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Author: Paul Drye,Kimara Bernard,Robert Prior,Hans Rancke-Madsen
ISBN13: 978-1556347252
Title: GURPS Traveller Sword Worlds
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Publisher: Steve Jackson Games (February 29, 2004)

GURPS Traveller Sword Worlds by Paul Drye,Kimara Bernard,Robert Prior,Hans Rancke-Madsen

GURPS Traveller Sword Worlds Paperback – February 29, 2004. by Paul Drye (Author), Kimara Bernard (Contributor), Robert Prior (Contributor), Hans Rancke-Madsen (Contributor) & 1 more.

GURPS Traveller: Sword Worlds brings this unique culture to life for the player and GM. Every world in the area is described in detail, as are local history, social features, special technologies, and important people. A wealth of adventure seeds gives the GM plenty of starting points, for any campaign set in this distinctive region of the Traveller setting.

GURPS Traveller Sword Worlds. by Hans Rancke-Madsen, Robert Pryor, Paul Drye. Select Format: Paperback. Select Condition: Like New. - Very Good. Información de Contacto.

Paul Drye, Hans Rancke-Madsen, Robert Prior. GURPS Traveller: Sword Worlds brings this unique culture to life for the player and GM.

Books by Kimara Bernard. GURPS Traveller Sword Worlds by Paul Drye, Kimara Bernard, Robert Prior, Hans Rancke-Madsen, Steve Jackson Games Paperback, Published 2004 by Steve Jackson Games ISBN-13: 978-1-55634-725-2, ISBN: 1-55634-725-1 "GURPS Traveller Sword Worlds".

GURPS Traveller: Sword Worlds brings this unique culture to life. Within these pages, you’ll find: ●. A history of the Sword Worlds as a whole, from the first. colony to the last disastrous war with the Third Imperium. The GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Traveller are required for full use of this book in a GURPS campaign. The background presented here will be of great value to any Traveller campaign, and will also serve as a source of inspiration for other SF gamers. The sword worlders: Written by. Paul drye, hans rancke-madsen, and robert prior. Hans Rancke-Madsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1956. On Christmas Eve in 1976 he got a small white box with the intriguing words Dungeons & Dragons on it. He visited England the next summer and for many summers thereafter, making friends among the roleplayers there.

GURPS Traveller: Sword Worlds (2004). Their inhabitants have spent centuries fighting for independence - from the Imperium, from the other great empires, even from each other. A decade ago, the Sword Worlds went to war against the Third Imperium.

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GURPS Traveller: Sword Worlds Kimara Bernard (contribution), Jesse DeGraff, Glenn Grant, and Alex McVey Chuck Bordell, Paul Drye, Robert Prior (contributor), Hans Rancke-Madsen (contributor) Steve Jackson Games, 2004 . Walhalla I. Der Wolf ist los Peter Madsen (author), Hans Rancke-Madsen (author) Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg, 1991. Walhalla II. Thors Brautfahrt Henning Kure (author), Peter Madsen (author), Hans Rancke-Madsen (author), Per Vadmand (author) Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg, 1990.

GURPS Traveller Sword Worlds
Reviews: 3
The Sword Worlds, settled mostly by the Terran branch of Humaniti, are some of the least tractable, most belligerent, and politically volatile groups in the Traveller universe. They have spent most of their recorded history preparing for, fighting, and (sometimes) recovering from wars resulting from political transitions, outside pressures, expansionist drives, and sometimes sheer cussedness... In this way, the Sword World peoples have gone through many of the same wrenching socio-economic shifts that the much larger First and Second Imperium, but all concentrated in a far smaller area of space, and it has been far messier here than the Imperium given the scale. There is a lot of history in this area, and its people tend to hold grudges a long time.

From a gaming standpoint, its a great way to be a Human outsider if playing in Imperial space without connection to the scheming overbearing bureaucrats of Terra, traders/explorers not bound to some Imperial noble, megacorp, or the like. For those coming from outside the Sword Worlds, its an area of great opportunity offset by very touchy locals with a history of nuking each other--in a very literal sense--down to bedrock. All this, sandwiched between the Aslan, the Imperium, and the Zhodani, with areas of contact with the Vargr and Darrians.

What could possibly go wrong?
A great, detailed look at a very interesting group of worlds in the Spinward Marches. I wish I'd had this back in the early 80s when I started playing Traveller! As it is, this book will keep a campaign going for years...or just add a potential source of intrigue to any Spinward Marchines-oriented campaign. Great stuff!
The military writer William Dupay credited the German General Staff with what he called, "institutionalized genius"-with being able to institute a way of reliably producing command of an effectiveness that once was only viable for a legendary conqueror.
What the German General Staff did for war, Traveler did for storytelling. It was able to create a world as complex sophisticated and detailed as only the greatest writers of speculative fiction could before. It did this by the same method, by the mundane method of using a team of writers to create it's world.
Traveler is an RPG. RPG's are essentially a folk-art. In a way they are a revival of the traditional storytellers art in a new form. Or another way to describe it is as a play in which the actors choose their own actions and the director or "Gamemaster" must oversee and direct the plot knowing his actors have free will. Many, perhaps most of what I have given is fammiliar to my readers. But Traveller is different. It is a work of genius, a splendid science-fiction world of multifaceted complexity set in the far future. Games can involve political intrigue, exploration, trading and whatever ones heart desires. It is not a utopia, nor a dystopia like many Sci-fi's but a world that is believable. It is a world that is different yet similar to ours. But at the same time, "Vive La difference."
Sword Worlds is my favorite of the Gurps Traveller series. It describes a cluster of nations and cultures in a group of planets sandwiched between the mighty Zhodani Consulate and the Vast Third Imperium. The Sword Worlders are clannish and traditionalist peoples who emphasize their Germanic and Scandinavian heritage. They are not pictured as perfect and they are forever quarreling with their neighbors and one another. Yet they are survivors and they have a "character" of their own, a contrarian way of thinking and a grim determination to be who they are.
The Sword Worlds sourcebook is a boon for any who wish to play a campaign set among Swordworlders. And it is a blessing for those like me that do not play but read the book for itself. It gives the political relations between Swordworlder states, substates and alliances, the history of the Sworldworlds and the various and sundry customs of the Sworldworlder people. It gives splendid characters. And it gives a number of preset campaigns that are some of the best in the series. The best campaign of all is the epic "100 parsecs" campaign which could easily be made into a movie.
Perhaps the best thing I can say about Sword Worlds is that it was not long enough. It is an attractive book and well worth the while of any Traveller fan new or old.