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Author: Andy Mangels,Michael A. Martin
ISBN13: 978-1416554806
Title: Star Trek: Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru
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Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek (August 26, 2008)

Star Trek: Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru by Andy Mangels,Michael A. Martin

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Michael A. Martin (Author), Andy Mangels (Author). Book 12 of 17 in the Star Trek: Enterprise (English) Series. Only 15 left in stock (more on the way).

Thankfully, that’s what the ‘Kobayashi Maru’ is all about, the impossible choice, the no-win situation that every Starfleet officer has to face at the Academy. There’s not much love for the characters neither. I understand that this is part of Martin and Mangels’ attempt to re-launch the Enterprise universe but it’s all a little flat with only Archer, T’Pol, Mayweather and Trip getting any real action. Unfortunately, Trip, one of the series’ best characters, has become similar to ‘South Park’s’ Kenny, constantly cheating death in increasingly ridiculous situations.

jpg Star Trek - - Kobayashi Maru, by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels. html Star Trek: Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangel -. imperative! This is the Kobayashi Maru, nineteen periods out of Altair VI. We have struck a gravitic mine and have lost all power! Our hull is penetrated and we have sustained many casualties-. Despite the layers of distortion imposed by both distance and disaster, Archer immediately recognized the English-accented voice on the other end of the channel as that of Kojiro Vance, the flamboyant master of the.

Find out more about Kobayashi Maru by Michael A. Martin, Andy Mangels at Simon & Schuster. He has also coauthored (with Andy Mangels) several Star Trek comics for Marvel and Wildstorm and numerous Star Trek novels and eBooks, including the USA Today bestseller Titan: Book One: Taking Wing; Titan: Book Two: The Red King; the Sy Fy Genre Award-winning Star Trek: Worlds of Deep Space 9 Book Two: Trill - Unjoined; Star Trek: The Lost Era 2298 - The Sundered

Books by Michael A Martin and Andy Mangels. Star Trek Enterprise: The Good That Men Do.

2 5 Author: Michael A. Martin,Andy Mangels. Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise™ seethes with frustration, wondering if anyone else can see what he sees. A secret, closed, militaristic society, convinced that their survival hangs by a thread, who view their neighbors as a threat.

Their first story ret-conned the events of "These Are the Voyages" in a satisfying, interesting way and set up the "Enterprise" to tell the story of the long-alluded and long-anticipated "Romulan Wa. "Kobayahi Maru" is the story of the opening salvo of the war and the events leading up to hostilities between the Planetary Coalition and the Romulans. Kobayashi Maru continues the "Trip as a spy" series from Star Trek Enterprise. This book is a continuation of "The Good That Men Do" and continues to flesh out the circumstances surrounding the formation of the precursor to the Federation, the Coalition, and the new organization's latest rival, the Romulans. If you are into Star Trek in any way, you've probably heard of the Kobayashi Maru. In the second Star Trek film, we are introduced to it.

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To protect the cargo ships essential to the continuing existence of the fledgling Coalition of Planets, the captains of the United Earth's Starfleet are ordered to interstellar picket duty, with little more to do than ask "Who goes there?" into the darkness of space.

Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise™ seethes with frustration, wondering if anyone else can see what he sees. A secret, closed, militaristic society, convinced that their survival hangs by a thread, who view their neighbors as a threat to their very existence -- the Spartans of ancient Greece, the Russians of the old Soviet Union, the Koreans under Kim Il-sung -- with only one goal: attain ultimate power, no matter the cost. The little-known, never-seen Romulans seem to live by these same principles.

The captain realizes that the bond between the signers of the Coalition charter is fragile and likely to snap if pushed. But he knows that the Romulans are hostile, and he believes they are the force behind the cargo ship attacks. If asked, Archer can offer no proof without endangering his friend's life.

To whom does he owe his loyalty: his friend, his world, the Coalition? And by choosing one, does he not risk losing all of them? What is the solution to a no-win scenario?

Reviews: 7
I've been reading the Enterprise relaunch novels beginning with Last Full Measure, and this book continues to deliver! In this installment, we continue toward the Romulan War, and we get the backstory on what became the infamous Kobayashi Maru academy training scenario. (Note that there are several plotlines being advanced, not just that one.) We get continued growth of characters, including Travis and Malcolm, and Columbia and her crew enter the story. It's not only great to see Captain Hernadez again, but we get a whole set of interesting characters making up the Columbia crew. There are more hard decisions and ethical dilemmas for Captain Archer, which does seem to be his fate in the greater story of the beginning of the Federation. Trip continues his work undercover, and has some degree of success, as he seems to be a better engineer than spy, although he's got the right motivations. However, there are many very clever twists and turns in the story, making it an extremely entertaining read. There is a lot of great detail on Romulan society and language to get a good feel for this culture and how it compares and contrasts with their Vulcan cousins. If you ship Trip and T'Pol, we get that too. :) No, don't expect what you get in fanfic, but this novel isn't the place for it. What we do get is T'Pol coming to some significant realizations about how her actions and yes, her emotions, impact others. IMO that is a long time coming, and important to the overall story. T'Pol's past also comes into play, successfully woven into the story. I found this book to be the best of the series that I've read yet, and highly recommend it.
Archer and crew try to get to the bottom of Romulan shenanigans and Trip Tucker continues his espionage behind enemy lines on the eve of the Romulan War.

I don’t expect top-notch literature from a Star Trek novel--and I’m certainly not getting it--but this was a pleasant enough read. Some far-fetched activities are required on the part of some characters in order to get them to meet up with each other, but this is mostly a well-plotted and plausible lead-up to interstellar war. I just wish authors Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels would move things along a little more quickly. There is too much exposition and internal perspective. Go ahead and write a shorter book and stop padding; I wouldn’t mind. I hope Hoshi and Mayweather have more to do in the next installment. They’ve been relegated to tertiary character status.
from earth
This story is set in the "Enterprise" universe, shortly after where the series ended. The Coalition of Planets (Earth, Vulcan, Tellar, Andoria) is trying to maintain peace in the sector, but the Romulans are about, attacking space shipping and generally preparing for war against the Coalition. Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise knows that the Romulans mean to make war, but most of the Coalition refuses to recognize the Romulans for what they are. Essentially this novel is the prelude to the outbreak of the Earth-Romulan War so often referred to in The Original Series.

This novel is entertaining and hews very closely to the storyline of the "Enterprise" series. Which means that there are inconsistencies with The Original Series. But no worries, this is good entertainment for Trek fans. Be warned that this novel ends on a cliffhanger, and appears to be the first installment of a trilogy which will cover the entire Earth-Romulan War period in the Trek universe.

The Kindle version is formatted well, and enjoyable to read.

Good Trek entertainment. RJB.
I admit I skimmed some, because I was primarily reading for Trip and T'Pol. I also enjoy Phlox and Reed, and could have used more of them. I'm bored by third-party tertiary outside players. I would prefer if Trip was with the ship instead of being a spy. He kept finding excuses not come in from the cold and to rejoin the ship, which got to be irritating, especially at his reaction to being rescued at one point. Also, not enough exploration of Trip and T'Pol's relationship (no, a 30-minute off-screen encounter does NOT satisfy, nor do mental connections when they're never discussed.)
About the Kobayashi Maru! I must say, this is turning out to be about the most exciting series of Star Trek books I've read. ...and I've read many, many of them.
Handling multiple story lines, in a logical order, having them all come together. Exciting action sequences that cannot be interrupted. You must keep reading!
Our hero, is uber heroic, our captain is amazing. The villains are very villainous. And of course, the politicians are ...as they always are!!
Ok. Enough time on this.. must start the next book!!
I downloaded this book immediately after finishing The Good That Men Do. To me this novel is probably better, only because I felt the battle on the Romulan transport in the earlier novel was just a little long. Again if you are an Enterprise fan you are going to like this novel. I have found my fondness for Enterprise has grown, while not as high as DS9 it to me was a better series then Voyager. Overall this is a good book that continues the coming Romulan War. Also I loved how the Kobayashi Maru vessel was handled in this novel.
I was happy that this book was much better written than the first book but there is still quite a bit of room for improvement. I can skip several chapters and not miss them which is a sign of how uninteresting the story line is. I am going to go ahead and purchase the next book in the series since this one ended abruptly. I hope there is as much improvement in the writing in book three as there was in book two.
It was a great extension of the TV series which Was my favorite. It was removed from TV much too soon.