if you want to learn about cannons and missiles. The author makes it easy to understand the way missiles and artillery work. It shows how missiles can be fired from many different places, Land, sea and air. The book shows when the first cannon was made and the first missiles. In the back of the book it shows when different artillery was made. It shows the inside of a rocket and a artillery shell. It also talks about how airplanes can shoot missiles

Twentieth-Century Artillery - dokument 7 /7ENTIETH-CENTURY ARTILLERY Ian Hogg TWENTIETH-CENTURY ARTILLERY Twentieth-century Artillery brings together the most important examples of artillery used or designed this century in one comprehensi. defence artillery 94 Anti-armour weapons 127 Light support weapons 160 Surface-to-surface missiles 186 Air defence missiles 209 Railway artillery 236 Self-propelled artillery 247 Free-flight rockets 289 Glossary 312 Index 313 Introduction Fhture military historians will surely look back upon the 20th century and say ‘There was the zenith of artillery’

Twentieth-century artillery Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Twentieth-century artillery from your list? Twentieth-century artillery. Published 2000 by Barnes & Noble Books in New York. Field and heavy artillery. Light support weapons. Surface-to-surface missiles. Air defense missiles. Self-propelled artillery.

Twentieth Century Artillery book. Ian V. Hogg enlisted in the Royal Artillery of the British Army in April 1945. During World War II he served in Europe and in eastern Asia. After the war he remained in the military. In the early 1950s, he served in the Korean War. Altogether he served in the military for 27 years. Upon retiring in 1972, he held the appointment of Master Gunner at the Royal Military College of Science, where he ta Ian V. He worked with a skilled artist, John Batchelor, to ensure that his books were well illustrated with cutaway diagrams.

Twentieth-Century Artillery. Posted By: Oleksandr74. Date: 8 Jul 2017 09:34:31. Twentieth-Century Artillery. Ian Hogg is one of the world's leading experts on small arms, artillery systems, ammunition and defence systems in general. He is the author of numerous books on these subjects, including The Big Guns 1939-45, A History of Artillery and Military Small Arms of the 20th Century. He currently lives in the west of England. This book attempts to show a fraction of that diversity, a cross-section of the weapons used by various nations between 1900 and 1999. Contents: Introduction Field and heavy artillery Air defence artilleгу Anti – armour weapons Light support weapons Surface-to-surface missiles Air defence missiles Railway artillery Self-propelled artillery Free-flight rockets Glossary Index. Download from icerbox.

Twentieth-century Artillery brings together 300 of the most important examples of artillery used or designed between 1900 and the year 2000. Beginning with the guns that pounded the trenches in World War I, the book details all the major forms of artillery in service throughout the century. From hand-held anti-tank devices, anti-aircraft guns and field pieces of World War II to the recent tactical and strategic missiles, Twentieth-century Artillery provides a wide survey of the development and use of artillery, with the entries conveniently placed into categories for easy reference.

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A study of modern missiles and artillery discusses their role in military strategy and the specifications, functions, and operations of diverse systems