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Author: Michael Hamlett,David Berger
ISBN13: 978-0615596129
Title: Task Force: Gaea: Finding Balance (Volume 1)
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Language: English
Category: Fantasy
Publisher: David Berger (February 2, 2012)
Pages: 380

Task Force: Gaea: Finding Balance (Volume 1) by Michael Hamlett,David Berger

Task Force: Gaea: Finding. has been added to your Cart. Book 1 of 3 in the Task Force: Gaea Series. He, as the godly embodiment of truth and prophecy, has the foresight to guide Task Force: Gaea to its destiny of helping the gods. Dan and the rest of the Task Force battle creatures from the depths of Tartarus while putting the pieces of their own pasts together. Whether you are a fan of Greek Mythology (like I am) or are not, you with enjoy the pace, style, and craftsmanship. One person found this helpful.

Task Force Gaea: Finding Balance definitely has many discussion points, and I am so glad we chose this book as our book for March!. David Berger certainly achieves this in volume one of his series. My interest in Greek mythology has always been cursory at best. I was so invested in the world created by Berger that I just had to know more and see where he took his inspiration from. In his Task Force: Gaea, David Berger truly delivers an original view of Greek mythology with a modern twist. Comic book meets Mount Olympus as the present meets the past in this fascinating novel.

Task Force: Gaea-Finding Balance. Task Force: Gaea - Finding Balance. Poster art for David Berger's Novel. Task Force: Gaea-Finding Balance. Cartoons & Comics, Digital Media, Cartoons, Drawings.

Typically replies within minutes. Contact Task Force: Gaea - Finding Balance on Messenger. Turn up your speakers for this first book promo. Date changed to January 2012. Michael Hamlett is working on the cover for The Archer's Paradox. Here's a teaser of draft to show you. ❤️. November 26, 2017 ·. WOO HOO! My cover artist, Mike Hamlett, is back on the job for The Archer's Paradox! Mock-up late next week! See All. Posts. August 25, 2017 ·. HAPPY FRIDAY! Find your muse and create something beautiful.

David Berger is the author of the Greek myth fantasy novel series, Task Force: Gaea, as well as other works. The book should be out in spring 2019. Luciano Vecchio's Task Force: Gaea. Luciano Vecchio has drawn his version of Task Force: Gaea, putting his own animated style on the characters, jumping through one of Dan's portals. Luciano's work is on his Deviant Art site as well as in his own comic, Sereno. Out now, The Liar's Prophecy explores the relationship of truth to lies. An ancient power, long dead and forgotten, returns to challenge everything Aegis, Talon, Aether, and Zodiak have ever believed. Death cannot protect you from your past.

Download Audiobooks by David Berger to your device. Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. Task Force: Gaea, Book 1. By: David Berger. Narrated by: Robert G. Davis. Length: 11 hrs and 43 mins.

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Billed as a Percy Jackson for adults, Task Force: Gaea blends history, myth with all the trappings of a political thriller. If you’ve been looking for that next summer must-read, The Good Men Project has it (as well as the following interview with Mr. Berger)! ♦◊♦. What was the initial impetus for the story? When I was in high school, I wrote a short story called The Olympus Corps. for my English class senior year, but back then the premise was a little different. Filed Under: Man-to-Man Interviews Tagged With: comic books, DC Comics, Greek mythology, history, movies, myth, narratives, Savas Abadsidis, The Avengers, Wonder woman. About Savas Abadsidis.

Four modern day strangers—Dan, Aleta, Brandon, and Sarah—learn they are bound by prophecy to fix what the Olympeian gods have broken. Gifted with ancient magic from long lost civilizations, they must master their powers while contending with forces escaping from the Underworld and also find a way to repair the Sacred Scales, destroyed by an angry goddess long ago. Their success lies with Apollo, a god whose earthbound journey provided the means to fulfill the prophecy. These four mortals—a teacher, a scientist, a zoologist, and a potter—join the United Nations Task Force Division sworn to protect an endangered world, becoming the sole team—codename: GAEA—who can fight the monstrous threats and bring Order to a world plunged into Chaos. Bringing together the powers of the ancient gods and the strength of the human spirit, the members of TASK FORCE: GAEA may have to sacrifice that which they hold dear to be their only key to success. Can mortals succeed where gods cannot go?
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Reading a book for fun (in my workaholic world) is a rare indulgence. When I jump between the covers of a book, I want the story to drag me quickly into a fantastic escape with only three requirements: Entertain Me NOW, Teach Me Something NEW, and Make Me Want MORE. I want the story to tantalize and challenge me, force me to see things from a different perspective, make me feel wickedly excited, adventurous and terribly spoiled as I read it in the rare moments I get to stretch out on my couch with the book and defy Time. Mythology and Super-Heroes. Love, Faith and LIFE. Humanity countering Divinity and being there when Almighty needs us most in surprising ways. This is a hearty tale, a beautiful, hefty start in the richly-developed world David Berger has created. I can hardly wait for more!
I enjoyed the plot line of this book a great deal! Although it is not fast paced, the amount of detail was astounding. If you like Greek mythology, you will love this book. I have to admit I was a little uneducated and had to just go with the flow at times. What I did like was the incredible use of the English vocabulary. I am tired of reading books written at the 8th grade level and enjoyed the use of "big" words. I even added a few to my own vocabulary. Read this book and the sequel. You won't be disappointed.
David Berger knows his mythology, and then some. His seamless narrative is gripping, transporting you to Olympus, being one with the gods and living life through one of their owns' eyes. The plot twist was ever so clever, never saw it coming. A very highly recommended read, a page turner for those who can never seem to get enough of Greek mythology and just how complex and in depth that it can be
great first installment in the trilogy. this is a writer who knows his greek myth and language and history. the characters are fleshed out well, and the plot is engaging. this isn't just a another superhero book!
This book is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Berger writes in a manner long lost to us. His method is classic, his prose eloquent, his character development second to none. I'm only on Chapter 5. I would be finished by now, had I not had to work. It's a great before bedtime story. Zeus is my favorite omnipresent being. Making him vulnerable is difficult to do - and Berger did it successfully. Can't wait to read the other masterpieces in this series.
If you loved the Percy Jackson series, or if you loved Clash Of The Titans (The orginal film with all the Harry Hamlin realness one can handle), you will love this book. Starting in the ancient past, David Berger crafts a tale of gods, mortals, and monsters that once you open the book you a hooked. I recommend this book to everyone who loves fantasy both traditional and urban, as well as those who like comics. It is a series worth picking up!!!!
Mitars Riders
Greek myth meets superhero origin story! This is for people who dig ancient epics stories and modern adventure tales. Can't wait to read more!
The book was ok, but not exactly what I expected (based on the description). Basically half the book is about Apollo, then you get one chapter each for the heroes getting their powers, one chapter each of them fighting, and a few joiner chapters. Then they head off to confront the breaker of the Sacred Scales.


Then ask her to fix the Scales and she is cool with it. Roll credits.

I also felt the whole UN Task Force thing was glossed over. How do these small groups for people (non superpowered unlike the heroes) make such an impact.