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Author: Krissi Dallas
ISBN13: 978-1613464519
Title: Windchaser (Phantom Island, Book 1)
Format: azw lrf mobi lit
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Language: English
Category: Fantasy
Publisher: Tate Publishing (December 13, 2011)

Windchaser (Phantom Island, Book 1) by Krissi Dallas

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view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook. I looked up Windchaser after reading Dallas's great story, "Pink Snow," from the Winter Wonders anthology.

Part 1: Reconnaissance Chapter 01: The Soap Opera Continues.

Windchaser (Phantom Island, Book 1) by Krissi Dallas ePub version. 1623 downloads at 34 mb/s. Windchaser (Phantom Island, Book 1) by Krissi Dallas PDF version. 1326 downloads at 32 mb/s. With her two best friends, Morgan and Caleb, she returns as a mentor to the summer camp of her childhood

One fateful summer night. when one rule is broken. five teenagers will discover an unexpected adventure full of magic, romance, and true friendship. One fateful summer night. Seventeen-year-old Whitnee has spent six years rebuilding her identity after her father's mysterious disappearance left her with more questions than answers.

Windchaser: Phantom Island, Book 1 (Unabridged) audiobook, by Krissi Dallas. he murmured, coming closer. I was taken aback at the intensity in his face. He rested his wrinkled, but still very strong, hands on my bare shoulders  . Submit your vote below to let us know you really crave this title! Vote this up!

Krissi Dallas, author of Windchaser (Phantom Island, Book 1), on LibraryThing. One fateful summer nigh. hen one rule is broke. ive teenagers will discover an unexpected adventure full of magic, romance, and true friendship. Seventeen year old Whitnee has spent six years rebuilding her identity after her father's mysterious disappearance. With her two best friends, she returns as an employee to the Texas Hill Country summer camp of her childhood

Listen to the complete Phantom Island book series. As always, downloaded books are yours to keep. Windchaser Publisher's Summary " he murmured, coming closer. His gray eyes sought mine as if he expected me to recognize him. "You really are a Daughter of the Wind, are you not?" Cautiously, I looked over at Gabriel, wondering if it was okay to admit the truth. He nodded as if to give me permission. My voice came out as a whisper.

High school senior Whitnee has spent six years rebuilding her identity after her father's mysterious disappearance left her with more questions than answers. With her two best friends, Morgan and Caleb, she returns as a mentor to the summer camp of her childhood. Nestled in the Texas hill country, Camp Fusion is everything Whitnee remembers--except for the haunting visions that only she can see. One fateful night, Whitnee and her friends embark on a magical voyage where unexpected adventure and heart-stopping romance collide--a journey that might unlock the dark, complicated mysteries of Whitnee's family history. But will she find the answers she is looking for?
Reviews: 7
Whoa, what a great story/ride!! Love how the first part talks about three best friends who meet at Camp Fusion; Whitnee, Morgan and Caleb. They each have suffered a death in the family at a young age and were sent to Camp Fusion to deal with that grief, get counseling, get assigned to a mentor who is like a camp leader that listens and spends one-on-one time with them, and meet other campers who are experiencing the same or similar losses. Does this camp really exist (without the time travel part)? It should. All of this takes place in Texas. However, there's a mystery with Camp Fusion and because of a camper that one day goes missing and then is found in California wandering around, no one is allowed to cross the Frio Lake to see what's on the other side. Then again, Whitnee needs answers. Twice she has thought to see her deceased father watching her from the other side of that lake, her nightmares have intensified since coming back to Camp Fusion, and she's convinced she'll figure out how all of this is connected if she can just find out for herself what's over there!

Well Whitnee gets her wish and finds herself on an island from another world. This is where the real adventure begins, wow! I read the first 100 pages of this book without pausing, it grabbed me from the start. I lost all sense of time as I read it and I easily fell inlove with these three best friends. Whitnee discovers she has powers and learns what life is like on White Island. I truly enjoyed how Dallas creates this incredible world without overwhelming the reader with details. The book ends kind of suddenly making it clear that more will be answered in the sequel, Windfall. My hope is that during Whitnee's journey she will come to know Christ and develop a faith in Him that she doesn't have already. However, Windchaser is a solid read and one I highly recommend.
I looked up Windchaser after reading Dallas's great story, "Pink Snow," from the Winter Wonders anthology. For the review sites where ratings are given in stars, I'd just like to say that if I could add an extra half star to the three, I would for this one. I was really on the fence rating-wise by the time I got to the end, but I felt three came closest to summing up the experience as a whole.

The basics: Whitnee, Morgan, and Caleb, three best friends and former campers from Camp Fusion, a summer program for troubled youth, return as counselors, hoping to offer the same help they once received. Camp Fusion has a reputation for emotional healing but also for mysterious disappearances, and while the three struggle to deal with the old and new issues the place brings to the surface, they accidentally teleport themselves, along with a couple of the campers under their supervision, to the magical Phantom Island. The islanders, including our heroes' handsome emissary, Gabriel, are welcoming but cryptic, especially when Whitnee begins to develop the elemental superpowers usually exhibited only by the natives.

The downside: If Windchaser were on the screen instead of the page, it wouldn't be a movie, it would be a long TV pilot episode. There's absolutely none of the pretence first installments usually have of being potential standalones. Even as a clear introduction to a series, the pacing is odd. Phantom Island itself doesn't appear until halfway through the book. Until then, the characters focus on their drama with each other, mostly Whitnee and Caleb's will-they-or-won't-they romance and Whitnee's unresolved issues over her father's disappearance, which sent her to Camp Fusion as a camper in the first place. Not much else happens. Once they do get to the island, almost all focus shifts to getting to know the fantasy world. The characters also all have a habit of discussing their feelings in blunt, matter-of-fact psychobabble, which makes some sense, to be fair, since they did all meet in a therapy camp, but still feels a little eerily detached at times.

The upside: While reading Windchaser is a little like eating a fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt without being allowed to stir it first, it's still possible to tell that both the fruit and the yogurt, the fantasy and the character drama, are high quality, and where the two do meet, it's special. In one scene in particular, the counselors discuss whether the secrets of the island might give reason to hope that Whitnee's father is still alive, forgetting that one of the campers in the room has yet to accept the verifiable death of his own father. The collision of the fantasy intrigue with the very real-world portrayal of the grief process is heartbreaking. Also on the real-world side, Caleb is a vivid and lovable romantic interest, and pacing aside, his relationship with Whitnee is very believable. On the fantasy side, the island villages are beautifully described, and the Gabriel/Whitnee tension (particularly the moment when he helps her harness the element of Fire) is appropriately steamy.

For better and worse, Windchaser feels incomplete. The end comes right when the story's really getting rolling, which is both frustrating and intriguing. As a sucker for a good triangle and a good low fantasy, this pilot, for all its problems, has drawn me in, making the sequel, Windfall, a definite to-read.
Wow! Even though I am in my early 30's, I read a lot of young adult fiction as I find it much more entertaining than the stuff written for adults. (Plus, there's the added benefit of not usually having to worry about the author having a potty mouth.) Anyway, I found the first book in the Phantom Island series to be engaging, entertaining, thoughtful, and well written. Mrs. Dallas brings together elements of fantasy, drama, humor, and a little bit of romance to keep the story moving along at a good pace and gives just enough information to flesh out the world she has created without getting lost in overly wordy descriptions of every little detail. She has brought together pieces from series like Avatar(the cartoon not the movie), Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter and managed to create something that feels fresh and new, not rehashed. The characters have depth, are fleshed out nicely, and the dialogue is completely believable. The romance elements are done tastefully and didn't leave me feeling like I was reading the diary of a teenage girl. Overall, I am very happy that I picked up this book and can't wait to learn more about the mystery of the island and how it ties in to all the main characters. I am eagerly awaiting the kindle release of the next installment in the series. Bring on Windfall!