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Author: Sonya Walger,Plum Sykes
ISBN13: 978-1401398873
Title: Bergdorf Blondes: A Novel
Format: lrf mobi mbr lit
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Language: English
Category: Fantasy
Publisher: Hyperion; Abridged edition (May 1, 2004)

Bergdorf Blondes: A Novel by Sonya Walger,Plum Sykes

Thank heavens for Sonya Walger; her superb narration is the only reason to give this insipid novel a listen. She applies distinctive American and British accents to a group of self-absorbed heiresses whose days are filled with such pressing matters as designer clothing sales, skin treatments, and touch-ups of their blonde hair, apparently accompanied by full lobotomies. Walger moves seamlessly into the French and Italian accents used by the equally shallow men they encounter

Plum Sykes (Author), Sonya Walger (Narrator), Hyperion AudioBooks (Publisher) & 0 more. A sensationally 2nd novel delivered by Plum Sykes, especially is you want to decompress and hear nothing regarding international affairs or hunger in third world countries. These egocentric Park Avenue Princesses are billionaires and millionaires who travel prive and only wear this season's haute couture; they attend many charity balls, fashion shows, and galleries, and attend their Baby Buggy's and Divorce Showers in Chanel, Lanvin, Vuitton, Versace, and Gucci dresses. But if you read and enjoyed "Bergdorf Blondes" or are looking for a light read, then you might enjoy this one. I found this book to be a quick, easy read. I read it in a day. In fact, I liked this story a little bit better than "Bergdorf Blondes".

They live in a str. т 867. Bergdorf Blondes: A Novel. Plum Sykes burst on to the literary scene in 2004 wit. т 1086. The Debutante Divorcee: A Novel. In 2004, Plum Sykes jet-setted to bestsellerdom with B. т 2819. The Debutante Divorcee.

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Plum Sykes was born in London and educated at Oxford. She has also written for Vanity Fair. She lives in the English countryside with her husband and two daughters. Contact Us. Site Map.

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Read "Bergdorf Blondes" by Plum Sykes with Rakuten Kobo. For readers who adore Candace Bushnell, Tinsely Mortimer, and Lauren Weisberger comes New York Times bestselling author. For readers who adore Candace Bushnell, Tinsely Mortimer, and Lauren Weisberger comes New York Times bestselling author Plum Sykes’s sly and amusing satire-now back in print for its 10th anniversary in a gorgeous, eye-catching package, with a new foreword by the author. Bergdorf Blondes are a thing, you know, a New York craze. Absolutely everyone wants to be one, but it’s très difficult. You wouldn’t believe the dedication it takes to be a gorgeous, flaxen haired, dermatologically perfect New York girl with a life that’s fabulous beyond belief.

Author: Plum Sykes ASIN: B00ICN4ZSA. ff-a-novel/

Plum Sykes burst on to the literary scene in 2004 with her beguiling debut novelintroducing readers to the glamorous world of PAPs (Park Avenue Princesses)and her loveable heroine, Moi, a 'champagne bubble of a girl' who became an instant hit with readers from coast to coast. 'Missing the gals from Sex and the City Bergdorf Blondes is the next best thing.'-USA Today
Reviews: 7
I am usually only non-fiction reader of serious subject matter. Occasionally, after a fabulous but depressing series of reads about, say the Holocaust (really), I look for a guilty pleasure that makes me laugh, and not think. This was wonderful for that. And well written.
Mindless, fun book the lets one escape into, from most vantage points, a completely ludicrous, unbelievable world.
Best read on a lawn or Adirondack chair, near some water( be that the ocean, a lake or even a kiddie pool) with your favorite beverage in hand. Enjoy!
This book was ok - nothing great. Kinda silly actually. I really think this book is aimed towards 19 year old girls. It's not a romance, or even chic lit... It's just.... A story. There aren't any endearing characters in the story, although its not badly written.
I'd seriously recommend trying a chapter before buying it.
Sykes uses the device of a self-deceived, unreliable narrator (a technique first made famous in English literature in The Canterbury Tales) to satirize a self-absorbed, ignorant, and selfish culture. It's harder than it seems to succeed at this type of satire: most writers succumb to the temptation of having their initially blind hero/ine achieve some sort of epiphany, after which s/he is redeemed and surrenders old selfish, greedy ways. (Think of the tedious, dour piety of "The Right Address," whose heroine is brutally chastened into abandoning her pursuit of status and prestige.)

By contrast, Sykes keeps the fluff afloat, no easy task. For example, her heroine is at once slutty and prudish: she immediately sleeps with any man who has money, but coyly refers to sex as "visiting Ipanema" (after the trendy "Brazilian bikini wax"). This substitution of half-truths and distortions for ugly reality is the hallmark of the unreliable narrator.

By having her heroine allude to sex by referring to an unnecessary consumer luxury service, Sykes neatly encapsulates the narrator's consumerism, and demonstrates the ultimate result of rampant consumerism: the self and others become mere fungible currency, incapable of honesty, self-knowledge, or intimacy. But the heroine never realizes this. She remains foolish and shallow, and never becomes a blunt instrument of a tedious morality tale -- or a complex character. The genre is limited, but Sykes exploits it to its fullest, with no apologies.
I typically like easy reads like this, but Bergdorf Blondes lacked even the slightest bit of depth — I really only finished this to say I finished. There was not one character I connected with or ended up liking (I think Sykes attempted to make the narrator likable, but failed to do so, in my opinion).

Overall this book was very predictable and elicited more than a few eye rolls.
If you have a sweet tooth for Manhattan, Fashion, Park Avenue and everything in between, you're in for a treat. Every man that wants to understand minutia about PAPs, or is simply curious about the high-end female psyche, should give it a read. With insights on the British upper class, the Hollywood movie-director scene and life for twenty-something wannabes in The Big Apple, this book will leave you ready to understand and confront any heiress World-wide :)
I came across this title while reading a friend's blog. She said it was her favorite (in fact, her second time reading it), and I was looking for a new book to read at the time. Something fluffy, girly, full of love, high fashion and a little New York City glitz. I really believe the title and cover caught my attention. What girl doesn't want to read about Bergdorf's?

The first attempt didn't go so well. I think I made it to about page 3 before I decided to put it down. After weeks of looking at this book sitting on my Kindle shelf I decided I wasn't going to waste the $6.39 I had paid Amazon for the book and began my second attempt.

I picked it up, pushed through the first three or so chapters, and ended up somewhere just short of not being able to put this book down to eat.

Just a quick piece of advice: when you get to the "lingo guide" at the end of chapter one, make sure you pay attention. Yes, that "lingo" is actually used throughout the book (PJ= private jet, Beyond= way beyond fabulous, etc.) and I promise it gets worse than that. At that point in the book I rolled my eyes and wasn't sure I'd ever actually be successful at finishing it. I was just about ready to forgo my $6 just so I didn't have to read this nonsense.

Bergdorf Blondes was written by Plum Skyes, which I'm assuming contributed to most of the hype surrounding this book. Plum Skyes has worked at and written for Vogue Magazine as well as been considered an "It Girl" by New York City society. When it comes to this type of lifestyle Plum Skyes knows what she's talking about. This was her first novel, and has since published The Debutante Divorcée.

I'll start off by saying that this book drops label names more than Gossip Girl.

Meet Moi, the main character of the book who drops a little bit of French here and there and refers to sex as "going to Brazil". She's also best friend's with Julie Bergdorf (heiress of Bergdorf's- the department store). If you've ever wondered what it was like to live as a wealthy Upper East Sider, now is your chance. You'll be introduced to Moi's posse: the New York City Upper East Side "Park Avenue Princesses". Their day to day activities consist of being socialites, finding just the right color blonde for their hair, sleeping with random men, and having more money than one could possibly know what to do with.

The "princesses" are constantly overwhelmed and stressed with the everyday chores of picking out an outfit, hosting a party, and finding a fiancè just because they are the "hottest fashion accessory". The "princesses" are constantly hopping onto the PJ's (I told you to pay attention to the lingo guide!) of wealthy men on a whim of notice who they have known for less than 24 hours. Then again if you didn't have a career or any responsibility, wouldn't you?

Moi does have a career, although you can hardly call it that. It is generally tossed to the side so she can de-stress from her highly chaotic life by lying on the pool deck of a resort while attending some international film fest in Europe.

The majority of this book is focused on Moi's love life. If you ask me, it seems like she enjoys being treated poorly by men. But, like any other chick lit novel, it'll leave you smiling at the end- no worries!

Although there is a lot of nonsense, gossip and frivolous concerns, the book does have an overall good plot, and it will keep you turning the pages. You too will want to know if Moi finds true love and whether her friendship with Julie will weather the storm.

While this book is no where near award winning material, it makes for a great summer read. Those who've enjoyed Gossip Girl and any other book about the glamorous lives of NYC's wealthy and most popular will be sure to enjoy this one as well.
A total waste of time.