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Author: Matt Wagner
ISBN13: 978-1401203092
Title: Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman - Trinity
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Publisher: DC Comics (June 1, 2004)
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Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman - Trinity by Matt Wagner

er Woman: Trinity is a three-issue comic book limited series published by DC Comics in 2003. Written and drawn by Matt Wagner, the series focused on the first meeting and alliance between DC's Trinity: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, regarded as DC's most popular characters. The story takes place before the formation of the Justice League. The series was collected as a hardback and eventually a softcover trade paperback by DC Comics in 2005.

Ra's al Gh Trinity by Matt Wagner is one of the er Woman team-ups that should have been taken to the big screen. It tells the story of the first collaboration between the trio that make up the core of the Justice League. While Batman and Superman are allies already at this point, it is the first time they meet and work alongside Wonder Woman.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Superhero. Publisher: DC Comics. Publication date: 2003. Can three inexperienced heroes bring down this trifecta of evil?

er Woman: Trinity (Collections) (2 Book Series) to er Woman - Trinity. Books In This Series (2 Books). Born and educated in Pennsylvania, Matt Wagner has enjoyed a career in comics for 25 years. His first published work introduced what would eventually become one of the medium’s most respected creator-owned characters: the mastermind assassin Grendel. Though he is best known for the various Grendel titles as well as his more personal and allegorical heroic saga Mage, Wagner has also worked on a variety of established characters, including an acclaimed re-imagination of the original Golden Age Sandman, which he developed and wrote for the Vertigo title SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE.

er Woman: Trinity is a three issue comic book limited series published by DC Comics in 2003. Written and drawn by Matt Wagner, the series focused on the first meeting and alliance between DC's Trinity: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Combined, they are regarded as DC Comics iconic super heroes of The World's Finest Team and also referred as The World's Finest Trinity.

View all er Woman: Trinity pictures. Manufacturer: Titan Books Ltd Release date: 23 September 2005 ISBN-10 : 1840238925 ISBN-13: 9781840238921. add. Separate tags with commas, spaces are allowed. Use tags to describe a product . for a movie Themes heist, drugs, kidnapping, coming of age Genre drama, parody, sci-fi, comedy Locations paris, submarine, new york.

er woman: trinity 2003. On Sale Date: Jul 26 2017.

er Woman: Trinity was a three issue comic book limited series published in 2003 by DC Comics. Written and drawn by Matt Wagner, the series focused on the first meeting and first alliance between DC's Trinity: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

When Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman reluctantly band together to thwart a madman's plot, they first must overcome their own biases and reconcile their differing philosophies.
Reviews: 7
For the most part, Trinity is an exceptional book. The art is a particular highlight, not only looking good, but at many times telling the story just as much as the written words. Of course, the writing itself is pretty good too; the coming-together of the three here feels very natural, and the villains used make sense in the scheme of it all. Superman, in particular, feels exactly the way he should be written, no question about it.

My sticking points were really the big thing here; of the three, both Batman and Wonder Woman feel more than a little flanderized at several points. Neither is quite at the level we see in their best standalone stories, particularly when you see Wonder Woman (briefly) in something of a damsel-in-distress role. It's thankfully not quite that bad, and she quickly picks up the slack as a heavy-hitter, but it was present enough to draw me out a little.

More so is the fact that there are several moments that will be dealbreaking to anyone sensitive to sexual assault. It would be one thing if it were only the villain acting creepy (as he does), because that would still imply it as a bad thing. However, and minor spoiler ahead, there is a moment involving Batman that has little explanation and less justification; it's simply not needed for the book, and if it was able to make me uncomfortable, I can imagine it being a lot more of a problem to very many people out there.

Finally, and a little more trivially, there is a cameo that just sort of felt unnecessary and distracting late in the book. Maybe it worked better back in 2003, with the original release, but in this day, every comic I order seems to have multiple cameos and minor crossovers within page one (some hyperbole applied). Maybe I'm just jaded, but it served as yet another immersion-breaker for me, so it could do the same for you.
Wonderful read. I was fond of the internal dialogue of each character. It gave an interesting perspective to each of them as they learned to deal with the other 2 heroes.

The quality of the book itself was also top notch, the dust jacket has a nice matte finish to it, which was a pleasant surprise. I'm used to comics having those glossy finger ridden ones that are tougher to keep clean.
greed style
"Trinity" succeeds as an unironic take on DC's Big Three. The story, involving nuclear warheads and Bat-villain Ra's, is standard mad-villain-tries-to-destory-the-world stuff--a little disappointing, since Ra's is a complex character more suited to the seriousness of, say, Greg Rucka's "Death and the Maidens" than the Golden Age of Super-Heroes. The cameos from Robin and Aquaman are priceless, as is the character interaction between Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. "Trinity" isn't a classic, but it is a fun comic book diversion for an hour.
The Apotheoses of Lacspor
My husband and I enjoyed this tale of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman first meeting and battling Ras-al-Ghul and a renegade Amazon. The story is exciting and the artwork is good -- reminiscent of 1940s' animation.
I liked this story a lot because it's not over complicated with plot lines and it's not over the top with it's premise. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are equally likeable characters with their own distinct personalities. This is a perfect Superman/Batman story (which I've always loved) and I personally never saw Wonder Woman as a likeable character but this story completely changed my mind. I liked the choice for villains as each hero has their own distinct rival and both the good guys and the villains make cool looking team ups with a satisfying final brawl. There's also a cameo by both Robin and Aquaman which I thought added to the cool little things about this story. Totally worth a buy
Well... I'd prefer Wagner to write a more temporally advanced adventure of the Big Three. I mean, before this story was launched, we already know that they knew each other pretty well. Tho this story managed to catch the internal conflicts among the heroes (WW's peaceful way vs Batman's straigthforward methods; Bat and Supes' own point of view to any problems), but somehow to me it was just slipped a bit.

As a WW fans, I understand that Diana actually already encountered Bat and Supes in her first months in Boston (early WW edition, Time Passage. Forgot the number. Things to do with the anti-superhero movement). And it went peacefully. So why did she has to encounter them again for 'the first time' this time? A bit weird. It would be better to set a story when they have known each other, and face a new trouble. And of course, Hypolyta's statement about the Bana-Mighdall's existence sort of 'undoing' the story plot made by George Perez and others. But, hey... that's what's been happening in the DC universe. One version over another...

And WW's costume! By the Gods! Can't she wear a natural WW undies instead of that horrible boxer? It might mean to make it more 'polite' or somekind; but boxer!? Sorry, but am truly a WW fans, and I don;t like her with boxer.

But I can spare Matt for making Bruce kissed Diana. Enchanted or not, I always like it when Bruce finds it hard to control himself everytime Di is there. They're a click couple, I tell ya. Di seems to enlight Bruce' dark sides, while Bruce maintain Di's sense of practicality. Tho in the end (at least now...) Joe Kelly decided to put off their relationship...

Well, a nice book to read afterall...
The story is great, and the drawing beatiful. Is a must have if you are fan of Superman, WW and Batman