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Author: Margaret K. Nydell
ISBN13: 978-0983955801
Title: Understanding Arabs: A Contemporary Guide to Arab Society
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Publisher: Nicholas Brealey; 5 edition (April 16, 2012)
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Understanding Arabs: A Contemporary Guide to Arab Society by Margaret K. Nydell

For fifteen years, Margaret Nydell's Understanding Arabs has been used by countless Americans preparing to work or live in the Arab world. Max L. Gross, Joint Military Intelligence College.

Advance Praise for Understanding Arabs: A Contemporary Guide to Modern Society. Margaret Nydell blends her informed understanding of Arab history and contemporary politics with deep and thoughtful insight into Arab culture and psychology. Many authors know much about the former, and a few know much about the latter, but only Understanding Arabs conveys a deep understanding of the synergies of both. This is essential reading for those working in-or with- Arab countries, or seeking to understand Arab society. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to comprehend the Middle East. The writing is fluid, full of examples, and updated to include the Arab Spring. Dr. Nydell, a world renowned linguist with decades of practical experience in the field, is an authoritative voice.

The definitive guide to understanding arab culture. Now completely updated with expert arab spring coverage and insight. With the Arab Spring causing ripple effects throughout the world, a solid understanding of Arab history, culture, and practices has never been more important. For over twenty years, top diplomats, scholars, and business people have relied on Dr. Margaret Nydell s seminal work Understanding Arabs as the essential guide to comprehending an immensely varied culture.

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For nearly three decades, diplomats, students, business people and governments have relied on Dr. Margaret Nydell's seminal work as the essential guide to comprehending an immensely varied culture. Covering all aspects of Arab life, from religion and society to social norms and communication styles, this all-encompassing guide reveals what the often misunderstood Arab culture is really like. Each chapter, including the examples, all statistics and charts, and each country overview has been extensively updated to reflect current events

Written by the esteemed academic Margaret Nydell, the book promotes understanding between modern-day Arabs and Westerners without pushing a political agenda. Visit my blog for more eBooks.

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At no time has a solid understanding of Arab culture, history, and practices been more important. For twenty years, UNDERSTANDING ARABS has earned a reputation as the resource on Arabic culture among top diplomats, scholars, and business people.

NEW 6TH EDITION NOW AVAILABLE This Fifth Editon of the highly successful guide to arab society - published in line with the Arab Spring. The perfect introduction to contemporary Arab culture for those who want to understand today's headlines and the complex events playing out on the world stage. From the rise of fundamentalism to the historically uneasy relationship between the Arab World and the West, Margaret Nydell has expanded her highly respected book to bring today's complex issues into clearer focus. Understanding Arabs introduces the elements of Arab culture and Islam in an even-handed, unbiased style. The book covers such topics as beliefs and values; religion and society; the role of the family; friends and strangers; men and women; social formalities and etiquette; and communication styles.
Reviews: 7
I teach a course in Intercultural Communication and am always on the lookout for books that I can use in class. I especially look for books that focus on specific cultures since most of my students have not travelled in the U.S., much less abroad. Nydell's book does an excellent job of explaining Arab culture from an Arab perspective. Her first edition was very much focused on western (particularly American) business men who would be traveling to, or working in, the Middle East. She has broadened that out a bit and included updated content in each edition. Her goals include helping westerners understand Arab values and behaviors as well as helping westerners understand the logic of the values and behaviors. The information is written for a general audience, contains specific examples throughout, is easy to understand, and covers key topics. For someone who teaches a course on cultural values, it provides concrete examples for the theories we cover in class - but is equally valuable to someone who just wants to increase their understanding of Arab cultures. Note: before I travelled to the Middle East, I had 3 Arabs from different countries read the book to give me their opinion of the content. Each found it to be excellent. Later when I travelled to the Middle East, I found the information quite useful and accurate. I offer the highest recommendation possible for this book.
I was told to buy this book for an Arab Culture course at college. We haven't actually used it in the class, but both myself and my mother have read it cover to cover. It's an easy and interesting read. You can skip around the book without any negative affects. I am particularly fond of the final chapters of the book where Arab countries are discussed; these are separated by geographic location and the sections on each specific country are succinct, interesting, and informational. I had my mother read this prior to a month-long business trip to the UAE, and she found a lot of the information useful and helped prepare her for cultural differences.

This book is well worth the money.
I made an Arab friend and I was fascinated by their language and music. I was so sincerely welcomed that I needed to learn how to be respectful, that is why I bougt this book and it fulfilled my need.
This book is a great elementary lesson in Arab culture. It was purchased for a class in the MA program and too simple for my needs. It would be a wonderful addition for someone entering a BA or for anyone who wishes to have a basic understanding of culture. I would suggest advertising it in this manner.
Recommend this book as required reading before moving to MENA region.
If you have had no direct experience with Arab culture (or ANY culture than Western), you should at least take a peek to see how people are different around the world.

Even now, over ten years after 9-11, many of the misconceptions about the Arab Peoples as a whole persist alive and well. For the most part Understanding Arabs succeeds in painting Arabs (without falling much into the trap of overgeneralizing or stereotyping) as just another people, or culture, among many in the world, albeit one with values different in some key ways than our own here in America. Cultural differences are powerful. Take a look inside the book (as you can do here with this book) and you will see. My only complaint about this book is that the author's love of Arab culture occasionally tends to stand out a bit which gives the impression at times that she is writing a cultural apologetic, which was not, I don't think, her intention. Understanding Arabs is not likely to convert those who have rigid views, but it CAN at least provide an opportunity (through numerous interesting anecdotes and examples) to allow people to see that cultures ARE often different than our own. Also, the book doesn't candy coat - it is very direct.
This is the most complete and understandable book on Arabic culture I have ever read. I am a International Relations student specializing in the Middle East. Understanding Arabs helped me to identify my cultural differences and similarities with Arabs. It helped me understand the difference between Arab culture and Muslim culture. It helped me understand the developments and decline of movements in Arabic cultures, such as Feminism, Arab Christians, Democratic values, Western values, and other things dear to me.
It is a helpful book for anyone wanting to get a brief overview of Arabic culture or wants to deepen their understanding of another aspect of humanity.
I have been a reader, user, and opportune recommender of this baseline reference, starting with its first edition and of its subsequent revisions as they have appeared.

Dr. Nydell's fifth revised edition of her book is another example of her insightful, intimate and well-organized knowledge based on her impressive, if not unique, academic and professional background and experience in the Arabic-prevalent world.

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Stephen H. Franke
Senior veteran Arabic linguist,
trainer, teacher, and dialectologist
San Pedro, California
(Late of al-Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)