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Author: Diane Les Becquets
ISBN13: 978-0761452386
Title: The Stones of Mourning Creek
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Publisher: Skyscape; Reprint edition (November 25, 2012)
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The Stones of Mourning Creek by Diane Les Becquets

Personal Name: Les Becquets, Diane. Download book The stones of Mourning Creek, Diane Les Becquets.

Start by marking The Stones of Mourning Creek as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. TCL Call ya les becquets. This is the authors first novel and what a novel it is! It is filled with mystery, drama, friendship, racial prejudice and love.

The Stones of Mourning Creek by Diane Les Becquets is a young adult book set in 1960s Alabama exploring racial tension in the Deep South. Home Books The Last Woman In The Forest Breaking Wild Season of Ice Love, Cajun Style The Stones of Mourning Creek About Events Contact. Some women are born wild. The Stones of Mourning Creek.

The Stones of Mourning C. .has been added to your Cart. This book is told in the voice of a 14 year white old girl. She has recently lost her mother to a fall, and her father is drinking a lot and very neglectful. Diane Les Becquets has woven a story of friendships that cross the cultural and racial divide.

Ages 12 and up. In Alabama in the 1960s, fourteen-year-old Francie develops a controversial and dangerous friendship with a "colored girl" her own age. Young Adult.

A beautifully written book by Diane Les Becquets, The Stones of Mourning Creek is a worthwhile read for people of any age. It's written for a teen audience, but older children and adults could easily enjoy this book as well. She yells for help as the poison spreads through her body, knowing that there is no one around to hear her on the lonely creek.

Like the others, Les Becquets deals with a small-town community. Spring Gap, Alabama, in 1966, however, is not a heart-warming or quirky town, but an insidious one, where civil rights have not yet reached and in which residents remain silent out of fear of retaliation from the sheriff and his posse.

by Diane Les Becquets. I've always liked mysteries but I'm not too fond of sappy "let's all have a good sob" novels. So when I read THE STONES OF MOURNING CREEK, I was puzzled. What was I to think of this emotional novel entwined with a mystery? It turns out the novel wasn't what I expected.

Used availability for Diane Les Becquets's The Stones of Mourning Creek. April 2008 : USA Library Binding. September 2005 : USA Paperback.

When fourteen-year-old Francie befriends Ruthie, a black girl, amidst the rampant prejudice in their small town in 1960s Alabama, she suffers from the gruesome harassment of her white peers. But Ruthie demonstrates the humanity and love that helps Francie uncover the truth behind her mother’s death and deal with her father’s neglect and alcoholism.

Reviews: 7
First let me say that this book was well written and well intentioned. The flaw in the book is that the reader must suspend reality, for the criminal justice system in Alabama in the 60s would never have allowed this story to be true. It seems that the author wants her good characters to be rewarded (which mostly happened) and the bad people punished - which was pure fiction in Alabama during the 60s, especially when the crime is white on black. Buy our author lulls us into the fiction that all wrongs will be made right in the end. I guess that's why they call it fiction.
I think this is a wonderful book for all ages. Diane Les Becquets is a great author. The Stones of Mourning Creek is about a white girl named Francie who becomes best friends with a black girl named Ruthie during the 1960's in the South. After Francie's mother dies...Francie became unhappy and really lonely since her father seemed to never be there for her. Francie's mother didn't really die in an accident, she stopped a man from raping a girl and so the man killed her. You quickly find out in a couple of pages who the evil man is and who he was going to rape. Francie became friends with Ruthie, after Ruthie saves her by getting help when she found her knocked out from a snakebite. Francie and Ruthie cherished their friendship and let nothing come between them. Francie falls for a boy named Earnest :O) Their town is full of secrets....people they know are not all they seem to be. Francie and Ruthie end up finding out the answers to the mystery of Francie's mother's so-called accident. The ending was........hmm......dunno what to really say about it but you just have to read this wonderful story for yourself to find out the ending...
I really enjoyed this book. Francie & Ruthie had a bond of true friendship, soul mates. Neither girl cared what others said about their friendship with one girl black & the other white. This was frowned on in those times. They both realized how corrupt their town was when they found out who killed Francie's mom & almost raped Ruthie. They hope their bravery would be enough to bring these bad men to justice.
Interesting story, but it wasn't necessary to kill kittens to make a point. Buried up to their necks in the dirt and run over with a power mower. What kind of depraved mind would come up with that? There are better books out there. Read one of those and skip this one.
I loved this book but there was a small section that was horrible and un-necessary. When ever there is cruelty to animals get angry. I think she could have left it out and the intensity would gave remained. I almost did not finish the book. As it was it took me a couple if days to pick it back up.
When I started reading this book I didn't think I was going to like it. " Oh, it's going to be one of those kinds of books." Wrong!! This story is as young as only teens can be, as sad and heart catching as death can be.
If you like a love story, a good mystery, a heart stopping fear, your going to love this book.
I didn't change the title as it couldn't be improved upon. I read this book in three sit downs. Amazing writing. To be inside this girl's head was written with clarity and sensitivity, a must read. I will seek out this author and hope there is more that she has written, I don't find that many writers that inspire me to do so.
This book was a good read even though as it told of love and friendship of two girls of different colour. It was also about life in a small town and the struggle of these people to live even though there was a bad element that enveloped the town ,there was also goodness,which won at the end.