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Author: Hattie Hill
ISBN13: 978-0312254667
Title: Smart Choices That Will Change Your Life
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Language: English
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Publisher: Golden Guides from St. Martin's Press; 1st edition (June 5, 2000)
Pages: 224

Smart Choices That Will Change Your Life by Hattie Hill

She is regularly quoted in local and national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The Dallas Morning News on matters concerning human relations n corporate America. Ms. Hill's most recent book is "Smart Choices. Hill's most recent book is "Smart Choices That Will Change Your Life". Image & Video Gallery. Hattie Hill: International Management Consultant, Businesswoman.

Through this book learn how to channel flow, and your life will forever change. Print eBook Audiobook. Each story captures a moment in your life that will never come back. Be grateful for those moments hidden in your belongings. Your choices - good or bad - were yours alone. You were lucky to have an opportunity to make your choice, to do as your heart desires and to be able to pick from among options. You were lucky that it wasn’t just one way. Be grateful for the opportunity to make your own choices. It’s hot, we have fans, it’s cold we have heaters, imagine those who have nothing.

Smart Women, Smart Choices: Set Limits and Gain Control of Your Personal and Professiona Life.

Are you sure you want to remove Smart Choices That Will Change your Life from your list? Smart Choices That Will Change your Life. Published 2000 by St. Martin's Press.

Have The Right Choice In Your Life. You need to make a fundamental change and making choices are part of the evolution of this method. The powerful choices you make today can reconstruct your tomorrow for the better or for the worse. We can’t always mandate where life may go, but we don’t have to be a spectator anymore. Source:The team at Beliefnet. Previous articleStop Doubting Yourself! Live A Brilliant, Awesome Life And Get Rich. Next articleEmpowering Yoga For Women. Related articles more from author.

Looking for great books that will change your life? Here is a list of 10 of the best books to help turn things around for yo. 10 Books that will change your life and expand your thinking. But using this book as a guide, I have been able to progress and expand my whole being to be the best version of myself that I have ever been – at least until tomorrow when I will be even better. Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. While this is focused on men, it can also help women understand the men in their lives.

Life Changing Book The 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene – I’ve Read It 15+ times. Anytime I start having a conversation about books I immediately recommend that someone reads this book. Opening this book was the moment I realized all of the power and knowledge that books will truly bring to your life. It goes through history and shows you how kings, queens, emperors and anyone who has ever been in power attained and kept their power. This book is a New York Times best seller and has sold millions of copies for a reason. Books That Will Change Your Life Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill – 4 Reads. This book taught me the power of actually networking with people and building the right team.

It might change the way you think about how you organize your life and goals. Stephen Guise, Deep Existence. Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power by Stuart Wilde. The book that comes to mind for me is a book I read a couple of years ago called TheRhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly. This includes making time for our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs each day, as well as having time for solitude, silence, and stillness. The choices we make today will ultimately determine what happens for the rest of our lives. I recommend this book for three reasons: 1. It’s a really good story. 2. It shows how the littlest of choices can determine the outcome of our lives.

When Does Caring Turn into Carrying?Smart Choices that Will Change Your Life helps women learn how not to carry the burden-emotional and financial, at home and at work-in their relationships with others, and how to start truly caring for themselves. Speaking to thousands of women across the country, Hattie Hill listened to the problems they had in reconciling their original expectations of marriage and career with the realities of today's world. Smart, high-achieving women have an I-can-do-it attitude, but in their determination to accomplish things, they over commit, which often results in burnout, resentment, and frustration.Smart Choices that Will Change Your Life explores the dilemma of today's women who shoulder a disproportionate share of the load. Hattie Hill takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery with seven smart women who crossed the line, carried their men, carried their families, and even carried their business associates and co-workers:- The Achiever-Reba, a successful entrepreneur, carried her family with her income until her husband's bad investments caught up with him.- The Juggler-Marta, a corporate executive, worked long hours while she organized the lives of her husband, five children, and aging parents.- The Fixer-Sarah, a corporate senior manager, went into overdrive for her company while her husband sat at home, discouraged and unemployed.- The Mother Hen-Michelle, a courageous woman on kidney dialysis, gave advice and support to everyone in her personal and professional life.( The Doer-Tamara, a graceful, athletic artist, went into overdrive while her husband could barely hold down a job-and then his mother moved in.- The Determined One-Joan, a public relations specialist, carried an exhausting load for years because of her own ambition until she finally told her husband that he, too, must contribute to the financial load. - The Adviser-Kate finally started a consulting business, when the rest of her family started leaning heavily on her for emotional support and she became chief family adviser and rescuer.Smart Choices that Will Change Your Life tells readers not only why, but also how these women instituted the changes, one day at a time, that revolutionized their lives.