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Author: Kailin Gow
ISBN13: 978-1597480307
Title: Passion (Desire Series #3)
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Language: English
Category: Science Fiction
Publisher: theEDGEbooks.com (June 14, 2012)
Pages: 300

Passion (Desire Series #3) by Kailin Gow

Kailin Gow is not only a bestselling author who sold over . million books worldwide solely based on popularity, but she is a prolific filmmaker and screenwriter. Her Bitter Frost Series was made into a mobile game, is now in production as a MMO Game. Her PULSE Book Series' first book, Mysterious Teacher is already set to become a film, releasing in 2017, and her book Loving Summer is in pre-production releasing 2018. Holding a Masters degree from USC, Kailin Gow uses her author platform to bring awareness to many issues regarding women and children.

Book 3 of the DESIRE Series by Kailin Gow. The DESIRE Series. com to find out Exact Release Date. Read the Sneak Peek Excerpt for the YA/ Teen Dystopian Fantasy CIRCUS SUMMER (Circus of Curiosities Book for Free.

Kailin Gow never ceases to amaze me with the fantastic, imaginative world of the Desire series, and I am eagerly awaiting the next book. The only complaint I had was that there was not nearly enough of Torrid in this book. I missed him, and am definitely rooting for him and Kama. OMG this was Amazing read so much action kailin gow deliver with the character and the romance. You are missing out A must read.

Publisher: theEDGEbooks. Book 3 of the DESIRE Series. Books from The DESIRE Series Desire Summer Wishes (Desire Shattered (Desire Passion (Desire Frenzy (Desire Show more.

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DESIRE is an international bestselling YA Dystopian Fantasy.

PRAISE for the DESIRE SERIES by Kailin Gow 5 out of 5 Stars -Very sweet, lovely story about an eighteen year old girl Kama who lives in a perfect, settled future with a perfect boy, Liam... However, her world turns upside down... Xandra Van Welder, News Anchor, TV Zemst "If you love the girls in Amanda Hocking's and Suzanne Collins' novels, it's time you discovered bestselling YA series author Kailin Gow!" - Steve Windwalker, #1 Amazon bestselling author and Kindle Nation Magazine founder. The first book in a fantasy romance series featuring a heroine who must choose between two very different men and two very different destinies. [Desire will] entertain romance lovers. Kama Johnson, a high school senior living in the utopian town of Arcadia, couldn t ask for more; beautiful, well-liked and intelligent, she has nothing to regret and everything to look forward to. As teenagers on the verge of adulthood, Kama and her friends eagerly await the discovery of their Life s Plan, a document issued to them on their 18th birthday that will determine who and what they will become in Arcadian society. Kama happily anticipates learning that she will graduate with honors, attend a top school and become the wife of her long-term boyfriend Liam Seer. However, all these future plans are put into doubt when Kama encounters a mysterious young man named Torrid. To make matters worse, when Kama finally receives her Life s Plan, the unthinkable occurs it s blank. Gow s -Bitter Frost, 2010, etc.- narrative straddles the line between romance and fantasy as Kama gradually learns the horrifying truth about the seemingly perfect Arcadia while she also struggles to understand her feelings for Liam and Torrid. --Kirkus Reviews DESCRIPTION Now that the perfection has been SHATTERED, a new battle arises, which calls for Kama to come into her full power. As the battle rages in Arcadia, Kama barely escapes the horrors at the Coliseum, with the realization of the full power of her heritage. Her victory at the Coliseum is short-lived as her army realize it's just one stop in the battle against the Rogues. While she was at the Coliseum, Prince Torrid falls into the hands of the enemy, and she must work with her longtime friend and love Liam to infiltrate into the Rogue's biggest stronghold. Her time to stand up and become the heroine is now, but can she use her passion, along with the passion of her people to help win this new battle - the biggest battle in Arcadia to date? The DESIRE SERIES DESIRE Summer Wishes (Desire #1.5) Shattered (Desire #2) Passion (Desire #3) Frenzy (Desire #4) BONUS Get a Free Sneak Peek Excerpt from the new YA Dystopian Fantasy CIRCUS SUMMER (Circus of Curiosities #1)
Reviews: 7
Global Progression
Amazing Kailin gow delivers in the 3 book.Kama has a tuff time choosing between Torrid and Liam in this book Kama is drawn to liam cause they have a good pass together. but his dad is out to get all the magical one and keep and treat them bad.their HOT HOT torrid that i really hope she ends up with he see that she till love Liam. and is hurting about it but their no time to be thinking about that when their is a all out war in Arcadia for every one freedom.kama liam torrid Rowan and few friend along the way go out and free all djinns. and stop the war.Kama really kick but in this book she learn how to used her power and boy she has power. I love passsion and the hold series the charater is well written Kailin gow is so talented and she never disappoint Me at all I love most of her books if you have not read passion get it and the first 2 books in the series
This series only gets better with each new offering. Kailin Gow is a wonderful story teller. Her stories are character rich and plot driven. I always consider her books to be my guilty pleasure. This book or any of her books are a treat for readers. This one in particular is full of action, wonderful characters, and a great story line.
I wasn't really happy with the way this book was handled in terms of the love triangle between Kama, Torrid, and Liam. I found it frustrating that Kama basically leaves Torrid in the dust once she finds Liam. It's true that Kama and Liam had an entire life together and have loved each other since they were little, so of course there's still going to be something there between them. But Kama's relationship with Torrid and how much TORRID loves her are hardly mentioned and the only time he is at her side is when they are battling. It's obviously supposed to leave the reader wondering who Kama is going to end up with, but the way it's done left me thinking, "Come on! Are you serious? If she's going to be with Liam, why was Torrid even brought up?" I also didn't like how Kama and Torrid parted in the ending. It's as if she never loved him more than Liam to begin with.

The book wasn't consistent either. It creeped in some areas while it zoomed thru others, making it hard to form a good picture in your mind to visualize what you're reading.

I just don't know... I was hoping this series would be a little better romance wise, with the whole love triangle situation, and not be dragged out thru 7+ books with no indication of who will end up with who, like the Frost Series.
Was a very nice quick read. I'd definitely continue to read the series. Cant wait to see who she ends up with
Great dystopian novel. I didn't want it to end! They story and characters sucked me in and I just couldn't put it down.
I really enjoyed this book! It definitely exceeded my expectations. There is plenty of action and romance. The romance is this books really centers around Kama and Liam. Torrid was kind a left in the dark, which made me upset because I love Torrid. I believe Rowan, Torrid's brother, is in this book probably MORE than Torrid is! I have to say, Kailin Gow did a fantastic job on the characters in this book! I could really relate to them, and feel what they were feeling especially with Liam. Anyways, I definitely recommend this books because it is a easy and enjoyable book to read!
Very refreshing and I could not put it down!
I was anxious to continue on with the rest of the story!