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Drinking Midnight Wine (GOLLANCZ . Green, Simon . Used; Good Book. Drinking Midnight Wine (GOLLANCZ . Title: Drinking Midnight Wine (GOLLANCZ . Authors: Green, Simon R. Binding: Paperback. Deathstalker return by Simon R. Green (Paperback).

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DRINKING MIDNIGHT WINE SIMON R. GREEN Bradford-on-Avon is a real town, with a real history. Most of the places described in this book really exist, as does much of the history . But at the end of each and every day he was still just a shop assistant; another faceless drone in the great hive of the city, doing the same things over and over, achieving nothing, creating nothing.

Main Green, Simon R - Nightside 00 - Drinking Midnight Wine. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. DOWNLOAD. File: PDF, 703 KB. 2. Green, Simon R - Haven 06 - Bones of Haven.

This was the first Simon R. Green book that I read. It isn't what I would say is his best work ever, but it was enough to get me to read another one of his books. Jun 04, 2017 Carro rated it liked it. I first read Drinking Midnight Wine years ago and have just re-read it. It is a one-off book of Simon R Green's, not part of any larger series and was written before the Nightside Books  . Drinking Midnight Wine (a fairly pretentious title, actually) has similar issues. It's enjoyable, but I wanted more out of i. .

This is a complete bibliography by English space opera and fantasy author Simon R. Green. Most of Green's works take place within the same fictional realm, encompassing multiple realities which characters inhabit, or in some cases move between. Although cross-series use of characters or settings is frequently limited to passing mentions or brief cameo appearances, a number of Green's stories have prominently featured characters from other works in a manner that is significant to the plot.

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Drinking Midnight Wine. Victor Gollancz, 265 pages. Green was born in 1955 in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, England. in Modern English and American Literature from Leicester University and he also studied history and has a combined Humanities degree. After several years of publishers' rejection letters, he sold seven novels in 1988, just two days after he started working at Bilbo's bookshop in Bath.

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Drinking Midnight Wine is very similar to Shadows Fall in ambiance and tone, but otherwise differs greatly in characters and plot. It is almost traditional in approach, with Faery coexisting with the mundane world and with some persons in each who can move between the worlds.

Toby Dexter, a bookshop assistant, lives in Bradford-on-Avon and works in Bath. Over a period of time, he has become attracted to a woman who also rides the commuter train between the two towns. On one particularly wet evening, he is behind the woman as she gets off in Bradford and sees her make a doorway in a wall and walk through. He follows her and finds himself in bright sunlight.

Although very similar to his Bradford, the town is somehow different. The people are also familiar yet different. He is told that he is now in Mysterie rather that Veritie. He meets the mysterious woman, Gayle, and finds himself hopelessly in love. They discover a plot to destroy Mysterie and conquer Veritie and together they work against it.

The plot involves the Serpent in the Sun, the Serpent's Son Nicholas Hob, and Angel, who is an angel of some kind. Arrayed against these plotters are Gayle, Toby, Gayle's sister Luna, Jimmy Thunder the godling, Leo Morn and his friend Brother Under the Hill, the Waking Beauty Carys Galloway, and the Mice.

In reading the prior reviews, I notice that the Americans seem to have read only the Deathstalker and Hawk & Fisher novels, although one mentioned Blue Moon Rising. Green has written at least 20 novels to my knowledge. Almost all of them have action plots and the majority are sword and sorcery works, but this is not the first novel largely given to character exposition and urban settings. His novel Shadow Falls reads like an Amber work, but with a different mythology.

Several reviewers compared this novel to Neverwhere. While agreeing with the similarity, one should consider that Gaiman was dealing with traditional fantasy elements in his novel. Others have walked through doors or mirrors into Wonderland.

This novel is a coming of belated age tale. If ever a person is a case of delayed adolescence, it is Toby Dexter. In Mysterie, he is forced to examine his comfortable life and reevaluate his priorities and, in so doing, he changes others as well.

This novel is vintage Green with a new twist and an excellent example of urban fantasy. Hopefully, Green will make this a series; Mysterie has sufficient unrealized possibilities for a sequel.

-Arthur W. Jordin
Simon R. Green has a knack for slipping amusing sarcasm into the darkest of storylines. It makes for a crazy read every time. He mixes realms so well, as he does in Drinking Midnight Wine. A poor mortal sop, sucked into events greater than himself and he somehow comes out on top. Typical (classic?) Green. Thank the gods.
I've seen a few reviews compare this to a comic book, to which I can only say, you don't "get it". That's fine, there is nothing wrong with that, but my belief is that those who loved Deathstalker, don't necessarily get Green's other work. Green's mastery is as a wordsmith. His genius is in the use of character. It's a bit incorrect to say a Norse god gets modern and becomes a Private Detective, it's a lot more accurate to say that a guy who can't find his place in the world (And who also happens to be the great to the 13th or so power removed in lineage from the Norse Gods) finally finds a nitch that works for him. That's what makes Green readable, you can always find something to identify with in his characters. The human condition is prevalent and strong in Green's writing and that is what links you to his characters. Whether that's Jimmy Thunder or his superlative Hawk and Fisher, they all have something that tugs at you. They all have something with which you can draw a parallel. And along the way you get the best banter in the business short of Brust. I wholeheartedly recommend Drinking Midnight Wine to pretty much everyone. Keep an open mind, relax, enjoy.
This is a gem of a novel. I read Mr Green's Deathstalker series years ago and picked this book up on a whim. It was just a joy. Smashing pace, intriguing story and enchanting twists on familiar magical characters. Highly recommended!
Simon R. Green writes some great stories and this one does not disappoint. New characters and a new setting make for a very enjoyable read. If you are a fan of his work then this is a book to get.
loved it