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Author: Ben Jeapes
ISBN13: 978-0440237853
Title: The Xenocide Mission
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Publisher: Laurel Leaf (January 13, 2004)

The Xenocide Mission by Ben Jeapes

Brimming with humour and tension, The Xenocide Mission amply fulfils the promise of its predecessor. The use of multiple viewpoints works well, providing a timely reminder that pointless wars can be triggered by nothing more than arrogance, paranoia and misinformation. Just like the real world. SFX. The book is, unfortunately, timely.

Kevin said: Solid sci-fi with a unique take on alien life  . Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking The Xenocide Mission as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

The Xenocide Mission (2002). The Xenocide Mission (2002). About book: Bought this is a sale and didn't realise it was a children's book until I got it home. So I thought I'd give it to my younger brother, but looking through it I realised I'd read it when I was at school. Probably one of the first science-fiction books I'd ever read. So I've re-read it now and it's amazing how many of the scenes and the characters came back to me. Brilliant aliens - the Rusties and XCs are genius - and some interesting human characters as well.

The xenocide mission. by Jeapes, Ben. Publication date 2004. Topics Human-alien encounters. Publisher New York : Laurel-Leaf Books. Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive. Contributor Internet Archive. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by MerciG on October 29, 2010.

sometimes great, but sometimes boring. com User, January 2, 2008. The "Xenocide Mission" by Ben Jeapes is a great book with mystery, suspense, and thrills, but at times, it gets boring. Don't let this discourage you the book is very good and has a very good story and a lot of actions that creates suspense and makes the reader want to continue reading. But the book got a little boring at times when the setting was calm.

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Ben Jeapes is the author of The Xenocide Mission, The Ark, Winged Chariot, and 18 short stories, most of which can be found at his Web site: ww. ff. He lives in Oxfordshire, England. Category: Teen & Young Adult Fiction Teen & Young Adult Science Fiction Teen & Young Adult Action & Adventure. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Also in Teen & Young Adult Fiction.

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Twenty-one days later, the large cast of characters has negotiated a complex first-contact experience. In the 2140s, humans inherited interstellar travel technology and leadership of the First Breed (more commonly called "Rusties") from an advanced, alien civilization. They all insist on sending observers on the military mission, creating a recipe for disaster. Jeapes maintains suspense at a high level by his skillful use of narrative techniques; the byzantine plot is filled with cultural misunderstandings and double-crosses right up to the end. Told from the point of view of many characters and moving among the personalities, species, and power groups, it allows details-historical, personal, and cultural-to emerge as the plot unfolds.

Ben Jeapes (born 1965) is an British science fiction writer living in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Ben Jeapes has also written books under the pseudonym of Sebastian Rook. Other books you might like. Risingshadow is one of the largest science fiction and fantasy book databases. Run by dedicated speculative fiction fans for other bookworms!

Space opera is back with a bang! Lieutenant Joel Gilmore is part of a space observation team who find themselves attacked by the very aliens they are watching. It becomes a race against time for their fellow soldiers to rescue them, but in doing so, they unlock the shocking secrets of the solar system.With thrilling action sequences and brilliantly characterized aliens, this science fiction novelist is one to watch–but be careful of the aliens. These are not Star Trek aliens with altered faces, but a glimpse of what really might be out there. . . .From the Hardcover edition.
Reviews: 6
I really enjoyed the first book, and didn't feel like it was really Young Adult aside from its lack of profanity/sex. But this 2nd book mostly fell short of the potential I felt it had. I think my basic problems with it were how the author choose to just ignore basic military practice and common sense in key places that left me annoyed to distraction.
I believe he did this both to limit the overall scope of the plot and to stay focused on character drama. One big example early in the book (that was hard to ignore all the way through) was sending one, single ship on a priority mission...when we know from the 1st book that there is an entire advance Rustie fleet out there. This silliness continues all the way to the last page, where the main character does something so stupid with his son and car, it just left a bad taste.
Still gave it a 3...it was OK, it was definately YA, and it was last I'll read in this series (if there's more)
The Xenocide Mission, by Ben Jeapes, marketed as a Young Adult book, and works very well as such, though it is fully enjoyable foradults, in my view. (The lead characters include two humans in their early twenties, as well as a much older human, and an apparently much older alien.)

This novel opens on the joint Human/First Breed satellite called SkySpy, which is monitoring the fearsome aliens known as the Xenocides, or XCs, because they brutally exterminated the other intelligent species in their solar system. Young Joel Gilmore and his First Breed (or "Rustie") partner Boon Round are making an external repair when the XCs mount a surprise attack. The first priority is to ensure destruction of the computer banks and the removal of any chance of the XCs gaining FTL technology. Joel, thrust into a leadership role all of a sudden, heroically returns to the satellite with Boon Round while the rest of the survivors make their escape. Soon Joel and Boon Round are captives of the Xenocides.

One of the key Xenocides is Oomoing, a senior Mother of the Scientific Institute of one of their nations. She is summoned to SkySpy to study Joel and Boon Round. We learn that the Xenocides are fierce carnivores, and very warlike in basic orientation, but also that they are intelligent and not, on the face of it, xenocidal. Also, there is some strange mystery concerning the "Dead World", former home of the race the XCs exterminated. And as Oomoing tries to make peaceful contact with Joel and Boon Round, they get the chance to escape -- but only to the Dead World, and with Oomoing and another XC along.

Meanwhile, a rescue mission is organized from the Roving, home planet of the Commonwealth of Humans and First Breed. Joel Gilmore's father, Michael, a retired Commodore, and Joel's girlfriend, Marine Lieutenant Donna McCallum, in their different ways wangle themselves onto the mission. Once in XC space, the mission takes an unexpected turn, as the Xenocides attack and the Commonwealth ship is thrown into chaos by the treachery of an Earth-based observer and the only survivor of the race that formerly dominated the First Breed. (All this refers to back story which is presumably told in His Majesty's Starship.) Another xenocide is threatened, and so is the potential for cooperation among at least four alien races. Only if Joel, Boon Round, and Oomoing can come to terms with their mutually alien natures and work together to understand the mystery of the Dead World can this danger be averted.

This book is very enjoyable, a brisk, entertaining read, with some pretty neat alien races. It's a bit cynical about politics, both human and alien, but not in a hopeless way, rather a fairly realistic way. It might be too busy, with too many strange alien mysteries revealed, and too many plots within plots uncovered. Still, I liked it. It certainly might appeal to its intended audience of "Young Adults" -- and it will also appeal to adult readers of SF looking for a fine adventure story with some interesting speculation about alien races.
Уou ll never walk alone
So you could say that I pretty big fan of The Xenocide Mission. Here is a quick little intro: In 2153 a secret observation base in far space, staffed by humans and furry quadrupeds called Rusties, is attacked by XC aliens from another spaceship. When Lieutenant Joel Gilmore is captured with Rusties name Boon Round, Joel girlfriend and his father, a retired commodore, rush to rescue him.
This is an amazing book one should definitely read!!! In my opinion it is a shame that Ben Jeapes hasn't got the recognition that deserves for this book. So please read it and tell all your friends about it, I know you will not be disappointed.
"The Xenocide Mission" written by Ben Jeapes. In this book your imagination travels as you read and understand this thrilling and amazing book. This book is about an outer space mission, in which the crew of an asteroid, named SkySpy, have been sent to watch different life beings, whose technologies, and weapons are supreme or beyond than any of the Earth's. These extraterrestrial beings are called "Xenocides", but also known as "XCs". They are rich not only in technology, and weapons, but they are also aggressive to their enemies.
The "Big Scope" is one of the many surveillance equipment items, which goes around the SkySpy asteroid. The SkySpy is a secret base where Lieutenant Joel Gilmore, one of the main characters, works on the maintenance of the SkySpy. He was the first one to see the glowing white spots in the space, and he thought that some military strength laser was attacking them, but in fact the aliens they were supposed to watch were attacking them.
While you read throughout each page the action unfurls, such as battles, fights between the SkySpy crew, they get close to the XCs, and a lot more! Of course, with a peaceful ending.
My recommendations of this book goes to those that like stories of aliens, and outer space missions, mixed with mystery and a lot of action, that brings you not only to a different point of life, but also a different world.
The "Xenocide Mission" by Ben Jeapes is a great book with mystery, suspense, and thrills, but at times, it gets boring. Don't let this discourage you the book is very good and has a very good story and a lot of actions that creates suspense and makes the reader want to continue reading. But the book got a little boring at times when the setting was calm. The thing I liked the best about the book is that it is told in third person point of view and the story was told through three main characters and their thoughts. I thought that it was a very nice story telling device to tell the story through the lives of three characters, and I liked how two of those characters were related and yet so far apart. One was a commander of the alien race known as the Xenocides or "XC". Other than it being boring at times during the story, the book is very readable and has a really decent appeal to grab the reader in. I mostly recommend this to people who love to read science fiction books.