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Author: Alan Dean Foster
ISBN13: 978-0345350114
Title: Midworld
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Language: English
Category: Science Fiction
Publisher: Del Rey (June 12, 1987)

Midworld by Alan Dean Foster

This book is dedicated to: Saturn. and all the rest of the breathren.

Midworld (1975) is a science fiction novel by American writer Alan Dean Foster. It is set in his primary science fiction universe, the Humanx Commonwealth. Midworld is a planet entirely covered by a rain forest three-quarters of a kilometer (almost half a mile) tall. Born is a member of the primitive human society that has lived peacefully on Midworld for hundreds of years, careful not to disturb the natural balance of the jungle. His people live in a gigantic tree called the Home Tree

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Set on, possibly, the most wonderfully described planet in the sci-fi genre. An alien world covered in a lush forest jungle half a kilometer deep. As you descend from the highest level of the canopy, each of the seven levels has its own unique ecological niche of flora and fauna. Three levels deep, a seemingly primitive native people reside. Midworld is a little gem of an alien jungle adventure book, full of arresting imagery, giant floral monstrosities, ex What a pleasant surprise that was. Right or wrong, I'd always associated Alan Dean Foster with competent TV and film tie-ins, the kind of thing I'd stopped reading in my early teens. Midworld, an original work, was recommended to me after reading Larry Niven's Integral Trees and comparing it -somewhat unfavourably- to Brian Aldiss' Hothouse. I'm glad I took the recommendation up.

Till the last 20 pages are so. That so rarely happens in bookreading, that the end somehow pulls it all together? That's what we all hope for when reading a book that drags, we stick with it, and so often we are never rewarded for our readers diligence. Greedy resource seeking humans land on another planet, and get to work in leaching all the natural resources from it. The planet they land on, is comparable to a Rainforest, there are different levels, each with their own variety of predators.

5 5 Author: Alan Dean Foster Narrator: Eric Martin. A jungle planet must defend against exploitative aliens in this novel by the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. From the rich imagination of science fiction great Alan Dean Foster comes the story of Midworld, a Humanx Commonwealth planet that's equally fragile and hostile. Should Midworld's villagers aid the humans or stand against them? The hero of Foster's addictive page-turner, Born, decides to lead two humans across the perilous jungle. His choice propels Midworld toward annihilation-and leads him headlong into a battle for survival. Discover the best book experience you'd ever have.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Born was a child of the rain forest that covered Midworld, part of the primitive society that the peaceful jungle planet had sustained for hundreds of years. He was wise in the ways of his world.

Born was a child of the rain forest that covered Midworld, part of the primitive society that the peaceful jungle planet had sustained for hundreds of years. He was wise in the ways of his world, and he knew well the precarious natural balance that governed all things.Then one day the aliens came. Giants.  They knew nothing of the Upper or Lower Hell -- and they cared less. Born had risked his life to save them, to guide them through the myriad tangled boughs, past unseen, unsuspected dangers lurking in the underbrush. But worse than their ignorance of how to survive, the aliens had plans for Midworld, plans that could utterly destroy the globe-spanning forest that his people called home.As the days passed, Born realized his mistake. And as he had once hunted only to live, he knew now that he would be forced to live only to kill...
Reviews: 7
Midworld is a really awesome place. If you can imagine Dune, but as a jungle. But WHAT a jungle. Almost a mile tall and covering the entire planet. And living there is ROUGH. Like, imagine all the adaptations to kill and survive in Earth jungles, and multiple it by a thousand.

The protagonist tribe of humans, a lost colony, live in the middle of the 7 levels. The top and bottom two are considered "hells," because the creatures are even more appalling monstrous than the ones they deal with on a daily basis. This means that they pretty much never see the sun or sky, unless something is pretending to be the sky with camouflage so it can sink down and digest you.

Midworld is a hardcore place, and produces some hardcore dudes. Our protagonist Born is a daredevil, smart and tough but takes too many risks by far. That's what makes him fun. Will he have to delve to the 7th level of hell to survive? Will he see the sky? You'll have to read to find out.

As a downside, the people from space who come to exploit Midworld and find the colonists (who are meant for us to see through their eyes, an excuse for born to explain things) are written too stupidly to be believed. The sort of simple minded characterization that was pretty common in this time period for sci-fi. The kind of heavy handed "noble savage, stupid civilized people," that you see in Tarzan. It takes away from the book, but ultimately the book is good enough to still warrant five stars.

A sci-fi classic must read.
The heart of this novel is growth. The conflict, characters, and world grow in a way that satisfies like a cool drink on a hot day. It's like watching kids grow up real fast but not having to feed and bathe them.

One thing outdoes another and another, and still there is depth to explore. My favorite thing about the book is how it suberts storytelling devices like who the protagonist(s) is/are and what keeps the audience's interest.

I've read it five times and each time I learn more about the craft and nuance that's here to appreciate. What an excellent, accessible, recommendable novel.
this was one of my favorite book series when I was an early teen. it remains a favorite now that I am an oldddddddd lady. the writing was and is some of the best I have ever read. the characters are in unbelievable environments that ring absolutely true. the most "out there" plot devices are just absolutely real while you are reading. you will see them, hear them, travel along with them where they live their lives. it is not a just this one and no more book, you will want them all. I bought them in paperback then hardcover and now I am buying kindle versions for my grandchildren.
I found this to be a very refreshing book and actually a fun read. The characters are developed okay, but the world that is created is amazing. I also loved the language that the author used and found myself using the Kindle dictionary to look up words more than I've ever used on a book before.

At first, I was a bit surprised by the abrupt ending and some of the motivations and decisions made by the main characters, but after taking some time to reflect on it, there was foreshadowing well in advance and it does all make sense.

This book really made me think about our world and how we live in it. It's kind of eye opening in a way.

The one negative I have is for the Kindle edition for this book. I'm assuming that the mistakes were made in the translation to the ebook and are not in the original novel. Many times, one of the main character's name is misspelled (Bora instead of Born). There are also some strange characters thrown about and sometimes (admittedly, rarely) where it seemed like there were even words missing from sentences. I hope these mistakes get cleaned up in future editions of the Kindle version. This probably won't bother other people as much as it bothered me though, and even with these annoyances, I'm very glad I read the book.
I loved this book and it's message. Great descriptions of flora and fauna. You feel like your seeing and feeling what they are. I see why people say avatar was written from this book. Not avatar but with the same important message. The author just gets it. My favorites were the FURCOTS who get 10 big stars. enjoyable fun read for any age. Highly recommended.. Thank you Mr. Foster for another great book. Would love to visit midworld again in the future.
In the forest of Midworld, one had better learn to hug close to one's home tree or risk being killed by innumerable plants, animals, insects, and other beings less well categorized.

Yet, despite a living space defined by various levels of Hell below and above, this planet accommodates a small group of humans who succeeded in adapting to its rigors. Ironically, the one intolerable element is the relatively new colony set up in a clear-cut space by humans with corporate minds and driven by more motives than just sheer greed,

Alan Dean Foster is one of my favorite authors - though I remain envious of his imagination, writing skills, and the interesting life he has fashioned for himself. As much as possible on this planet, he's experienced much of the action he describes in his fiction.
You can easily tell this is the book that inspired Avatar along with Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom and Amtor series according to James Cameron (Cameron cited Burroughs as the inspiration for the film). A good book, beautiful descriptions, complex story line and plot.