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Author: Louise Cooper
ISBN13: 978-0812534016
Title: Nemesis: Indigo Book One
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Language: English
Category: Fantasy
Publisher: Tor Books; First Edition Thus edition (June 15, 1989)

Nemesis: Indigo Book One by Louise Cooper

Nemesis (The Indigo Saga, Book 1). Louise Cooper. Troika (Indigo, Book 5). More modern readers will probably be frustrated by the relatively short book length- I know that I felt like several episodes could have safely been packed into one book, even at the time that I first read them. This series should be a big hit with teenage readers (particularly teenage girls) and are recommended for any reader who enjoys this particular flavor of fantasy.

Cooper, Louise - Indigo 1 - Nemesis. Cooper, Louise - Indigo 1 - Nemesis.

After rereading the first book, I am happy to say that it is as good the second time as it was the first time, even while at different times in my life. There were morals (or values) if you will to this story. First, that sometimes t I remember finding this book in the library a good 15 years ago. I read the first 3 books in the series like it was going out of style. Granted, this is only the first book of seven, I have maybe more to delve into before I can truly form my opinion. Perhaps, the firstly, and most deeply, I arrive to my true loathing of the main character, Indigo.

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Louise Cooper (29 May 1952 – 21 October 2009) was a British fantasy writer who lived in Cornwall with her husband, Cas Sandall. Cooper was born in Barnet, Hertfordshire. She began writing stories when she was at school to entertain her friends. She continued to write and her first full-length novel was published at the age of twenty. She moved to London in 1975 and worked in publishing before becoming a full-time writer in 1977.

Louise Cooper (1952–2009) was a British fantasy author. She published more than sixty fantasy and supernatural novels for adults, young adults and children. Other books you might like. Library . The Indigo Saga. Risingshadow is one of the largest science fiction and fantasy book databases.

The Crescent Moon Book of Love Poetry.

Princess Anghara's insatiable curiosity about the Tower of Regrets, a place forbidden to her, unleashes an army of evil on the world, and she attempts to get the matter right
Reviews: 7
An original anti-fairy tale. Spoiled princess goes too far and has to save herself and the world. A great girl power story with biblical and and mythical tones. Read it when I was a girl and could never find the whole series. So good I tracked it down. Can't wait to re live it. The first of an epic series!
I read this book for the first time when it was released in 1989. It became one of my favorites and I read my way through the rest of the series. At the time that the book came out I was still in college and I identified very much with the character of Anghara. I understood that she had brought her problems on herself, but I still really sympathized with her anger and her passion and her sense of unfairness.

I recently ran across the book again and decided to give it another read. I still enjoyed it, but it is interesting as an older reader how my perception of the book has changed. I now find Anghara exasperating rather than sympathetic. I am amazed that she seems to get off as easily as she does after bringing doom on her lover and her family. I kept reading, but I was looking for some real repentence on her part and getting frustrated because I did not find it.

Cooper is and was a talented writer. The Indigo series was her third fantasy series outing (the first two were Blood Summer and the more famous Time-Master books). Nemesis is set in a semi-Celtic landscape and draws heavily on a variety of myth-based sources for its plot. Cooper does a good job of synthesizing myth in an original way so that it does not feel stale or like a retread of old ideas.

More modern readers will probably be frustrated by the relatively short book length-- I know that I felt like several episodes could have safely been packed into one book, even at the time that I first read them. This series should be a big hit with teenage readers (particularly teenage girls) and are recommended for any reader who enjoys this particular flavor of fantasy.
Even the world Louise created is the reverse of our own. North-South-West-East. This a story of an old civilazation, built upon the rubble of an even older civilization, and all that remains of the past civilization is it legacy, a solitary tower built by a man whose name is forgotten. The only things that are remembered of that ancient time, is preseved in the stones of the tower, and the words of a song. In the song the people of the new world are warned never to appraoch this tower, because it is forbidden to mankind. And so untouched, shrouded in mystery and the scars of the past, the tower reminds each passing generation of the folly of striving to take to much from the Earth Mother. That is until Anghara Kaligsdaughter Princess of the Southern Isles, unlocks the secrets of mankinds past, and opens the door to the destruction of her world. She then is condemned to repair the ruin she has caused, and until she can do so, she cannot die, and has to renounce her name and all that goes with it.
An original take on the Pandora's Box myth. Through the eight books that chronicle her journeys, we see the evolution of her character and the extent of the burden she carries. As a reader you are as compelled as Indigo to see the quest followed through to its completion, and you task is also very difficult. All eight books have been out of print for years, and copies are scarce. It doesn't help that Louise has many fans look at the same time as you are. It is well worth the effort. This series comes highly recommended.
I won't give this book five stars, because it's not one of Louise Cooper's best works (its plot does not have quite the depth of complexity as some of her other books). But it is an extremely enjoyable book-easy to read, with a fairly simplistic plot that's full of conflict and emotion and quite unputdownable.

There isn't an immense cast of characters in Nemesis. Mostly, it's just about Indigo and the story of how she began her quest to slay the seven demons she unwittingly unleashes onto the world. There certainly isn't the same depth of complexity as many of Cooper's other titles, but there's a sense of atmosphere about this book that I loved. I really felt Indigo's grief and loneliness and the hopeless despair of her own guilt. Louise has a way with words that really inspires the imagination.

There are eight books in this series, Nemesis being the first. If you're a fan of Louise Cooper's other works, then I'm fairly certain you won't be disappointed by this. On the whole, the series remains enjoyable through to the end, and is a rewarding read.