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Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN13: 978-0312947057
Title: Upon The Midnight Clear (A Dream-Hunter Novel, Book 2)
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Language: English
Category: Fantasy
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks; 1st edition (October 30, 2007)

Upon The Midnight Clear (A Dream-Hunter Novel, Book 2) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Upon The Midnight Clear A Dream Hunter Novel, Book 2. garda.

Upon the Midnight Clear (Dream-Hunter, Dark-Hunter, Ever think Scrooge had it right before the ghosts ruined his life? Meet Aidan O'Conner. until those around him took without asking. Now Aidan wants nothing of the world-or anyone who's a part of it.

Upon The Midnight Clear A Dream Hunter Novel, Book 2. Kyla T. Загрузка.

Upon the Midnight Clear PROLOGUE. Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon. Series: Dark-Hunter Genres: Romance, Fantasy. Dolor smiled as he finally felt the call of his summoning ring. As a dream god, she could feel his bitter emotions calling out to her. They were so strong she could even feel them as her own. "Yeah," he said, his deep voice filled with malice.

This book is related to Dream Warrior. Upon The Midnight Clear. The way to overcome the angry man is with gentleness, the evil man with goodness, the miser with generosity and the liar with truth. Yeah, he said, his deep voice filled with malice.

Upon the Midnight Clear book. Dolor’s awakening triggers Leta’s waking too, a dream-hunter and Dolor’s greatest enemy. Leta is determined to save Aidan’s life and defeat Dolor. Aidan is a very successful actor, now living as a recluse after his trust and generosity were badly abused by his family and fiancée.

Home Kenyon, Sherrilyn Upon the Midnight Clear (A Dream-Hunter Novel) (A Paranormal. Upon the Midnight Clear (A Dream-Hunter Novel) (A Paranormal Romance). Ask Seller a Question. Bibliographic Details. Title: Upon the Midnight Clear (A Dream-Hunter. Publisher: St. Martin's Press, New York, NY, . Publication Date: 2007.

Upon the Midnight Clear. A Dream-Hunter Novel. By: Sherrilyn Kenyon. Narrated by: Fred Berman. Not sure where this book fits in the Dark Hunter series, good story for sure, a tad predictable for plot.

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Ever think Scrooge had it right before the ghosts ruined his life? Meet Aidan O'Conner.At one time he was a world-renowned celebrity who gave freely of himself and his money without wanting anything in return...until those around him took without asking. Now Aidan wants nothing of the world―or anyone who's a part of it.

When a stranger appears at his doorstep, Aidan knows he's seen her before…in his dreams.Born on Olympus as a goddess, Leta knows nothing of the human world. But a ruthless enemy has driven her from the world of dreams and into the home of the only man who can help her: Aidan. Her immortal powers are derived from human emotions―and his anger is just the fuel she needs to defend herself…

One cold winter's night will change their lives forever…Trapped together in a brutal winter storm, Aidan and Leta must turn to the only power capable of saving them―or destroying them both: trust.

Reviews: 7
First, this is really a short story masquerading as a full-length novel. But I don't blame Kenyon for that; it felt like a publisher's decision, especially because of the very large print purposely used to bulk up the page count. So if you read it, go into it with that perspective in mind so you don't get upset with the pared down storyline.

I GIVE THE "STORY" 3 STARS because I did enjoy it, and because Kenyon added to the mythology of the overall series, which is something I look forward to in her books. However, because it was shorter, I felt that the buildup of the relationship between the main characters was choppy. We don't really get to "feel" their emotions slowly boil up and over like we usually do. But since I liked that she was putting her twist on "A Christmas Carol," I was willing to go with the flow. Plus the story had a warm holiday ending that made me smile.

I GIVE THE "OVERALL BOOK" 1 BONUS STAR because my version included "Holiday Gatherings," a glimpse at Christmas festivities with all of the characters we've grown to love over the life of the series. THAT was a particularly special treat to discover after wrapping up Aidan & Leta's romance.

So, was it the best Kenyon has to offer? No. But, was it worth reading? Sure. It's a quick read. And if you're a fan of the whole Dark-Hunter series, in general, I don't think it's good to skip books because each one, no matter how you feel about the plot or characters, has something to offer that makes this fantasy world more vivid and interesting.
This is the second Dream-Hunter novel that I've read and although I am a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon's - I was sorely disappointed by this one. It's lacking in a lot of things. Her characters weren't developed enough for you to actually grow fond of them. Aidan was just to whiny and needy for me to like him, and Leta just never really amounted to much when it counted either.

Too much happened in too short of a time period. It didn't feel very believable and it almost felt more like a chore to read rather than a delight for the mind. If nothing else, this book was used just to fill us in on some of the background information on Zeus' curse on the Oneroi.

When you see this book, it seems short for a paperback. When you open it, it seems REALLY short for a paperback - they have used double spacing, wide margins, and a large font. Now, either Kenyon's publisher is formatting books for her older, more myopic fans, or this was a short-story that was made into a novel. Add a little padding and a huge font and, presto-change-o, you have a very short paperback that you can still sell for the full paperback price. Grrrrrrr!

On the bright side though, at the end of the book there was a short story called Holiday Gatherings - It brought back some of her other characters and was really a treat to read.

If you haven't read any of Sherrilyn Kenyon's books, I would suggest to stay away from this book. Start off by reading the "Dark-Hunter" series and then make your way to this new Dream-Hunter spin-off.
I usually think Kenyon's novels are pretty average in regards to plot & writing, but in this book, I found a difference in both.
I found the writing subpar, yet I gave it 4 stars because I thought the story was much more original (even if it carried away a bit from the Dark Hunter series), and was enchanted by the characters.
At times I wanted to slap some sense into Aidan, because I thought he was too stubborn and cynical, but Leta made me happy that a female character was getting the powers and supernatural skills otherwise kept for the men in the series. It was a nice change of rhythm, which made me like the story.
So, I know it's a deviation from the Dark Hunter series, and if you don't like the Dream Hunters, then this may not be for you. But if you have some interest, then this might be a good addition.
I love Ms Kenyon's characters. They are emotional and vulnerable given tremendous pain and suffering. They are strong and powerful, yet tortured and weak. I love the Dark-Hunters. Anyone who loves paranormal romantic fantasy with a touch of adventure and great battles, will love this novel. I would like to see more use of their powers in more battles. I am constantly amazed at Ms Kenyon's imagination in the creation of whole races of people and deities. I want to see more of the bad guys experiencing suffering and justice. I gave this book 3 stars for that reason. Suffering shaped our hero. He used his powers in the service of his tormentors. Why not add a little justice by his hand to his tormentors? There was too much suffering and not enough pay back.
I've been a very big fan of the Dark Hunter series and had believed the spin off into Dream Hunters would open a new door of possibilities. Unfortunately, that has not happened with this book. I use he term 'book' loosely here. It's more of a short story that has been stretched and fluffed to make it look like a full-length novel by using large typeface and spacing.

The story itself is lacking just about everything that has made Kenyon's "Hunters" automatic purchases for me. There is little to no character development, no building of the relationship between the two leads, very little action and the human's easy acceptance of the paranormal aspects of the story goes beyond the "suspension of disbelief" and wanders into "hard to swallow."

With this book, Kenyon has been taken off my autobuy list. I'll wait for the local library to get her stuff in so I can read it for free and not waste my money on more worthless titles like this one.
A kick in the teeth tomorrow is how Aiden O'Conner feels about people. Enter Dream-god Leta to save him from the god of Pain. This is a somewhat quirky story that is still entertaining. Just remember when reading that when crazy people walk through the forest they take the psycho path. It was good to see more of Deimos (Demon) and Phobos (Fear). It's a quick read worth having just for the Holiday Gatherings vignettes at the back of the book. HOWEVER, if you HAVEN'T read the previous books there are spoilers and you MUST read this book before reading Dream Warrior, the story of Jericho and Delphine.