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Author: Mark A Barondess
ISBN13: 978-1597775007
Title: What Were You Thinking??: $600-Per-Hour Legal Advice on Relationships, Marriage & Divorce
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Language: English
Category: Relationships
Publisher: Phoenix Books; 1st edition (October 1, 2005)
Pages: 291

What Were You Thinking??: $600-Per-Hour Legal Advice on Relationships, Marriage & Divorce by Mark A Barondess

What Were You Thinking? book. Wouldn't it be nice if you could sit down with a lawyer who. by. Mark A. Barondess.

High-profile divorce attorney Barondess' book on marriage and its loyal partner, divorce, is not for romantics. Don't want to get divorced? Don't get married. Celebrity-penned essays conclude each of the 13 chapters, and though they're entertaining, some readers might be hesitant to take marriage advice from, say, Donald Trump or Gene Simmons. Barondess' informed and occasionally raucous examination of the institution is cheaper than consulting a divorce attorney or hiring a wedding caterer, and is well-worth a look before doing either.

But What Were You Thinking? is one funny read if you’ve been married to a curmudgeon for twenty years, or have recently gotten married and want to get a peek at what could be in your future. The book is filled with cartoons, anecdotes, and interviews from people like Gene Simmons, Donald Trump, Larry King, and even Dr. Phil. And these people, of course, are all experts on marriage, by firsthand experience or by dealing with the mess afterwards. But author Mark A. Barondess warns those who want to avoid divorce and dream of long-term wedded bliss

Mark A. Barondess has written an absolutely indispensable guide for anyone considering coupling, or uncoupling. Filled with hilarious anecdotes, solid legal advice and tricks of the trade you will not find anywhere else, this is THE must-have guide to what everyone needs to know when it comes to the legal ramifications of relationships, marriage, and divorce.

Mark A.

Narrated by: Mark Barondess. Length: 7 hrs and 28 mins. Publishers Weekly) "Marriage and divorce are two very serious and expensive decisions (trust me, I know). If only I had read this book first.

by Mark A. Barondess, Esq. ebook. High-profile divorce attorney Barondess' book on marriage and its loyal partner, divorce, is not for romantics. Family & Relationships Nonfiction.

In What Were You Thinking? divorce lawyer Mark Barondess imparts advice to the married and the soon-to-be married. Barondess visited Today to discuss his book. What were you thinking? What was I thinking? These two haunting questions have probably been pondered by you or posed to you by your family and friends at one time or another. These are the questions that are the subject of lively discussion, maybe even debate, and more frequently, gossip

by Mark A. Barondess, ESQ Author · Mark A. Barondess, ESQ Narrator. More about Mark A. Barondess, ESQ (Narrator).

Other celebrities featured include Larry King, Donald Trump, Dr. Phil, and Montel Williams. Tags: Posted in: News.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could sit down with a lawyer who normally charges $600 per hour without any concern as to the amount of the legal fees you would incur? To get some expert, straightforward advice for yourself, a family member or friend who is contemplating marriage or divorce? Now is your chance to blow the bank on legal fees without actually doing so. A top family law attorney for twenty years provides hard-won reflections and commonsense advice (with witticisms) on love, marriage, and living together. Don't even think about tying the knot, breaking up or starting all over again without reading this lively, invaluable book.
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This book is definitely worth the small investment. Congratulations goes to the author. I highly recommend this book for anyone considering marriage, divorce and hiring a divorce attorney. Someone said "it's better to find out sooner than later" so, consider the marriage before actually tying the knot . The book contains lots of worthy legal advice from a lawyers point of view and a jiudges and others. It's a must read.
Hey, Great advice, Take it.
1 extremely important thing, never trust a woman, esp in divorce court.
Hide everything you can, esp assets, money, sell everything before the divorce is filed,
do away with the money, hide it... IN CASH ONLY...You've been warned.
My bride (we are still writing thank you notes for our wedding gifts) and I sat up until 2am the night we were given this book, laughing and reading parts of it aloud to each other. We both loved the part cautioning readers that whatever bugs you about your intended before the wedding will only get worse as the years pass... so true. The author, a tough divorce attorney, takes a pretty hard line: if you don't want to get divorced, then don't get ever get married. Well, we already did exactly what he advises against, but there was still plenty of valuable reading here. It gave this newlywed lots to think about... particularly enjoyed the interview with Gene Simmons, of all people, about relationships. Funny cartoons. Very enjoyable book.
I am only 1/8 through this book and I WISH I had read this when I was 18. I am 52 and have been married to two sociopaths. A lot of the book verbalizes things many of us KNOW but we IGNORE. I recommend reading this to anyONE contemplating marriage. It's a wake up call. Makes you THINK. Some of us need someone to SAY things clearly in black and white. That would be ME. Well here it is... I plan on writing another review after completing reading this book. Stay tuned...
The author tends to engage in conjecture at times, but overall, his book is very insightful on the divorce process and it definitely makes one realize all the practical implications of a marriage. People often decide to marry when they are on such an emotional high that they do not realize how tough it is to merge lives and property together.

I would have liked to have seen more commentary by relationship experts such as Dr. Phil instead of celebrities, but I suppose the author is trying to show how even celebrities have the same marital issues as everyone else.
An excellent book....for persons thinking about marriage, are already married or who are wondering about their relationship with another person.
What were you thinking... we have all asked ourselves that question many times! This book really makes you ask yourself the tough questions that are useful before, during, or after a marriage (or any relationship for that matter). The expertise and insight that Barondess has in regards to marriage and divorce is unique, as well as entertaining! Just the tips on working with an attorney in general are invaluable! I believe everyone who has had, or is thinking of having, a committed relationship (not just getting married), should read this book!
As a family law attorney, I was skeptical about the information that would be in this book. With 25 years of experience, I will tell you it is right on target, to the point and really lays it on the line with a sense of humor delightfully melded into extremely useful information. This is a book to get before you get married and before you get divorced. Candidly, I couldn't have said it better in any way. Great book !