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Author: Dave Duncan
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Title: The Cursed
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Language: English
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Publisher: Del Rey; 1st edition (April 18, 1995)
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The Cursed by Dave Duncan

Journey with Dave Duncan into the world of THE CURSED. There are several issues that I didn't notice when reading when younger. While there are women in power in this book, they are still second to men in many cases, and several of the cultures mentioned will never accept a woman ruler. Bulion's family is no exception - as a group leaves for a journey he muses that the men's wives are already pregnant, so there will be no 'missed conceptions'. All of the main characters and most of the people in power are all white

The Cursed - Dave Duncan. Daling drove all the survivors out, whether they were Cursed or not. We thought some of them might have come here.

Dave Duncan (1933–2018) was born in Scotland, and received his diploma from Dundee High School and got his college education at the University of Saint Andrews. He moved to Canada in 1955, where he lived with his wife. Duncan spent thirty years as a petroleum geologist. He has had dozens of fantasy and science fiction novels published, among them A Rose-Red City, Magic Casement, and The Reaver Road, as well as a highly praised historical novel, Daughter of Troy, published, for commercial reasons, under the pseudonym Sarah B. Franklin.

View More by This Author. This book can be downloaded and read in Apple Books on your Mac or iOS device. A complex and gripping story of plague, prophecy, and a woman’s quest for freedom from the author of Portal of a Thousand Worlds (Booklist). Her children died of Star Sickness. Even her work at the hostel was in jeopardy because the politicians had it out for her. The cursed Gwin, therefore, had nothing to lose. When she took in the girl, a survivor of the Star Sickness, it was a dreadful crime. Gwin was at the end of her rope, and possibly the end of her life if she was found out.

Written by Dave Duncan, Audiobook narrated by Peter Berkrot. Your audiobook is waitin. he Cursed. Narrated by: Peter Berkrot. Length: 17 hrs and 46 mins.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A complex and gripping story of plague, prophecy, and a woman’s quest for freedom from the author of Portal of a Thousand Worlds ( Booklist ). The world was desperate.

Every survivor would be cursed, and each would become outcast, for the curses were more deadly than the plague itself. Some survivors would gain powers of healing-and equally the power to inflict disease at the merest touch. Some would see the future-and it would drive them mad. And some curses were even worse. Under the law, no one could shelter the Cursed, but Gwin took in a young girl. Who could predict that her simple act of outlaw kindness would change her life-and her world-forever? Full Synopsis.

In Duncan's new fantasy (The Living God, 1994, et., few who contract & sickness'' survive; those who do are Cursed, afflicted with wild, uncontrollable magic talents that may be destructive or beneficial, or both. By ancient decree, the Cursed face banishment. Attractive widowed innkeeper Gwin Solitb, pestered by numerous unpleasant suitors, illegally shelters a young Ivielscath-she can cure all manner of diseases with a touch, or equally easily inflict them. Thereafter, Gwin is beset by inexplicable events.

Common folk such as Gwin struggled on as best they might. Now a distant war had claimed Gwin's husband's life, and a plague of the star sickness had carried off her little babies. Left alone and desolate, she struggled on, nursing her neighbors through the foul disease. It was a thankless task, for wherever the plague touched, it either killed or cursed - and who could say which fate was worse? Each.

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After she loses her husband to a distant war and the star sickness claims her babies, Gwin has nothing to lose, so she shelters a young girl recovering from the sickness--but her act of kindness changes her world forever
Reviews: 7
I always like Dave Duncan's stories. They are always well written and well edited so the writing is never a distraction from the story.I wouldn't say it's major literature, but it is entertaining fantasy.
It takes more than a few pages to realize that the cursed are people who have contracted a disease that changes them and adds strange new capabilities, some useful, some not. They are cursed by the general population and feared, but some try to use them.
The heroine, Gwin Solith, initially runs an inn, but has to abandon it and joins Bullion Tharn. Their plans go awry and they find they are at the center of a movement to resist invading armies. Gwin finds she has the capability to influence the Cursed to get them to do what she wants - apparently she herself is a Cursed, but a unifying strong one destined to have an important role in history.
The concept of the story is fascinating and well presented. The characters are strong, well defined and generally likable. However, the vast invading army, the Karpana, is never well defined and their motivation remains obscure, but this lack does not affect the story. My one negative observation is that the conclusion is rushed and very brief, skipping over many years and many probably interesting events.
I recommend this if you want an entertaining read that's not too heavy.
I plan to read all of Dave Duncan's many novels. I've worked my way through most of them, now. This was not my favorite, but all of them are well worth reading. I like a stand alone novel. Too many trilogies by other authors are just padded. Dave Duncan gives each story as much or as little length as it needs. This fantasy novel is a complete new world system, different from all others. As usual in a Dave Duncan novel, the characters are very real and you get attached to them. I guess the only reason I didn't give this one five stars is he gave a lesser character, a young man I cared about, a harsh path in life.
An interesting one-off story and world. The only reason I docked it a star was because the end seemed hastily cut off and I was hoping for a sequel to finish up the storylines. Still recommended
Read this book forever ago, let someone borrow my copy and never saw it again. Could (and have) read this book over and over again. Something about this story makes me keep coming back to it. Love the Curses and the relentlessness of this novel. Great book.
Not one of Dave Duncan's better books. The storyline is mildly interesting as are the main characters. It was enjoyable enough to read to the end, but I wasn't trying to finish it in one night.
The ending disappointed, but altogether, it was quite well done.
Cherry The Countess
Oh Dave Duncan. Why do you do this to me? I must have singlehandedly made you a millionaire author by now, just based on my own purchases of your excellent stories. More importantly, how do you do it? You have become the yardstick against which I measure the worth of other authors. You are both prolific and supremely talented.

Sure, there are other authors out there who write a good book. But it's also usually a long time between drinks as they labor furiously into their keyboards, dripping equal, agonized measures of sweat and blood. Or, (I'm looking at you, RJ and GRRM), they just lose interest and leave us hanging for years as they visit every comicon in the world, twice.

You, on the other hand, Dave Duncan, it seems that you sit down on a Saturday afternoon, rip out a highly readable, brilliantly constructed novel, have a beer then watch the rest of the game. Every book of yours I've read has deeply constructed characters that I care about, a storyline that transports me to strange alternate worlds (or the far distant future, having just finished Pock's World) and your rate of delivery of new work exceeds that of any other quality author that I read. You might just be the perfect author for recreational readers.

Despite the somewhat off-putting cover art (yes, I do judge books by the cover sometimes), The Cursed is an excellent read. It's a great adventure on the surface with a good dose of commentary underneath. I deeply cared about the characters and for a while it looked like this was setting up to be the first in a series, which I would have welcomed. I guess that's not definitively off the table, but the book was conclusively finished and in the absence of a follow-up book stands alone without issue.

I recommend this book to all avid fantasy readers. Also check out Dave Duncan's catalog and tell me I'm not imagining things.
The premise of little empires descending into chaos because a barbarian horde wants to swallow them whole and a Cursed messiah to save them all is just perfection.