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Author: Anne McCaffrey
ISBN13: 978-0552140980
Title: Powers That Be
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Language: English
Category: Science Fiction
Publisher: New York: Ballantine Books, 1994; New Edition edition (1994)
Pages: 352

Powers That Be by Anne McCaffrey

Strange things were happening on the icy planet called Petaybee  . I read a lot of Anne McCaffrey, when I was much younger. Reading this was a little like coming home. And the collaboration with Scarborough is good. Jun 27, 2013 Sherri Taylor rated it it was amazing.

The Petaybee Series Volume 1 POWERS THAT BE Anne McCaffrey We dedicate this book to Neva Reece for holding down the Scar. Report "McCaffrey, Anne - Petaybee 1 - Powers That Be". Your name.

Powers That Be (1994). About book: Oddly apt for a winter read, this book centers on Major Yanaba Maddock, a disabled veteran, sent to the icy planet Petaybee to die, but also on one last mission, to spy on the locals and find out what is really going on there. This book has a naive sweetness to it. It reminds me of early McCaffery books, like the Dragonsinger series. Anne McCaffrey is one of my guilty pleasures. Her Brain Ships series is probably one of my favourite SF series to read, and I'd thought for certain that I'd read most of her early trilogies. Powers That Be has never been a favourite of mine (I think the Crystal Singers is way up there though), I do own one or two of the novels from the Powers series, but for some reason it doesn't pull me as strongly as her other books do.

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Powers That Be, Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Powers That Be. Major Yanaba Maddock is retired by the Company to Petaybee, an icy planet colonised by displaced people who combined their cultures to live in harmony with their home. Yanaba is torn between loyalty to the company, who want her to investigate the strange goings-on and the people who take her in.

Strange things were happening on the icy planet called Petaybee. I recomend it to ANYONE- especially Anne McCaffrey fans! One of anne's best! Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 20 years ago.

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Reviews: 7
I read this story years ago, and loved it then just as much as I loved it this time!

This is a great book to read if you're home, sick. Poor Yanna starts out very sick and gets better throughout the book. It's a science fiction story with an odd outlook, and even a bit of romance thrown it.

You'll never be unhappy that you read an Anne McCaffrey book!

Some of my other favorites of her books include The Death of Sleep and Sassinak, which are the start of a series, Crystal Singer (the start of another series) and Freedom's Landing, which is the start of another series. You also might want t o check out the Dragonriders of Pern series, along with the Dragonsingers series, which unfolds along with Dragonriders.
I enjoyed this story, as I've enjoyed other McCaffrey tales, but I usually listen to books these days, and there's no currently-available way I could find to do that. The only audio recordings I found for the series are abridged versions (I much prefer unabridged recordings), the reviews I saw for these abridgements were not encouraging, were and the text-to-voice feature on my Kindle was not functional on this title (the first time I've encountered this lapse). Since I'd read enough to decide I wanted to know how the story unfolded, it took a while to sit and work my way through it rather than my habit of listening as I go about my daily activities. I'm glad I stuck with the story, but I'm sorry for those who don't have the time or physical capacity to read and enjoy this book, which is why I give it only a four- rather than five-star rating.

I'm looking forward to book two in the series, but hope I'll be able to enjoy it more quickly (provided there's a text-to-voice option available).

Slight spoiler potential follows:

My favorite concepts explored in "Powers That Be" are those of the nature of medicine and healing; possible implications of a multi-planetary corporate monopoly on employment, resource management, and a military force; ownership; symbiotic, possibly telepathic, relationships and communication; and the potential for planetary sentience, including the planet expanding on possibilities first presented by terraforming and bioengineering.
I have read this story about once every year for the past eight years. I have always gotten it from the library, but decided that I needed to own it now that I have an ereader. It includes some paranormal aspects (I don't want to give too much away), science fiction, mystery, making friendships and a new home, difficulties, bravery, and a bit of a military adventure. This is always an enjoyable read for me. I have always liked Anne McCaffrey's writing. I enjoy her Dragonriders of Perns series too.
This is one of my families favorite books. Maj. Yana has been deposited onto this ice ball of a planet with only one year to live after she is damaged during an uprising on another planet. She has to work through all the company and service big wigs to get to health, love, and protection of the living planet. Well-written with well-developed characterization that you will love. With the violence and sexual content, I would recommend this book to those 13 and older.
This story provides several unique perspectives. First is examines sentience from a unique perspective. Second it studies cultural differences under circumstances that I hadn't considered. It keeps the reader in the moment. I liked it so much I purchased the authors Nebula Award winning book "Healer's War."
A lovely romp through a far distant place that is nevertheless very familiar. Use of cultural icons and myths give this story a powerful resonance which many readers will enjoy, plus it is a darn fine yarn! Only four stars due to the predictability of some parts, but it in no way takes away from the enjoyment in the reading.
This is one of my all-time favorite books. McCaffrey and Scarborough should work together more often. I can't wait to get my hands on the second and third books of the Trilogy.

Powers That Be is a creative and beautiful love story that makes you feel as though you know the characters personally. There is a perfect balance of fantasy and reality in Powers That Be. It takes you on a journey you would want to experience for yourself and these two gifted writers give you that chance by embracing you in their vivid details and extreme feeling.
I am a fan of fantasy and this book fits the bill. Wouldn’t it be great if all worlds were sentient? Maybe they are, we just need to learn how to listen.