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Author: Anne McCaffrey
ISBN13: 978-0593021224
Title: The Renegades of Pern
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Publisher: Bantam; New Edition edition (1990)
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The Renegades of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

But not everyone on Pern was protected. Some had been rendered holdless as punishment for wrongdoing. Some, like Jayge s trader clan, simply preferred the freedom of the roads to the security of a hold. Others, like Aramina s family, had lost their holds. And they all feared the outlaws who preyed on holds and holdless alike. The Renegades of Pern Anne McCaffrey.

The Renegades of Pern. When Mankind first discovered Pern, third planet of the sun Rukbat in the Sagittarian Sector, they paid little attention to the eccentric orbit of the Red Star, another satellite in the system. Settling the new planet, adjusting to its differences, the colonists spread out across the southern, more hospitable continent.

By Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough: Powers that Be. Power Lines. With Jody Lynn Nye: The Dragonlover’s Guide to Pern. Anne McCaffrey was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Before her success as a writer, she was involved in theater.

The Renegades of Pern is a science fiction novel by the American-Irish author Anne McCaffrey. It was the tenth book published in the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne or her son Todd McCaffrey. It was first published in 1989

The Renegades of Pern. Then disaster struck in the form of a rain of mycorrhizoid organisms, which voraciously devoured all but stone, metal, and water. The initial losses were staggering.

Pern - Die Drachenreiter von Pern ist ein Zyklus von Science Fiction Romanen von Anne McCaffrey. Characters in Dragonriders of Pern - Characters in the Dragonriders of Pern series of science fiction novels by Anne McCaffrey.

The Renegades of Pern is a disjointed entry in the Pern series. The time in this book covers the time in Dragonflight, Dragonquest, The White Dragon, the novella The Girl Who Heard Dragons, and the Harper Hall trilogy. Renegades reads liked a deleted scene reel. It gives some backstory, but putting it all together for its own side story doesn't work well. Because this book parallels the time in the others, it's forced to skip forward to whatever parallel plot plot is happening. Renegades focuses on Thella, the antagonist from The Girl Who Heard Dragons, and her two targets, Jayge and. I had expected a celebrated author like Anne McCaffrey who has writen so many books in this series to have more to offer, and also because I really liked the first book in the series. I wouldn't recomend this book to anyone unless you must read i to complete the series.

The Renegades of Pern book. As long as the people of Pern could remember, the Holds had. Dude, even McCaffrey got bored with her own new (deeply boring) characters halfway through the book, chucked the whole Holdless plotlines for huge swathes, and went back to focusing on Piemur and Toric and the politics of the Southern continent.

Another ancient settlement? Restored and lived in?. Astonished, Master Robinton leaned back in his great chair. Bring me the relevant map. e tossed Piemur the key that unlocked the drawer in which his secret documents were kept.

The Renegades of Pern is a science fiction novel by the American-Irish author Anne McCaffrey. It was the tenth book published in the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne or her son Todd McCaffrey.[1] It was first published in 1989. Like Nerilka's Story, The Renegades of Pern is a departure from the normal perspective for the dragonrider books, presenting a parallel viewpoint, this time running concurrent with the original trilogy; the book begins at the time of Dragonflight and ends a little after the ending of The White Dragon. It tells several stories, tied together by the figure of Thella, renegade sister of Larad (Lord Holder of Telgar Hold). The exploration of the Southern Continent and discovery of ancient human relics there (including the activities of Piemur and Menolly from the Harper Hall trilogy) also figure in the novel, which ends where All the Weyrs of Pern begins.
Reviews: 7
Lost Python
The Renegades of Pern is a bridge between The White Dragon and All the Weyrs of Pern. We need to read it if we are to follow the plot and understand what is happening. It is here where they discover AIVAS, here where we find out about Aramina, here where Master Robinton recuperates in the southern continent from his heart attack. I had to read it several times, however, in order to follow the action. I got the feeling that it was simply several plot ideas that never developed into full-blown books and were thus thrown together to form a book as all of them could have been added to other books rather than being pieced together as they were. I felt that she introduced characters that she then either didn't like or didn't know what to do with and so got rid of them quickly, although she didn't want to completely abandon the work she had done in creating them.

One problem with her Pern books is that they are not well edited and so she sometimes contradicts herself. For example, Early in the series, she states queens cannot eat firestone, they vomit it up, and are genetically created to do so. Later she states they CAN eat firestone but will be sterile if they do so. Lytol at first rides a green, but then his dragon suddenly becomes a brown and remains so for the rest of the series. Jaxom is referred to by Lessa as the last of the Ruathan bloodline, but he is NOT of the blood, and both Lessa and her female cousin and her children have escaped Fax's massacre. Ruth is constantly referred to as 'he' but is in reality a hermaphrodite, as 'he' is all the colors, meaning 'he' is both male and female, including a queen.
In The Renegades of Pern, the dragonriders band together to help the northern lords capture Thella, who has run away rather than be married off against her wishes and who has become a robber who has been robbing them, yet the same people loudly declaim the aid requested by Toric, who is being robbed by Denol and by Jayge when Thella threatens HIS family.. Suddenly the dragonriders can't put enough space between themselves and the people asking their help.
I like the Pern series, I like following the trials and tribulations of its people, yet, at the same time, I find that I don't quite like its people. Robinton is a high functioning alcoholic. I got tired of reading his requests for "more wine, please". Commenters elsewhere have noted that Pern is a man's world. Women are put in their place in ways sometimes so subtle that I had not noticed until other readers brought it to my attention. For example, only men are given the honorific contraction. No female dragon rider is thus honored. That is never explained and it passed right by me. Likewise, Jaxom is not given the honorific, which is actually a subtle insult to him, as it places him with the women, not the men. Men can do virtually anything they want on Pern, but women are kept in very strict gender roles. Strong women end up crazy, ugly and dead, like Thella, and Kylara or 'tamed' like Lessa or ridiculed, like Mirrim. Men, however, are always referred to with respect. It is interesting to see how the setlers went from being equals, male and female, to being so.gender imbalanced and feudal. I would have liked to see if they rose beyond their feudal mentality.
Too bad McCaffrey didn't give permission for someone other than her son to continue the series. Instead of going forward, after McCaffrey's death, her son chose to go back, and I myself was not interested in those books he wrote. I want to know what happens next. The only thing I am interested in from the past is to learn why they started clipping the watchwhers' wings and chaining them, instead of letting them fly. That was a bit of cruelty that was never explained.
The rating is for both the digital condition (on Kindle) of the novel and the novel itself.
The text was full of typo's, random strings of numbers and missing words. I would give the Kindle version a 2 star rating. I have only had a digital reader for 6 months and I am totally unimpressed with the quality of the books in this format.
I was a fan of the Pern books for years, and just started to re-visit the series and to fill in the ones I missed at publication time. This is one I don't have in print. I don't think I missed much.
The book starts with a series of vignettes, about how people become homeless on Pern as Thread fist begins to fall again after the long Pass. The people mentioned are going to have a role to play later, motivated by their own back story, but characterization is so brief, that it is hard to remember or care who most of these people are or why they are behaving this way, by the time they appear again.
The most compelling stories were about Jayge and the Lilcamp traveling traders and how they survived the first completely unexpected and devastating Thread fall, and Thella, the willful and thwarted Lord Holder's daughter. Both back stories could have been detailed and fleshed out more, with the supporting character having their stories integrated briefly (or not at all) as they appeared later, to much better effect.
The whole book seemed like a writer's notes polished up to set the stage for Jayge's and Thella secondary story line in All the Weyr's of Pern.
Which is a shame, because it was a good opportunity to expand on the citizens of Pern who were not in the administrative power structure of the Lord Holders, Master Craftsmen and Weyr Leaders/Dragonriders and get their point of view. I give the story 3 1/2 stars, mostly for Jayge and the traders.
This story is unique in that its timeline runs parallel with several other novels in the Pern series. It has a two-fold purpose. One is to tell a new story of the trader Jayge trying to protect Aramina, the girl who hears dragons. Interwoven through their story are glimpses of important historical events taking place in Pern society which were seen in other novels, but retold this time through new eyes.

At the beginning section of the novel, I was unsure how McCaffrey was going to tie in the many different character she introduces in the prologue where she quickly jumps through brief mini-stories, giving us glimpses of different characters. Like a ribbon on a present, she neatly ties all the loose ends together, giving us a wonderful gift showing off her story-telling talent.

I recommend reading this book after you have completed the two collections: The Dragonriders of Pern and the Harper Trilogy. Renegades takes place during the same time and sets you up for the BIG conclusion which comes in the novel All the Weyrs of Pern. I know, there are still more Pern books beyond that, but All the Weyrs of Pern addresses the BIG issues that all the previous books have been hinting at.
This books starts before thread starts to fall again. No one believes that thread will fall again because it's been over 450 years. Then it jumps to present times then to when the southern continent has some holds under Toric who wants to hold ALL of the southern area. We find out what is going on at the Landing.
After read so many Anne Mccaffrey novels with the characters having good natures on Pern. Having a group of people that was pure evil was stunning. I wanted so much to hely the good people capture the evil. The story really got me engaged.
Looks like a loose collection of tales, that were put together. To long to be a single storyline. Absolutely only for McCaffrey lovers who need that fix...