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Author: Isaac Asimov
ISBN13: 978-0380003259
Title: Of Time and Space and Other Things
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Publisher: Avon (January 1975)

Of Time and Space and Other Things by Isaac Asimov

Home Isaac Asimov Of Time, Space, and Other Things. And it is so with mankind. We are distinguished from all other living species by our power over the inanimate universe; and we are distinguished from them also by our abject defeat by the inanimate universe, for we alone have learned of defeat. Consider that no other species (as far as we know) can possess our concept of time. An animal may remember, but surely it can have no notion of "past" and certainly not of "future. No non-human creature lives in anything but the present moment. No non-human creature can foresee the inevita bility of its own death.

Of Time and Space and Other Things. For my final essay in this book takes up the inevitability of death, and the conclusion is that though all men are mortal, they are not nearly as mortal as they ought to be. Why not? That is the chink in death's armor. 1. The Days Of Our Years. A group of us meet for an occasional evening of, talk and nonsense, followed by coffee and doughnuts and one of the group scored a coup by persuading a well-known entertainer to attend the session.

Genres : Science Fiction. 11. Part I Of Time And Space 10. A Galaxy At A Time. 12. Part II Of Other Things 11. Forget It! 13. Part II Of Other Things 12. Nothing Counts. 14. Part II Of Other Things 13. C For Celeritas. 15. Part II Of Other Things 14. A Piece Of The Action. 16. Part II Of Other Things 15. Welcome, Stranger! 17. Part II Of Other Things 16. The Haste-Makers. 18. Part II Of Other Things 17.

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Of Time and Space and Other Things is a collection of seventeen scientific essays by Isaac Asimov. It was the fourth of a series of books collecting essays from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It was first published by Doubleday & Company in 1965. C for Celeritas (F&SF, November 1959). Just Mooning Around (May 1963). Welcome, Stranger! (November 1963). Roll Call (December 1963) (January 1964). The Slowly Moving Finger (February 1964). Forget It! (March 1964).

This collection, Of Time and Space and Other Things, is perhaps the best of all the compilations of Asimov's columns in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Unfortunately, the book does not specify from which issues these essays were selected, but if they are consecutive, as is standard for these anthologies, Asimov was on an incredible roll. And wouldn't you know it, of all my Asimov collection, this is the book whose binding disintegrated after one reading.

Of Time and Space and Other Things by Isaac Asimov. As we trace the development of man over the ages, it seems. in many respects a tale of glory and victory; of the develop-. ment of the brain; of the discovery of fire; of the building. of cities and of civilizations; of the triumph of reason; of. the fimng of the Earth and of the reaching out to sea and. space. But increasing knowledge leads not to conquest only, but. to utter defeat as well, for one learns not only of new po

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DOOMED PLANET They called him 'Crazy Rik' - but only he knew that the planet was doomed with all its people. The only key to the vital information that could save it was locked in the subconscious memory of this strange, child-minded man...a memory obliterated by a psychic probe!
Reviews: 7
Read this before the "Pebble in the sky and the foundation series. I suggest the empire set to be read after the Robots series because it gives you a good understanding of the setting. If I sound like everything I say is for the benefit of the Foundation series, it is because that series to me is the main story, although all the books are equally enjoyable in their own right. My suggested order just makes them all build on each other and make them feel connected.

The only thing I have changed in my order of reading is to put the two prequels to the Foundation series before the series and not after, although they were written by Asimov afterwards. However, my reason for suggesting to read them afterwards is still valid. I just made a personal choice to read them first, since I had already gone through the Foundation series some 20 years ago. So for me they will be both before and after, since I'll be reading theFoundation series again this year.
What I am enjoying most about reading these 60 year old stories is how things were viewed back then. The story is fun but the culture of the time is awesome. Great read
This early Isaac Asimov novel is set in the same "Universe" as Asimov's Foundation series, and is one of a group of early Asimov novels often referred to as the "Empire" series. It is set somewhat prior to the establishment of the Galactic Empire--Trantor's Republic consists of over one million star systems, and the Empire is now in sight, but there are still independent star systems and stellar groups that Trantor has not yet assimilated.

This story is set on the planet Florina, which is harshly ruled by the nearby planet Sark. Florina, alone in the Galaxy, produces Kyrt, which is a fabric with fabulous qualities and which makes Florina the key to great wealth for its Sarkian overlords. No one knows why only Florina can produce Kyrt, and the reason for this contains the doom of Florina. More would be telling; no spoilers here.

This is quite a serviceable story, which has aged well despite certain anachronisms. I first read it as a teenager, and after picking it up after a delay of nearly 35 years I still enjoyed the book. This is not always true when revisiting books one enjoyed as a youth.

Asimov was a giant of science fiction, and with his passing it is good to see that his stories are being republished and that they will be available for future generations of readers. This one is very recommended, and I rate it 3 stars only because so many of Asimov's other works are even better than this one.
One of Asimov better books that shows how even in the far future there are still the same issues of powerful interests trumping what is right.
I gave this to my grand-nephew as a gift and he said he loves it. He's very interested in space and the universe and this book seems to have fulfilled some of those interests as well as provide him with some answers he was looking for,
Legendary author Isaac Asimov has written a tale full of murder and political intrigue along with some great science fiction.

The Trantorian empire is closing in on it's conquest of the galaxy. But, the planet Sark stands in the path of this conquest. Sark is an independent planet but, more important, is its sale of kyrt. Kyrt, a cotton-like substance, is the foundation of most of the materials in the galaxy and is only available from Sark.

Sark doesn't produce kyrt by itself. Instead, kyrt is grown on the planet Florina. Sark uses the population of Florina as cheap slave labor to produce kyrt. Many have tried, but none have succeeded in growing kyrt anywhere but on Florina. These imitations are more like plain cotton and nowhere near the quality of kyrt. Due to this relationship, Sark has become extremely powerful and wealthy, while Florina has suffered under the rule of Sark.

But, a man has entered the picture with information which could prove devastating to Sark, Florina, and Trantor. This man claims to have knowledge that Florina and it's valuable supply of kyrt is in danger of being destroyed. This leads to an exciting story of murder, political manuvering, and intrigue.

I'm a big fan of science fiction, but this is only the 2nd Asimov novel that I've read, the other being the classic "Nightfall", which I also recommend. I thought this book was good, but I had some difficulty following the story. I thought Asimov introduced too many characters in such a short book, too. However, I did enjoy the story and I plan on reading "Pebble in the Sky" and "The Stars, Like Dust".

Asimov is one of the masters of science fiction authors, and this book is a good choice for fans of science fiction.
I read a lot of Asimov in my younger days, but somehow missed the "Galactic Empire" books. Enjoying reading "new" stories by one of my favorite sci-fi authors.
Re-reading Asimov is like re-discovering old friends. This fascinating, creative detective story remains one of my favorites from one of my favorite authors. Asimov-like hard-science fiction, such as that presented in "The Martian" movie, will always be my favorite.