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Author: Dr. George Pransky Ph.D.
ISBN13: 978-0971198807
Title: The Relationship Handbook
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Publisher: Pransky and Associates; Second Edition edition (October 1, 2013)
Pages: 192

The Relationship Handbook by Dr. George Pransky Ph.D.

This item:The Relationship Handbook by Dr. George Pransky P. I ask all my clients to read it because Dr. Pransky's book offers new hope and practical help for any couple, no matter what their circumstances. DO YOU WANT TO FALL IN LOVE, stay in love and deepen your love over the years? dr. Pransky's book reveals the possibilities for your relationship. It is an indispensable guide to relaionship success. Dr. George S. Pransky is a licensed marriage counselor who has worked with couples in a private practice for more than 25 years. He is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors and is an adjunct professor of The Academy of Multidicilinary Practice and an adjunct professor of the Estate and Wealth Strategies Institute at Michigan State University.

Dr George Pransky Ph D. When couples go to a marriage counselor there are three possible outcomes: (1) they get a fresh start, (2) they stay together and "cope with" a tense or sour marriage, or (3) they separate. Every couple wants the first outcome. Publisher. Pransky & Associates.

The Relationship Handbook By Dr. When couples go to a marriage counselor there are three possible outcomes: (1) they get a fresh start, (2) they stay together and cope with a tense or sour marriage, or (3) they separate. This The Relationship Handbook book is simply not ordinary book, you have after that it the world is in your hands. The benefit you receive by reading this book is definitely information inside this book incredible fresh, you will get info which is getting deeper an individual read a lot of information you will get.

Relationship Handbook book. A simple guide to satisfying relationships. Mind opening book on relationships whatever the relationship is. Mainly focus on couples but can be applied in any. A must read. 15 mituri despre relatii demontate. Cea mai buna expunere a notiunii de commitment pe care am gasit-o pana acum.

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Imagine a couple spending a romantic evening in front of a fireplace in their old home when, suddenly, they become aware of a chilling draft. Yet, just as weatherproofing will lessen a draft but will not generate warmth, a critical approach to problems may halt unwanted behaviour but will not engender intimacy. Focusing intently upon their concerns and disappointments, spouses forget to enjoy their marriage and to invest emotionally in this crucial relationship. When one partner is dissatisfied with the marriage, an entirely new strategy is necessary.

The Relationship Handbook << Return to book overview By George Pransky. The Relationship Handbook. By George S. Pransky, P. Published by. Pransky and Associates, . Box 498. La Conner, WA 98257.

When couples go to a marriage counselor there are three possible outcomes: (1) they get a fresh start, (2) they stay together and “cope with” a tense or sour marriage, or (3) they separate. Every couple wants the first outcome. They want to have a fresh start and be happy together. If they can’t get a fresh start, they will jump to the third choice—separation—because they don’t want the second. They have already been coping and are tired of it. Problems and adversity are not the crux of marital discord. All couples face adversity, but it doesn’t cause problems for harmonious couples. Couples with satisfying marriages don’t “cope” with their lives and with each other. They don’t work on their marriages. The strength of their marriages lies not in their ability to cope with their problems, but in their ability to keep their bearings and to stay close. This book shows couples how to do that.
Reviews: 7
This is a good relationship book. Rather than just talk about how to get over your problems, the author suggests you remember all the good things about your partner and from that vantage point, you are in a much better position to work on fixing things. When you approach from a down position, everything looks terrible. He helps by telling you how to approach from a high position where you are much more likely to make progress. I bought two - one for me and one for my partner.
I only wish I actually had this book when I was born, or as part of my education in pre school. But seriously this book give you a understanding that was lost, for me before. Thanks for this experience.
I've read many books about relationships and personality style, but never one that intuitively struck me as so valid, hopeful, and helpful as this slim and straightforward book. Basically, the author proceeds from the assumption that counterproductive behavior is the result of insecurity, and that the more compassion we have for others, the more positive our interactions will be. He also explains why the traditional therapy approach of discussing and working on issues generally leads to more insecurity, resistance and resentment, and offers an alternative based on building good will and affinity. I wish I'd read this when I was much younger, but I'm grateful for the insights it offers on a daily basis.
A lot of contents of the book are counter-intuitive, and a lot of examples sound like illustrative stories that did not actually happen. Nonetheless, the book really does help to better understand your partner and with stopping with being owerwhelmed and drawn into constant fights with them
I read the "inside out revolution" by Michael Neill, which references this book as a source of its inspiration....I think understanding the 3 principles, explained Neill's book is important before you read this. Some women may feel that the "leave it alone, it will sort itself out" approach is a typical male strategy but anyone who understands the 3 principles, will find it easier to accept the teaching of this book, and recognize its truth....these books have transformed my life and my relationship. This thinking will change yours too...
This book really gave me insight into my relationship, not only with my husband but with everyone in my life.
This book outlines a simple and positive approach to maintaining intimacy with loved ones. It encourages us to look to the innate wisdom we all possess for answers to life's questions. Pransky's work is based on the inspiration provided by Syd Banks. I have been fortunate enough to attend a number of workshops led by Dr. Pransky and his associates and I came away with an awareness that has revolutionized my life. My partner and I love and cherish one another and we read this book to help us make things even better between us.
Sadly, the book was shipped in very wasteful packaging, a practice followed by too many Amazon sellers in this time of increasing shipping costs.
my husband and I have done a lot of work on our relationship, and were at a crucial turning point (for the worse!) when a friend suggested this book. It was incredibly helfpul and counter much of what the typical relationship books say --- don't talk about the past! Don't go into couples counseling! (I had been saying we need to go back and look at the past, we need to do couple's counseling, my husband was totally against it). It's really about connecting with your loving feelings for each other. (If you are driving down the road with your spouse and all is well, and suddenly you realize he didn't take out the trash the night before and that makes you angry, is it really a good idea to bring that up just to prove a point or do you want to reconnect with the good feelings and let that anger pass by like a cloud?) This little book is packed with simple thoughts like that which have transformed my need to be right over my husband for all of his (supposed) infractions -- not an easy task!