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Author: Piers Anthony
ISBN13: 978-0380841943
Title: Refugee (Bio of a Space Tyrant, Vol. 1)
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Publisher: Avon Books (October 1983)

Refugee (Bio of a Space Tyrant, Vol. 1) by Piers Anthony

Bio of a Space Tyrant series is a six-book science-fiction series by Piers Anthony based within the Solar System. The series revolves around the character Hope Hubris and his family, and charts Hope's ascent from poor Hispanic refugee to Tyrant of Jupiter, a single person heading the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of the government. It is considerably more adult-themed than many of Anthony's earlier works.

However, in Bio of a Space Tyrant, Anthony's ugliness comes to the I actually liked a lot of Piers Anthony's books when I was younger. This one, however, was one of those that made me realize just what a foul, hack writer he is. One of Anthony's many flaws is his sexual hangups, and rather like Heinlein, sometimes he lets them all hang out in an ugly, ruinous way. The ending to Heinlein's Friday is justifiably viewed with revulsion by many fans - I can't describe it without spoiling that novel

Anthony, Piers - Bio of a Space Tyrant 1 - Refugee. Anthony, Piers - Bio of a Space Tyrant 1 - Refugee. Download (rtf, 593 Kb).

Book 1 of 6 in the Bio of a Space Tyrant Series. Xanth fans, this series (Bio of a Space Tyrant) is NOT your typical Piers Anthony. and politics, and sociology, and the "human condition". This series, told in the first person, which Mr. Anthony does so well, is the story of a man's struggle to make a place for himself in the world. Pulling himself up by his own bootstraps; like a Horatio Alger character, he eventually comes out ahead. I devoured these novels as a boy, in school. When I graduated, I donated the entire series.

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1983) (The first book in the Bio of a Space Tyrant series) A novel by Piers Anthony. October 1983 : USA Mass Market Paperback. Anthony, Piers - Bio of a Space Tyrant 01 - Refugee. File: PDF, 692 KB.

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Anthony, Piers, Refugee: Bio Of A Space Tyrant, Vol 1
Reviews: 7
Funny duck
First, let me say this: SPOILERS AHEAD! Not just for this book, but FOR THE ENTIRE BoaST SERIES. Do not read on if you don't want to hear about plot points.


Here we go...When I first read this book in the mid-80s (and the other novels in the saga) I absolutely loved them. Reading about a kid who goes from tragedy eventually to greatness was very appealing for me. It was also the height of the cold war at the time so all of the references made the settings seem familiar. If Amazon existed back then I would have given this book five stars.

I never read the books again after that first time, but I remembered them fondly. I recently decided to get them digitally and re-read them for old time's sake. I have to say, I wish I had not gone back to that memory.

Since I first read Bio of a Space Tyrant, I've read hundreds of other sci-fi books, seen many movies and TV shows, become more educated in science and astronomy, and even written a number of sci-fi stories myself. This is not to mention experiencing 30 more years of life, politics, jobs, relationships, and much more. I haven't seen it all, but enough to have a pretty good idea of what's a solid story and what isn't.

I guess you can see where this is going. In my opinion, the books just don't hold up for people who have more than a high-school education or experience. In this first book there are countless examples of things that just plain don't make sense. Things nobody would ever do or say.

Now I know that the books are supposed to taken from Hope's journals and writings from a future after his death. All the stories are told from his perspective and in his words. Some of the accounts were written down long after the events happened and he glosses over some things that he either doesn't remember well or just aren't relevant in his opinion.

Certainly that can explain the overly formal way every character talks and acts. Maybe Hope is just not a good storyteller and can't properly create differing personalities. Perhaps Piers did this on purpose. However, if you've read any other books by P.A. around that time (or before) then you probably realize this is probably not the case. At any rate, all the characters in the book communicate in pretty much the same way using the same level of emotion with few exceptions.

Now, to what the characters do. I don't want to retell the entire story here, so I'll just sum it up: It's like watching a high school play written by highschoolers. People saying and doing absurd things in ridiculous situations. Acting in ways that just don't make sense. We could also chalk this up to a fallable old man's memory, but I don't like that.

The universe Hope lives in is a pretty big annoyance as well. It's just the cold war nations and politics painted on the solar system down to the littlest details. All the cold war places are there with very little change in their attitudes or politics. Even the "lay of the land" is the same, so to speak.

The author also did his best to transpose Earth's geographical locations on to the various spots in the solar system. Kind of silly since everyone lives in giant bubbles floating in the atmosphere, under domes on planets, or in spaceships.

I could go on. It just seems like the author wanted to create Earth's cold war in space right down to the smallest detail. In this first book P.A. says that the book is a direct analogy of the Vietnamese Boat People in the 80's. The entire universe in the BoaST is a direct analogy of everything.

The book is not entirely terrible. The concepts of the gravity lenses, the bubble cities, realistic inter-system travel times, space manuvering, and other technical things are pretty well done. Plus you gotta admit that the story of someone going from nothing to an all-powerful ruler, expertly fighting off his enemies with words and deeds, plus getting to have crazy circus sex with literally any woman he wants no matter how old and wrinkly he gets is pretty compelling.

Still, I'm disappointed. In myself mostly. I knew deep down that it was a simple story but I shouldn't have gone and ruined the memory. I should have left it in my teenage years and remembered it fondly instead of the shallow mess that it actually is.
I could not finish this book. I was about two-thirds of the way through and the entire book was gloomy and dark, a little bit too much for my taste. Practically nothing good happened, and it was one terrible situation after another.

The book is well written and I noticed only a few edition errors. The story follows a logical sequence. But I lost all hope and put it down.
This is a fascinating edgy novel that delves into human nature in ways reminiscent of Lord of the Flies with clear connections to historical refugees. The residents of Jupiter's moons struggle to survive and have no hope of gaining skills, finances, or status. Desperately seeking any kind of opportunity, Hope Hubris and his family launch a bubble toward Jupiter. They encounter all sorts of people along the way, each teaching a new and often dark lesson.

What would you do to survive? To protect your family? When reduced to your most raw and fearful state, what awful secrets would you reveal? Now imagine you are 15 years old but growing up fast.

It's not Xanth or a book for the squeamish, but it will make you think.
One of the best si fi series ever bought for my son because it was one of my favorite series by Piers Anthony totally science fiction, not fantasy, it's like cosmic disclosure adventure's where we find out that there are people living out in our solar system like this group of adventurers! Well worth having in my library at home!
Xanth fans, this series (Bio of a Space Tyrant) is NOT your typical Piers Anthony. This series is straight Science Fiction, you are in danger of Learning Things about our solar system... and politics, and sociology, and the "human condition". This series, told in the first person, which Mr. Anthony does so well, is the story of a man's struggle to make a place for himself in the world. Pulling himself up by his own bootstraps; like a Horatio Alger character, he eventually comes out ahead.

I devoured these novels as a boy, in school. When I graduated, I donated the entire series to my HS English teacher. She kept a small lending library in her classroom, that I availed my self of throughout my four years. At the time, I thought I could easily replace them, and they were too good not to share. Sadly, by the time I was out of college, and able to afford books that weren't for class, this series was out of print. It has been more than twenty years, but I have finally replaced them.
A shocking introduction to the series, believable that this could very well be a future realistically presented. No punches are pulled as the characters struggle to survive. The emotional traumas begin an empathetic journey that drive you to want to see the final product.
This is a compelling story about a young man who suffers most horribly while he and his family try to escape a bad situation. It's a common theme about common working folks abused by those in power and with wealth (you define abuse in your own way) and when they flee, more tragedy strikes at them. In this case, this teen's morals are formed by his experiences as he tries to relocate and see the devastation to his family, love, and to the other refugees. I look for the others in this series to continue the saga and learn what happens to Hope.

Unlike many other e-books I've read recently, this book had virtually no errors in formatting, grammar, or words. I think this is because the book began as a printed novel and was professionally edited before being converted to an e-book format.