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Author: Anthony L. Peratt
ISBN13: 978-1461276661
Title: Physics of the Plasma Universe
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Language: English
Category: Physics
Publisher: Springer; Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1992 edition (September 26, 2011)
Pages: 372

Physics of the Plasma Universe by Anthony L. Peratt

This book covers topics such as the large-scale structure and the filamentary universe; the formation of magnetic fields and galaxies, active galactic nuclei and quasars, the origin and abundance of light elements, star formation and the evolution of solar systems, and cosmic rays. Anthony L. Peratt received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1971) and his MSEE in 1967 from USC as well.

Physics of the Plasma Universe. price for USA in USD (gross). This book addresses the growing need to apply these complementary discoveries to astrophysics

The purpose of this book is to address the growing recognition of the need for plasma physics in astrophysics. In fact, astrophysics has contributed to the growth of plasma physics, especially in the field of plasma waves. During the last decade, plasma physics, or more appropriately, plasma science, has witnessed an explosive growth in two areas : pulsed-power technology and space physics

I am indebted to Prof. Together these problems form what is called The Plasma Universe, the basis for the book. The material presented dwells basically on the known properties of matter in the plasma state. Some of the interesting topics in contemporary astrophysics such as discordant redshifts and other cosmological issues are not discussed here.

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the plasma universe may well find what they are looking for here. Terry Robinson, The Observatory, Vol. 135 (1248), October, 2015). I got what I bargainned for; a book that I will have to learn how to read. I expect it to be good because Anthony L. Peratt is right to call the universe; "theplasma universe. One person found this helpful.

Start by marking Physics Of The Plasma Universe as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. by. Peratt. This book addresses the growing need to apply these complementary discoveries to astrophysics

During the past decade our understanding of plasma physics has witnessed an explosive growth due to research in two areas: work directed toward controlled nuclear fusion and work in space physics. This book addresses the growing need to apply these complementary discoveries to astrophysics. Today plasma is recognized as the key element to understanding the generation of magnetic fields in planets, stars and galaxies, the accel- eration and transport of cosmic rays, and many other phenomena occurring in interstellar space, in radio galaxies, stellar atmospheres, quasars, and so forth.
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Reading and like it.
Extremely interesting book, gives a good briefing on plasma physics.
Excellent, well documented and illustrated textbook on the physics of cosmic plasma, in which state over 99% of the observable Universe exists. Clear and concise. Orderly progression through well laid-out chapters.

Dr. Peratt is a respected scientist and electrical engineer whose distinguished career at the Dept of Energy's Los Alamos National Laboratory lends weight to his exposition on this advanced topic. based on years of hands-on work with very high energy plasma generators and advanced particle-in-cell supercomputing simulations. He knows his stuff.

Do not believe the claims of "millions sold". Publisher Springer-Verlag published fewer than 1000 copies in the first edition. It's a physics textbook, folks! It is now widely available in first edition (no changes) in paperback format, so can reach a wider audience. If there is one.