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Author: Maurice Thompson
ISBN13: 978-1861430649
Title: The Witchery of Archery
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Language: English
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Publisher: Llanerch Press; Facsimile edition (July 1, 1998)
Pages: 250

The Witchery of Archery by Maurice Thompson

Home Books The Witchery of Archery Contents. The Witchery of Archery. By Maurice Thompson, 1879. The Bow-The Bowstring-The Arrow-The Shooting Glove The Quiver and Belt-The Bracer-The Target-The Ascham -The Care of Tackle-The Archery Club and its Rules Manual of Arms-How to Shoot.

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The Witchery of Archery, written by Maurice Thompson in 1878, was the first book in English about hunting with a bow ever published. Its full title is The Witchery of Archery: A Complete Manual of Archery. With Many Chapters of Adventures by Field and Flood, and an Appendix Containing Practical Directions for the Manufacture and Use of Archery Implements. It was the first important book about archery written in English since Toxophilus, which was written in 1545 has a.

Title: The witchery of archery. Author: Maurice Thompson. This is an exact replica of а book published in 1878 The book reprint was manually improved by а team of professionals, as opposed to automaticocr processes used by some companies. However, the book may still have imperfections such as missing pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were а part of the original text. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections which can not be improved, and hope you will enjoy reading this book. Book Renaissance ww. en-books. С o n t e n t s. Page. CHAPTER II. Outline Sketch of the Practice of Archery in Hunting. CHAPTER III. Some Notes on Wodpecker-shooting.

The Witchery of Archery - J. Maurice Thompson. The. Witchery of archery. Chapter I. Prefatory remarks. The old toxophilite societies kept up their organizations, and from time to time new ones were formed, until archery, about the last of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century, took shape as par excellence the sport of the nobility and gentry of England, Scotland, and Wales. In 1840 Mr. George Agar Hansard published at London a large volume, entitled The Book of Archery, in which was brought together everything of interest connected with its subject which years of careful labor had enabled him to discover

Fredrick said: This is an e-pub re-issue of a book originally released in the early 1900s  . The Witchery of Archery" is a classic guide to using a bow and arrow for pleasure and sport. Within it, the author presents his own personal archery adventures and experiences, hoping that the reader will gleam the information and theoretical details required to be proficient with a bow. A fantastic guide full of timeless information for archers both new and old. Contents "The Witchery of Archery" is a classic guide to using a bow and arrow for pleasure and sport

Maurice Thompson's 1879 book The Witchery of Archery was the main inspiration for the increase of interest in archery in the United States at the beginning of the century. Elmer wrote of it That wonderful little book has had as much effect on archery as Uncle Tom's Cabin had on the Civil War! The Witchery of Archery was the first book in English about hunting with a bow ever published.

Maurice Thompson’s The Witchery of Archery is America's classic treatise on the subject of archery. Topics covered include: Archery Weapons, The Bow, To Make A Bow, Stringing the Bow, The Bowstring, The Arrow, The Shooting Glove, The Quiver and Belt, The Bracer, The Target, The Ascham, The Care of Tackle, How to Shoot and more.

The Witchery of Archery is a classic guide to using a bow and arrow for pleasure and sport.

Reviews: 7
The author was obviously a gifted and talented man as well as an intelligent one. His very humanistic and earthy writing appeal to everyone. It is not difficult to understand that this book was the motivation in the last half of the 19th. century morphing into the first half of the 20th. century for a renewed interest in the sport of archery. My only concern is why did he die so young. Depending on his birthday, he was only 56 or 57 years old. I would like to know the cause of death? Was it for wounds he received in the Civil War? Every aspiring archer should read this book keeping in mind he was referring to archery materials that were in current use in his day.
I am glad to find this book in kindle form. Others are pdfs that don't read well on the device. That's the technical part.

More important is the fact that this is an important and classic source book in the history of American archery as well as a representative 19th century piece of nature writing. It stands along with the likes of Grinnell, Seton, and Muir as careful nature observation in the Romantic tradition.

This work influenced the generation of American hunting archers that included Pope and Young.

In many ways, this is a wonderful, and by and large unrecognized, piece of American nature writing from its seminal era.
This man was one of the inspirational figures for Howard Hill. They were hunting with a bow when bow hunting wasn't cool. The book is old, so some of the language reflects the racial biases of the time, but like Huck Finn, if take in its historical context, it's tolerable. Keep in mind that it was published before the turn of the last century. If you're hyper-sensitive to such language (though I did not see the "big one" in there) it may not be for you. If you want an interesting look at the history of modern archery in our country, give it a read.
Probably one of the finest little books on Traditional archery and bowhunting. Interesting tale of brothers coming out of the civil war not allowed to have firearms and improvise by using bows and arrows.
Gold as Heart
Overall I found this to be an enjoyable collection of hunting stories that so well reflects what some might consider a deplorable period in our history. After all, the writer shots anything that moves (while crticizing the users of modern shotguns of the same), he beats his dog, uses woodpeckers for target practice, and holds to many of the stereotypes that were common of the time. But historical nuances aside there is something nostalgic and endearing about the chance to gaze at a simpler golden era of the sport, especially when told with such detailed passion. Mr. Thompsons love for archery and the wild places of late 19th century U.S. are palpable and moving. And all the while one can't help but pick up a tidbit or two about the art even raising a chuckle here and there at the craziness of some of the adventures told. This makes the book both a pleasurable read on its own and a must read for any toxophilite or lover of traditional archery. I recommend it without hesitation, especially now that it is in eBook form. Enjoy!
I chose the 5-star rating purely on the content. Thompson is a good old-stchool writer with compelling stories and descriptive language. We may disagree with some of his targets today as they are either extinct or endangered, but it is typical of the era.
This is good reading, not only for traditional archers and bowyers but anyone intrigued by the outdoors. The period is shortly after the American Civil War, mainly in the Southeast U.S..
The book was quite well written Some might find many of the words and phrases quite antiquated. As far as it being a manual of archery, it is more of a look at the attitudes and customs of the time.
it's a classic