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Author: Ben Bova
ISBN13: 978-0417058702
Title: As on a Darkling Plain
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Language: English
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Publisher: Littlehampton Book Services Ltd; 1st UK Paperback Edition edition (February 12, 1981)
Pages: 192

As on a Darkling Plain by Ben Bova

Bova was a technical writer fo Ben Bova was born on November 8, 1932 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1953, while attending Temple University, he married Rosa Cucinotta, they had a son and a daughter. He would later divorce Rosa in 1974.

As on a Darkling Plain is the chronological first book in The Others Saga by SF master and six-time Hugo Award winner Ben Bova. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: ReAnimus PressReleased: Dec 14, 2014ISBN: 9781310766022Format: book.

Bova has drawn on his experiences to create fact and fiction writings rich with references to spaceflight, lasers, artificial hearts, nanotechnology, environmentalism, fencing and martial arts, photography and artists. As of 2010 Bova has written over 115 books - non-fiction as well as science. In 2000, he attended the 58th World Science Fiction Convention (Chicon 2000) as the Author Guest of Honor.

Ben Bova, Ben Bova was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began writing fiction in the late 1940's and continued to pursue his careers in journalism, aerospace, education and publishing. Bova received a bachelor's degree in journalism from Temple University, 1954, a master of arts degree in communications from the State University of New York, 1987, and a doctorate in education from California Coast University, 1996.

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Reviews: 7
He wrote a story complex with personal foibles personality conflicts and logic. And science the guy is marvelous
always a great story
The story held my interest immensely. Ben Bova is my favorite author
I first read this book in college in the 70s and it is every bit as strange as I remembered it. And the chapter on the mission to Jupiter still creeps me out for some reason. But I still enjoyed revisiting this one again after more than 35 years... and the little "twist" at the end reminds me of the works of Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.
Unfortunate title aside ("darkling" sound like a small evil creature in a work of fantasy), Ben Bova's As on a Darkling Plain (1972) is a middling fix-up novel in every respect. It is worth noting that Chapters 5 (`The Jupiter Mission') and 6 (`The Sirius Mission'), which comprise a great majority of the novel, appeared earlier in If February 1970 and Galaxy January 1969 as "Pressure Vessel" and "Foeman, Where Do You Flee?" respectively. I'm not sure how much was expanded or subtracted. If anyone knows please leave a comment -- I find that the act of revising earlier work interesting in itself.

The premise is a standard one: A mysterious artifact (in this case a massive machine complex on Titan) is discovered and the true purpose is unknown. However, the speculation that the device might be an alien weapon -- or some other nefarious machine -- creates incredible fear. Mankind is motivated to throw massive resources at figuring out the enigma of the Titan artifacts...

As on a Darkling Plain will not shock anyone with unexpected plot twists or vividly drawn scenes -- nor will it provoke deep thought. Rather, the plot is tight (if anticlimactic) and the characters are sparsely but effectively drawn.

Vaguely recommended for fans of 60s/70s "there's a mysterious ruin let's go investigate for mankind might be threatened" type science fiction. The idea that mankind will be driven into space due to fear rather than scientific curiosity is a potent operating principle to frame Bova's world-building. But such a principle is not fully utilized....

Brief Plot Summary/Analysis

"Man reached towards the stars not in glory, but in fear" (9). Sidney Lee not only dreams of the towers found on Titan but even tried to kill himself amongst their shadows.... Their purpose is unknown but they appear to be turned on. A variety of expeditions are planned in a desperate attempt to uncover some shred of evidence that might assist in discovering their creators.

The narrative follows three main characters who form a surprisingly un-melodramatic love triangle: Sidney Lee, who seeks to return to space after his suicide attempt on Titan; Marlene Ettinger, an accomplished scientist, who loves Sidney and wishes he would shed some of his obsession for Titan; and Bob O'Banion, a pilot, who loves Marlene and throws himself at the most dangerous space mission when his advances are rejected.

A few short chapters setting the stage lead up to the first previously published segment -- `The Jupiter Mission.' This portion feels completely tangential to the main narrative. Bob O'Banion, after he's rejected by Marlene, heads to Jupiter -- one of many missions to find information on creators of the towers on Titan. In order to withstand the pressures, Bob and his colleagues' lungs are removed and gills are attached. Their spacecraft is filled with a saline liquid. As they delve below Jupiter's surface they encounter various lifeforms... All in all, the premise (the body modification etc) is evocative although its inclusion appears to be an attempt to pad the novel.

The second previously published segment, `The Sirius Mission', follows Marlene and Lee on their voyage to a planet around the star Sirius. On which substantial evidence is found about the creators of the towers and humanity's past.... The final portion concerns Lee and Marlene's return to Titan where the mystery is all too hastily, and predictably, resolved. How scientists could study the Towers for 70 + years a not discover their secret -- considering how obvious it is -- is beyond me.
A team of scientists has gone to Titan, Saturn's largest moon, to study alien structures that were abandoned thousands of years ago. Nobody can figure out what the function of them is, except that they are machines, and that they are still operational after millenia. Dr. Sydney Lee has a gut feeling that the purpose of the machines is not beneficial to humanity. In fact, he believes that the makers, known only as "The Others" have left them running in order to harm Earth. He is afraid that the aliens could come back, that they are our enemies. Feeling isolated and paranoid because nobody will believe him, at the beginning of the book he is just barely stopped from committing suicide.
Fast forward to a year later. Instead of waiting for The Others to return, the authorities on Earth have decided to send out fact finding missions to habitable star systems. Out of 40,000 candidates, only 80 will be selected to go on the missions, some of which will take years,decades even, to fufill. After Lee checks out of a mental hospital, he is one of the few selected to go to Sirius. Going along with him is Marlene Ettinger, his former lover from the Titan mission. Although he had cut her out of his life, they are still in love, whether they want to be or not. Further complicating things is Dan O'Bannon, her current lover, who is helpless to do anything about her fixation on Lee. O'Bannon is being sent to Jupiter to look for signs of The Others.
As on a Darkling Plain had great characters. The love triangle was well done. They weren't the usual stupid sci-fi characters, which are usually the result of bad writing. The long journeys to find alien races reminded me of Haldeman's The Forever War, which actually came out about four years after this book. The only complaints I have is the implausibility of some of the alien life forms in the book. It also kinda puttered out at the end. Anti-climax. Well, it was a good book, withstanding those things.
Part of a loose series about the presence of a long-standing threat to Earth, this is a fast-moving, three-act story about the mysterious, colossal machinery found on Titan. Scientists seek the answers to why they are there, knowing that the future of the human race could be at stake. Set against it is a love triangle and the effects on it of relativistic travel. Especially liked the midsection story. Excellent story, nice ending, excellent pacing. Works well as a standalone novel