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Author: C.J.C. Phillips,P.C. Chiy
ISBN13: 978-0948617300
Title: Sodium in Agriculture
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Category: Earth Sciences
Publisher: Chalcombe Publications (January 1995)
Pages: 217

Sodium in Agriculture by C.J.C. Phillips,P.C. Chiy

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This book describes the scientific principles of cattle production and critically considers the strengths and weak-nesses of the latest methods of farming dairy and beef cattle. It is particularly directed at students of agriculture, animal science and welfare and veterinary medicine, cattle husbandry advisers and leading farmers. This level of sodium in the sward can be achieved by the application of about 50 kg ha−1 year−1 sodium as a fertilizer, depending on conditions. The grass sodium:potassium ratio is the best guide to the quantity of sodium to apply. and Kärt, O. (2000) Effects of sodium fertilizers and supplements on milk production and mammary gland health. 1983) Vitamin-E status of cattle and sheep.

Clive Phillips studied agriculture are the University of Reading, UK. He then obtained a PhD in dairy cow nutrition and behaviour from the University of Glasgow. Animal Welfare and Animal Rights. Phillips, Clive J. and Kluss, Katrina (2018). Phillips, C. and Zachou, E. (2005) Effects of cadmium in herbage on the apparent absorption of elements by sheep in comparison with inorganic cadmium added to their diet. Ethical perspectives of the Australian live export trade.

C J C Phillips and P C Chiy. Sodium is an essential element yet its role is often under-estimated. The economic consequences of soil salination are also discussed.

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