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Author: Greg Bear
ISBN13: 978-0712654944
Title: Songs of Earth and Power
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Language: English
Category: Science Fiction
Publisher: Legend; First Thus edition (November 12, 1992)
Pages: 694

Songs of Earth and Power by Greg Bear

The Infinity Concerto. Songs of Earth and Power Vol. 1. Greg Bear. He rolled out of bed, kicking a book of Yeats' poems across the floor with one bare foot. He swore under his breath and felt for his pants. The only light he dared use was the Tensor lamp on his desk. He pushed aside the portable typewriter to let the concentrated glow spread farther and spilled a stack of paperbacks on the floor. Bending over to pick them up, he smacked his head on the edge of the desk

The Infinity Concerto" - Book One in the Songs of Earth and Power omnibus - is multi-layered and textured. I believe it will likely take me several readings to find all the meanings that are embedded in this story. The basic storyline revolves around Michael Perrin, a thoughtful young man who wants to be a poet. Greg Bear weaves throughout this story a fascinating new mythos about the creation and evolution, de-evolution and re-evolution of man and the universe that I found to be quite astonishing in its depth and breadth. He weaves in references to several world religions and ties them in to his mythos, showing how the original truth was "twisted" over the years to conform to what would best serve those in power.

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Greg Bear sold his first short story, at the age of fifteen, to Robert Lowndes's Famous Science Fiction. Since then, he has written some twenty novels. A winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards, Bear is married to Astrid Anderson, and they, and their two children, live near Seattle, Washington. I brought this book with me everywhere for a very long time, until my copy was stolen. Seller marked the book as Acceptable condition, but I'd say it's in Really Good, almost new condition.

By Greg Bear Original publication date: 1992 Series: Songs of Earth and Power (Combined 1 and 2). Notes. This is a combined and revised version of The Infinity Concerto and The Serpent Mage.

Greg Bear - Songs of Earth and Power Vol. 1 - The Infinity Concerto. Download (html, 744 Kb) Donate Read. Epub FB2 PDF mobi txt RTF.

Songs of earth & power. Rewritten by the author as a single volume, this is a first hardcover publication.

From the New York Times–bestselling and award-winning author of The Infinity Concerto, the fantasy saga continues. After five years trapped in the Realm of the Sidhedark, Michael Perrin has returned home. He wants nothing more than to live a normal life-but the unearthly music of Arno Waltiri continues to play on. The song of power has weakened the veil between the human and faerie worlds

The Song of Power opened the gateway to the Realm of the Sidhe, allowing young Michael Perrin to slip through. ISBN13:9780712654944.

Reviews: 7
One of my favorite books! I first read this about 15 years ago. The book was given to me and then I fell in love with the stories, and later the author too. Greg Bear is now one of my favorite authors of scifi and folkloric stories. I brought this book with me everywhere for a very long time, until my copy was stolen. :( It took awhile, but I finally was able to purchase a first edition. Seller marked the book as Acceptable condition, but I'd say it's in Really Good, almost new condition. There's no writing or folded pages, very slight dents in the corners (I think from shipment), just a slight few discoloration on the binding (looks like from age), dust jacket is in really good condition too, no rips or stains, and no worn areas. I am very happy with the condition of this book! I suggest, if you like this book, to also read City at the End of Time. That book is now my favorite book of all time (Hehe).

This book is about the Sidhe and how music is magic. If you like Lord of the rings, I think you'll like this book.
Great book! I read it in high school and was drawn in from the very first page. It envelops you in the rich descriptions, and makes you care about the characters. This is a trilogy in one book. Hard to put down. I think each book took me 3 days. I just bought it again recently to give my son his own copy and he loves it.
I've read 'most all of the lauded fantasy fiction that's been written since the Songs, and despite the excellence of the George RR Martins, Steven Ericsons, Steven Brusts, Glen Cooks and Patrick Rothfusses (sp???)this still stands as a unique, powerful fantasy that is undiminished and unshadowed by time or competition. The moods range from bleak to beautiful, while over all is a sense of pervasive strangeness.

As other reviewers have said, that makes Songs different from the standard fantasies, with their central casting heroes, heroines,arcane artifacts and Terrible Awful Things; this one stands yet with the few great ones.
One of my favorite books, I re-read it frequently. Though this copy was mainly just as a sort of "backup" for the paperback that was slowly getting destroyed.
I read this book many years ago and came across the title again by accident. I couldn't find it anywhere - not even the library had it. I was thrilled to locate it via Amazon. While it cost more than I wanted to spend, I don't regret it as its still a great read. I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy. I also want to congratulate Amazon on its speedy arrival - a fortnight before its predicted ETA!
This book was a replacement purchase for a very well read book that finally fell apart, it was read so many times! I really love this story and will read it many more times.
I liked the first half so much (The Infinity Concerto) that I asked Amazon for the completion.

I was dreadfully disappointed. I think Greg Bear got lost in his own plot; I never ever do this but I left the second half unfinished because it was so boring and moody.

I thoroughly recommend Infinity Concerto, leave the rest alone. Five for Infinity, none for the follow up.
I love fantasy and sci fi.....I really do. I went to the effort (not mention expense) of ordering this book from the USA (I'm in Australia)...I waited in keen anticipation, the book arrived after the usual month or so of travel time, I eagerly began to read and couldn't get past page 79 (though I did also read the little bit containing personal revelations at the end of the second book). Maybe it's just me...plenty of people seem to have adored this book, which is one of the reasons I bought it, but, in the final analysis I thought it seemed a bit silly, tired, scrambled and confused and much too slow to get to the point (so was Michael... nobody could be that unperturbed by the situation in which he found himself)...did it/he ever get to the point? I really couldn't flog myself any further to find out. I highly recommend you read GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire instead.