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Author: Mark (ed) COULSON
ISBN13: 978-0954894412
Title: A carper's dozen: memorable catches from 13 of the UK's top carp anglers
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Language: English
Category: Hunting and Fishing
Publisher: David Hall Publishing; 1st edition edition (2005)
Pages: 132

A carper's dozen: memorable catches from 13 of the UK's top carp anglers by Mark (ed) COULSON

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A Carper's Dozen: Memorable Catches From 13 Of The Uk's Top Carp Anglers.

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But a baker’s dozen isِ commonly understood toِ meanِ 13. Are bakers justِ bad atِ counting? Not quite. There areِ a fewِ theories asِ to whyِ a baker’s dozen becameِ 13, butِ the mostِ widely accepted oneِ hasِ to doِ with avoiding a beating. In medieval England thereِ were laws thatِ related theِ price ofِ bread toِ theِ price ofِ the wheat usedِ toِ makeِ it. For fear ofِ accidentally coming upِ short, theyِ would throw inِ a bit extra toِ ensure thatِ they wouldn’t endِ up withِ a surprise flogging later.