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Author: Trina M. Lee
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Title: Once Bitten
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Once Bitten by Trina M. Lee

Alexa O’Brien Huntress Book One. By Trina M. Lee. Once Bitten. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author. Manufactured in the United States of America.

Trina M. Lee I wish there was a simple answer for that. Some ideas just hit me out of nowhere while I'm doing other things, like cleaning house or driving. Onc. oreI wish there was a simple answer for that. Once that happens it tends to snowball as I write, building itself really. It was starting to feel like a hair pulling, bitch slapping kind of fight. I needed to take it to the next level. Trina M. Lee, Once Bitten.

About book: One of the first super mixed up paranormal book I've read in a long time. While the world building was sort of non-existent, it didn't really need to be there. Throw in some vampires, werewolves, two hot male leads vying for the lead female's attention, and lots of actions scenes, and you've basically got the gist of Once Bitten. The actions in this book is perfect. Really, really perfect. Alexa is kick-ass enough to be interesting, and really strong

Trina M. Lee (Author). Book 1 of 14 in Alexa O'Brien Huntress Series (14 Book Series). Lee beautifully explores the dual-sided nature of Alexa's existence as a werewolf.

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2010) (The first book in the Alexa O'Brien Huntress series) A novel by Trina M Lee. Alexa O'Brien is a rarity among supernaturals. A hunter of supernatural rogues, she's a werewolf with unusual but extraordinary power. Alexa must find a way to stop Lilah, a demon queen hell bent on forcing her to willingly surrender her blood to break a centuries old curse. With her power bound, Lilah is ready to play dirty. Get the first two books in the series FREE. Book 1 & 2 (Once Bitten & The Wicked Kiss) are free in the Kindle store. Book 9: Alexa's struggle with the turn has sent her straight into the arms of the one man who feeds her madness: Kale Sinclair.

Tagged as contemporary, vampires, paranormal, demons, strong heroine, mystery, shapeshifters, love triangle, werewolves, witches, magic, urban fantasy, fantasy ) Alexa O'Brien is a professional huntress and a werewolf with the ability to conduct and manipulate metaphysical energy. Categories: Fiction. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Only Vampires Cry Blood. Lee Trina M. DOWNLOAD.

Alexa O'Brien is a rarity among supernaturals. 
Reviews: 7
About the first 40% of this book was good, but then it began to really drag along. So much that I had to check the page count. Usually I can finish a 250 page book in a day, this one has gone on for four. There was entirely too much dialogue between Alexa and the other characters, and a lot, a whole lot, was spent on the relationship/bonding between Alexa and Arys and it became incredibly dull. By the 50% mark, I skimmed until the end. I felt that, although she was considered Alpha, her pack was never identified, yet Raoul, the Alpha of another pack (? Not sure because that part was a bit confusing) was actually the weakest character and had exactly zero redeeming qualities. The love triangle between Alexa, Arys and Shaz might have worked, but honestly, I lost any respect for Alexa over the way she used Shaz. Just my opinion. The book does have a great cover and is edited well, unfortunately, the pacing is enough to keep me from continuing with the story.
I love the premise, and the action in the story. The narrator did a really good job, and fit the story well. Love that Alexa is a wolf shifter, but I don't like that her pack is pretty pitiful. Raoul is the alpha, and he's just weak and horrible. He's a suspect in the murder of an ex-girlfriend, and has an alibi, which is he was banging a married pack female, but she won't tell the police because she doesn't want her husband to find out. Why in the heck doesn't Raoul just order her to come clean? He is the alpha! Alexa gets pulled into this mess, and tries to help find out who is really murdering Raoul's exes. Alexa's neck is also on the line because she happens to be one of Raoul's exes (really I'd say she's more his victim).

Alexa is also feeling a strange magical pull towards vampire, Arys. They feel a deep sexual need for each other, but little do they know, that there are some serious consequences if they get together. Alexa keeps saying there's no feelings between them, but Alexa is horrible at reading people, so that causes issues for her. I actually wish there was some more realization of the emotional connection they do have.

There's another love interest in the works, Shaz is her wolf shifter best friend, who happens to be in love with her, but for some reason he never said anything for all the years they've been close. He finally speaks up, and I do like him, but I felt Alexa gets with him because she doesn't want to lose him. Not really because she is passionate about him, but she holds him on a pedestal. The author added something about him being with the pack slut, so that lowered him in my estimation. They do have some sweet moments though. I'm fine with multiple men, but they all need to be on the same page.

There are some interesting twists, and I like the world that this story takes place in, and Alexa kicks some butt. I was entertained the whole time. I have the next 2 books, so I'll probably continue, but I read some reviews that say this starts getting like the Anita Blake series. I ended up disliking that series around the time the orgies started, and that series also goes on way too long. At the time of this review, there are 14 books in this series, so I'm a bit weary of getting into a series that is that long. I feel the story just gets torturous for the characters with that many books. So, I'll probably check out some of the reviews for the future books and make my choice then.

Overall, entertaining and engaging story with some major steam!
I really tried to like this book but I can't say I did. I actually put it down several times thinking I was done, but then gave it another try. There were just some really weird parts that sort of left me with a weird taste in my mouth. The whole love triangle thing was strange...or was it even a love triangle? I couldn't figure out if she loved the vampire or if she loved the werewolf or did she love both. Also, she sat and watched Arys kill a girl and actually was turned on by it. Later in the book she was appalled that a bunch of women were dying and the alpha she hated was being blamed for it. Now she was going to go out and save these poor women....but wait, didn't she just sit by and watch some other chick die without doing anything? ugh....I never finished it. I came really close but I just don't care how it ends. I was a little bummed because I thought this might be a cool new series. Nope. I would not recommend this to anyone.
I wish there were more than just 1 through 5 stars. I would give this one a 3.5, but since I had more negative than positive, I give it 3 not 4.

I'll start with the bad. It took a while for me to get into the story. At first I just kept thinking that it seemed a little like a copycat of Kim Harrison's The Hollows books and then there was the whole love triangle between the boy vamp and the boy werewolf. There were too many characters that played little bit parts, coming in and out of scenes, but didn't really matter. Was Alexa part of a government agency that 'policed' the supernatural world or was her employer more of a detective type? If either one is true then why did she stand and watch while a vamp killed a girl in front of her? She not only watched but liked it. After her family was butchered and she was turned by a werewolf attack, I would think she would have a softer spot in her heart for victims and wouldn't tolerate killers. Were the supers out of the closet to the general population?

Now for the good. After I got over the feelings previously discussed, I enjoyed the rest of the book. I liked the contrast between the two love interests. I enjoyed all of the action and adventure. The book even managed to surprise me with a twist at the end. The main character, Alexa, was deeper and more conflicted than the first quarter of the book led us to believe. She has two abilities. She's a were but she also can manipulate energy which she pulls from all around her and specifically from Arys, the vampire who she has a connection with.

Would I suggest it to everyone? No. Would I suggest it to someone who loved werewolf books with love triangles or urban fantasy? Yes. Will I read the next in the series? I haven't decided yet.