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Author: Robert Silverberg
ISBN13: 978-0917657924
Title: Star of Gypsies
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Language: English
Category: Science Fiction
Publisher: Donald I. Fine, Inc.; 1st edition (September 1986)
Pages: 397

Star of Gypsies by Robert Silverberg

O Star of wonder, Star of night. Star with royal beauty bright, Westward leading, still proceeding, Guide us to thy perfect light. ONE. In a Snowy Season. I was a hundred and seventy-two years young and so far as I was concerned I had never been King of the Gypsies in my life and I was damned if anybody was going to talk me into being King of the Gypsies ever again. I didn't miss the throne. I didn't miss living in my house of power. I didn't miss Galgala. Except for the gold, I guess. Yes: I did miss the gold of Galgala.

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Yashima said: One of my first ever sci-fi authors. I bought this one used for me this is one of Silverberg's best works some of them really glue you to the book. The planetary environments, characters ( I mean who can resist someone like Silouise) are vivid, believable and never seems unnecessary to the progress of the story ( except the 'ghosting ability'). With yakoub's dark humor and sarcasm, not a single page in this book is boring as black as sin, as hot as hell and as sweet This book is amazing. for me this is one of Silverberg's best works.

181818181818183 11 5 Author: Robert Silverberg Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki. Yakoub was once the legendary king of the Rom, the Gypsy race that has evolved from the days of caravans into lords of the spaceways-the only pilots capable of steering ships safely between the many worlds of the galaxy. Weary and proud, Yakoub has relinquished his power and lives in exile on a distant, icy world. In his absence, chaos fills the vacuum of power. The fate of the entire galactic empire hangs in the balance. Read and listen to as many books as you like! Download books offline, listen to several books simultaneously, switch to kids mode, or try out a book that you never thought you would. Discover the best book experience you'd ever have.

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by Silverberg, Robert. Publication date 1986. Topics Science fiction, Romanies, Space ships, Kings and rulers, Life on other planets. Publisher New York : . Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive. Contributor Internet Archive.

Star Of Gypsies (2005). About book: Yakoub was once the legendary King of the Rom, the Gypsy race that has evolved from the days of caravans into lords of the spaceways - the only pilots capable of steering ships safely between the many worlds of the Galaxy. Yakoub must journey across the cosmos and fight to regain his throne.

In the year 3500, the Gypsy King tells the story of how his people regained their legendary position as royalty by conquering space and time through advanced interstellar wandering
Reviews: 7
One of my favorite books and a bit of a hidden gem among the author's huge and more famous range of work. Definitely a guy thing, it's a yarn about brotherhood and friendship and loyalty as much as it is about power and authority, and it ends on a hopeful note, which is always a bonus. Read it if you like long, unlikely stories told by gypsy men around campfires in mysterious, romantic places.
Decent concept and well written but the main character's ramblings about how great he is and his blatant superiority complex became tiresome after a hundred pages of it and I have since gone on to more enjoyable reading.
I think Robert Silverberg is projecting here--sort as in "male menopause". I have been impressed with him before--not this time. If u want a good eye on the Rom, try "Bury Me Standing". Does the constant bleating about virility have anything to do with the 3rd marriage? The conceptualization of the planets' atmospheres was sorta murky: I guess most space was needed to discuss virility and heaving breasts. His friend characterizations were ok. The time travel represented as Gypsy magic was an interesting way to depict lifestory and was mystical. I guess I've seen Asimov, Bradbury and Vonnegut, etc. grow older and stay fresh and provocative. Virility can b projected, guys, no matter the age, as in, Eastwood, Sting, Clinton and, may he RIP, Chrichton.
Lonesome Orange Kid
Here Robert Silverberg utilizes a milieu that is surprisingly creative and effective for a mainstream sci-fi novel. The Gypsies (or Rom, their self-given name) are elevated from a persecuted minority in the present world, to the most influential leaders of a future in which humans have spread across the galaxy. They are not just nomads on Earth, but have wandered throughout the Milky Way in a quest to return to their original home in another solar system. Silverberg makes outstanding use of Gypsy folklore here, as well as their view of the world and their place in the human scheme of things. If Silverberg isn't a Gypsy himself, he sure has made himself familiar with their worldview. The book centers on the future King of the Rom, Yakoub, and his travails as he tries to get his widely scattered people back on track, and lead them to the promised land (planet). Yakoub might also have to use his influence and leadership to save all of humanity from the dark ages. This novel seems pretty understated and mellow on the surface. But Silverberg has created a very poignant and perceptive treatise on the power of mythology, ethnicity, leadership, and humanity. [~doomsdayer520~]
I'm a pretty big fan of using a creative formula in presenting your character and his/her story. And I think that's one of the reasons I really enjoyed this novel. The first two-thirds is comprised of flashbacks interspersed with present action. It's a beautiful way to reveal a character as well as show how he/she has matured and changed through the years. I also found it neat that the main character was actually in his later years, because I feel like almost every sci-fi book I open has a young dashing hero or heroine (not all, of course, but far too many).

Silverberg's pacing, characterization, and vision - as always - are amazing and complex, and he's woven quite an entrancing story here. I was hooked shortly after I opened it. This is quite a beautifully complex and thorough "what if", and I loved every minute of it.

So yeah, all you science fiction buffs out there, grab a copy and sit down to be enthralled. Silverberg weaves a beautiful web, and this is one gypsy spider you'll not want to miss.
I've been delighted by this unusual book of the great Robert Silverberg. A persecuted minority, the Gypsies, is used in this fictional tale, to show rhe folly and cruelty of those who despise human diversity. Here is a fantastic apologue on human potential, inventiveness and potential, both for greatness and utter stupidity, the latter represented in the three pretenders on the Imperial crown. These grave matters are narrated in a very witty, brillant style, where Silverberg's humorous persona is at its best. Yakoub is a magnificent trickster, ironic, rckless, self-centered and caring for friends and his people at the same time: you'll love him, and his friends, Julien, Polarca, Damiano.

Other than that, you have a grand panorama of a Universe, planets unspeakably horrid as Trinigalee Chase and Alta Hannalanna, and beautiful planets like Xinamu and sthange Mulianu. an influence of Douglas Adam's Hitch-hiker's Guide cannot be excluded. A magnificent work, Silverberg at his best!
I love Silverberg, he's become my favorite sci fi author by far. With that said, this book is as close to garbage Silverberg will get. What a slog just to get through it. The book should have been edited to less than 100 pages because nothing really ever happens, a whiny, flawed, racist, ex-king/future king recants old stories from his youth amidst a swirling future backdrop that is poorly built except for small snatches. Only a few worlds and technologies and cultural ideas get elaborated upon. And I found the ghosting done only by gypsies into the past and present and future to be fairly stupid and ill-conceived. Some parts were interesting but most of time I found myself saying...I think I care, I think I care, I think I care, I think I don't.
If any of Robert Silverberg's many fabulously colorful, brilliantly conceived, and intoxicating addictive novels would make a fabulous movie, Star of the Gypsies would. In fact, if I knew how to write screenplays, I'd write one for this gem. The story? Where to begin? Complex, rich, juicy--becoming raucous good fun. I fell in love with the Gypsy King and the huge universe of the future in which he lives. Love, love, LOVE this book. Think I'll read it again!