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Author: Tom Ravensdale,William Charles Price
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Title: Wave Mechanics: The First Fifty Years. A Tribute to Professor Louis de Broglie
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Publisher: Wiley; 1st edition (1973)
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Wave Mechanics: The First Fifty Years. A Tribute to Professor Louis de Broglie by Tom Ravensdale,William Charles Price

A tribute to Professor Louis de Broglie, Nobel laureate, on the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the wave nature of the electron. ISBN13: 9780470697313. Wave Mechanics the First Fifty Years.

Louis de Broglie’s most popular book is Matter and Light - The New Physics. Showing 22 distinct works. Matter and Light - The New Physics by. Louis de Broglie. Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Lecons De Choses by. Wave Mechanics: The First Fifty Years. a Tribute to Professor Louis de Broglie, Nobel Laureate, on the 50th Anniversary of the Discove by.

The notion that matter on the atomic scale might have the properties of a wave was rooted in a proposal Einstein had made 20 years before. The dual nature of light, however, was just beginning to gain scientific acceptance when Broglie extended the idea of such a duality to matter. See wave-particle duality. William C. Price, Seymour S. Chissick, and Tom Ravensdale (ed., Wave Mechanics: The First Fifty Years (1973), includes an article by Broglie.

Broglie, louis-victor, 7E DUC de. Additional reading Translations of Broglie's popular writings include Matter and Light: The New Physics (1939, reissued 1955), The Revolution in Physics (1953, reissued 1969), Physics and Microphysics (1955, reissued 1966), and New Perspectives in Physics (1962).

An introduction to the study of wave mechanics by louis de broglie docteub 8-8CIENCES, professor in the henri poiscar institute, paris translated from the french by h. t. flint, D. s. ph. D. with fourteen diagrams I methuen C0. LTD. 36 ESS-EX f EET W. C. First Published in 1930 CONTENTS PAGE PBNBBAL INTRODUCTION 1 CHAPTER I HE OLD SYSTEMS OF MECHANICS OP A PARTICLE 11 CHAPTER II J HB THEORY OF JACOBI 26 CHAPTER III THE CONCEPTIONS UNDERLYING WAVE MECHANICS 39 CHAPTER IV GENERAL REMARKS ON WAVE PROPAGATION 49 CHAPTER V THE EQUATIONS OF PROPAGATION OF THE WAVE ASSOCIATED WITH

by William Charles Price/ Seymour S. Chissick/Tom Ravensdale · data of the book Wave Mechanics: The First Fifty. by: William Charles Price · Seymour S. Chissick · Tom Ravensdale.

Louis de Broglie was, indeed, with Paul Dirac, the to Huygens in the 17 th century: the nature of light. Is light a last survivor of that small group of individuals who imposed particle beam emission, or the propagation of a wave? At the on fundamental physics an extraordinary revolution. It is only right that de Broglie is considered the father of hand, the physics of matter, founded on the idea of corpuscles wave mechanics, a physical theory which is complementary and atoms which were believed to obey the classical laws of to quantum mechanics-but in contradiction with its most Newton's mechanics, and on the other hand, the physics of common.

Liquid Crystals Boundary Element Advances in Solid Mechanics Interaction of Radiation with Matter Física II - Resnick - Halliday - Krane.

Louis Victor Pierre Raymond de Broglie, duc de Broglie (/dəˈbrɔɪ/; French: or (listen); 15 August 1892 – 19 March 1987) was a French physicist who made groundbreaking contributions to quantum theory. This concept is known as the de Broglie hypothesis, an example of wave–particle duality, and forms a central part of the theory of quantum mechanics.

Broglie, Louis de, -- 1892-1987.