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Author: Wayne McLaughlin,Paul Zindel
ISBN13: 978-0786811571
Title: Doom Stone, The
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Language: English
Category: Literature and Fiction
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion (October 1, 1996)
Pages: 192

Doom Stone, The by Wayne McLaughlin,Paul Zindel

Paul Zindel's novel, "The Doom Stone," is about a New York City teenager, Jackson, who goes to visit his Aunt Dr. Crawley who happens to be an archaeologist working at Stone Henge in the Wiltshire countryside of England. While he is there, he gets caught up in a supernatural suspense story that won't be spoiled. Paul Zindel serves up another short and creepy adventure with the Doom Stone. Jackson is visiting his aunt Sarah in wonderfully mysterious and ancient Stonehenge, the perfect setting for the adventure to follow. The creepiness in the story even extends to the girl Jackson befriends who, of course, is the daughter of a gravedigger. The terror is notched a couple of levels from some of Paul Zindel's previous books as the bodies begin dropping. He has written a fast-paced tale that moves quickly and manages to cover a lot of thrills in a very short space.

Typically 7" by . 5" (18 cm by 11 cm) or smaller, though trimming errors can cause them to sometimes be slightly (less than 1/4 extra inch) taller or wider/deeper.

The Doom Stone by. Paul Zindel, Wayne McLaughlin (Illustrator).

Book Two: The Doom Stone. Book Five: Reef of Death. Book Six: Night of the Bat. The Gadget. eISBN: 978-1-935169-64-2. The doom stone, Paul Zindel. p. cm. Summary: When fifteen-year-old Jackson visits his aunt in England, he becomes caught up in a chase to capture an unknown creature who is stalking and killing people on the plains surrounding ancient Stonehenge.

Jackson is always psyched to visit his aunt Sarah when she's working on an anthropological dig. This time she's in England, at Stonehenge, and Jackson can't wait to see the massive and mysterious stone formations in person. But then he witnesses a vicious attack on a young man, and another on his beloved aunt Sarah. A savage beast no one has ever seen before is on the prowl.

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Paul Zindel's novel, "The Doom Stone," is about a New York City teenager, Jackson, who goes to visit his Aunt Dr. Anyway my biggest problems with the story was the lack of clarity regarding the monsters and species involved. I needed something like illustrations to help me understand the story's progression.

Paul Zindel (1936-2003) was born and raised on Staten Island in New York. After teaching high school science for several years, he decided to pursue a career as a playwright. His first play, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Shortly thereafter, he wrote his first novel for young adults, The Pigman, which has gone on to sell millions of copies

About The Doom Stone - Driving past Stonehenge on his way to visit his anthropologist aunt, 15-year-old Jackson sees a creature mauling a young man. . The site is updated daily with information about every book, author, illustrator, and publisher in the children's, young adult book industry. Join now (it's free).

View More by This Author. Jackson is always eager to visit his aunt Sarah at her anthropological digs. This time she's in England, at Stonehenge, and Jackson's particularly excited to see the massive and mysterious stone formations in person. But then he sees a young man viciously attacked and witnesses a similar savage attack on his beloved aunt Sarah. A beast no one has ever seen before is on the prowl and Jackson must rush to stop it before it can kill again.

When fifteen-year-old Jackson visits his aunt in England, he becomes caught up in a chase to capture an unknown creature who is stalking and killing people on the plains surrounding ancient Stonehenge
Reviews: 7
Bought used good read though I've read it dozens of times well taken care of book
I read this when I was in middle school a long time ago and it gave me nightmares! The author does a good job of really grabbing the reader and putting them in the story with the creature. At 22, it gave me the creeps just as well! Such a good read!
Good book by great author. Would definitely recommend to 11_12 year olds. Such a good book. I love it. Epic
Not bad
I love this story but the book I was told was in good condition was falling apart and in absolutely appalling condition...
Doomstone is set in modern-day Salisbury, London. All is well until a curious, 15 year old boy, named Jackson Cauley, is on his way to visit his aunt when he witnesses a savage attack on a young man by an unknown creature. And even weirder, the body is missing.

This story will have you holding your breath and wondering what will happen next as Jackson, his aunt Sarah Cauley, and some new friends, embark on a heart-stopping adventure, filled with surprises at every turn. They will travel anywhere, from a chapel, to an underground cave, even to the famous Stonehenge, to find the secret behind the monstrous beast murdering dozens. They close in on the abomination, just as the unthinkable happens. Dr. Cauley is attacked. After watching her being rushed to the hospital, Jackson begins to worry.

How will Jackson be able to solve an ancient riddle about how to kill the beast? Will he be able to protect his new friend? Will he save his aunt? Can he even save himself? Youll be asking yourself these questions as you read this wonderful book.

As for my personal thoughts, I loved how the author paints a visual picture of every character, room, and item. I felt like I could not put the book down. It was like I was right with the characters, watching them solve the mystery. I'm sure that after reading this book, you will recommend it to your friends.
This story starts when Jackson is invited by his aunt to come to Stone Henge. When he was going to where his aunt is staying, he saw a creature attacking a human. When he went back to where the person was attacked, he saw nothing. The next day, he saw the creature again in a house where a police officer trapped the creature in. But unfortunately, the police officer was killed. The creature came out of the house, he attacked Jackson's aunt. Fortunately, he only wounded her and she was sent to the hospital. Jackson soon got wrapped up more into finding the creature. Almost every day, he went looking for the creature, which he called skull face. One night, he went to visit his aunt in the hospital. He saw her drawing a picture of the old Stone Henge. She soon pointed out the only thing that could distroy skull face. Unfortunately, the stones that could distroy skull face are not there anymore. So he went to Stone Henge and just sat there. Jackson found skull face looking at him. Jackson got up and ran to the dune buggy that he found in the hotel that he was staying at. He drove away from skull face, but that didn't discourage skull face from chasing him. He got to a church and stopped. He ran into the church with skull face on his heels. He climbed toward the top of the church with skull face still chasing him. When he got to the top, there was no turning back. Could this be the end for Jackson or will it be the triumphant death of skull face. To find out read this book.
Fifteen-year-old Jackson teams up with Alma, a gravedigger's daughter, to investigate mysterious deaths caused by a gruesome prowler around England's famed Stonehenge attraction. Invited over by his anthropologist Aunt Sarah, the American youth is used to strange occurrences whenever he joins his aunt on some exotic expedition or excavation, but even he is not preprared for the repelling discovery of Skull Face.
Of course the British military is keenly aware of the secret source of the grisly events on Salisbury Plain; their goal is to reduce public consternation as much as possible, thus hiding the truth about the fantatic creature from the unsuspecting locals. These teenage
sleuths ferret information from odd sources and old parchment volumes in the cathedral library, swapping data with wise Aunt Sarah, who has been bitten and thus confined to a hospital. But how is it that Ramid, as she terms this vicious aberration of Nature, has survived for centuries below modern man's radar screen? How does he just Know things in the computer age? And what strange, malicious bond unites Dr. Cawley and the monster? Is there no way to stop his rampage of raw evil? What other secrets are festering deep in the bowels beneath the enchanted horseshoe circle of sarcens and trilithons? This is an action-packed YA adventure, which might stimulate research on the various theories of prehistoric Stonehenge. Chillling, for kids 14 up.