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Author: Liz Fielding
ISBN13: 978-0263156386
Title: Eloping With Emmy (Romance)
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Language: English
Category: Regency
Publisher: Mills & Boon (February 1, 1998)
Pages: 192

Eloping With Emmy (Romance) by Liz Fielding

Eloping with Emmy book. Hi, I'm Liz Fielding, and I'm a best selling contemporary romance author with more than 15 million books in print. Two of the, The Best Man and the Bridesmaid and The Marriage Miracle, have won a RITA. Another, A Family of His Own has won a RoNA Rose. Reading is a big part of my life. I love witty, contemporary romances, not too Hi, I'm Liz Fielding, and I'm a best selling contemporary romance author with more than 15 million books in print

Liz Fielding - Eloping with Emmy (html)/content. He is not happy about it and his day gets worse when Emmy hitches a ride in his car in her getaway attempt. en Liz Fielding Eloping With Emmy 2012-05-03T23:06:26. 152412+00:00 calibre (. a2f-9d9a6e77d1f4 romance romantic comedy contemporary romance romcom. Liz Fielding - Eloping.

Eloping With Emmy (1998). About book: In the stuffy Law firm where Tom Brodie is a partner, he is considered not quite the right type to deal with the ultra rich, spoilt, troublesome Emerald Carlisle. And so the battle of wits between Tom and Emmy begins. This was a fun book, and I loved the sparkling dialogue and mischievous attitude of Emmy

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Eloping With Emmy PDF Download. By: Liz Fielding Relase Date: 2012-05-04 Genre: Contemporary, Romance. The Billionaire Takes a Bride. The Sheikh's Guarded Heart. The Beaumont Brides Box Set. Eloping With Emmy. The Five-Year Baby Secret. Four Classic Contemporary Romances.

by Fielding, Liz. Publication date 1998. Topics Elopement, Inheritance and succession. Publisher Toronto ; New York : Harlequin Books. Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive. Contributor Internet Archive. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. org on August 25, 2010.

I love romance books so this was right up my alley. The book wasn't too long and flowed very well. The only issue I had about the book is on a personal level. I am a former police officer and have issues with false reporting. Fortunately, the author let Tom Brodie get released quickly, but personally I would try a different tactic in the book to divert Mr. Brodie. Not a great message to send to readers that is okay to lie to get your own spoiled way so to speak

Reviews: 7
This is one of those stories that will make you laugh and smile throughout

Tom Brodie has been made partner in a very prestigious law firm he has worked hard to get where is he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but when the other partners are away Tom is called out to help with one of the top clients and is shocked by what he is asked to do he must stop a marriage that appears to be going to happen to Emerald Carlisle Emmy as she is known to most this is going to be a fun journey for Tom and their first meeting will have you laughing out loud.

Emmy Carlisle is trying very hard to outwit her father she is an heiress and her father does a lot to keep tabs on her and stop her from getting into trouble, but when things go wrong right from the beginning of this plan, Emmy's journey is starting to be a very big roller coaster ride of ups and downs and the unwitting Tom Brodie is pulled into it.

This is such a fun fabulous story from start to finish talk about laugh and smile as Emmy and Tom journey across the UK and France falling just a little bit in love along the way there are many scrapes that Tom has to rescue Emmy from, Emmy and Tom are so alive and real you will feel like you are there with them, truly I can highly recommend this one you will not be sorry it will bring you a few hours of total pleasure and keep you smiling tis one is a total joy to read.

I have embarked on a challenge to read all of Liz Fieldings stories and am enjoying them immensely and lucky me I have a lot to catch up on.
This story is a delightful romp from start to finish. Emmy is a sparkling heroine who is never short of ideas and the impulsive panache to carry them out.
Tom Brodie is the very opposite of the wayward heiress. He's worked his way up from a very different background with ambition to burn. Someone like Emmy is the last kind of girl he'd be interested in.
Until he ends up on a road with with her and discovers that there is a whole lot of woman under the madcap society girl.
The road trip takes them across England and France by road, rail and road, involves one stolen and one borrowed vehicle, (a brightly coloured VWBug), damage to a hired car and destruction of another vehicle. A violent storm and a violent passion pretty much round off a very enjoyable journey full of witty dialogue and well drawn characters.
I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun read, especially the interaction between Emmy and Brodie. They were both witty, fun and too smart for their own good. I'm not a fan of the insta-love storyline, but the way these two were thrown together, I could almost believe it. I wasn't crazy about Eme's reason for chasing her "fiance". It was a poor excuse for chasing him, but I'm willing to overlook that because the chemistry between the two main characters was so fun.
If you like a quirky, zany, madcap romp with a spoiled, self-centered, selfish rich girl/woman, then you will love this one. Frankly, I could not stand the heroine. Bad childhood or not, no sympathy for her.

Tom is a young lawyer in a big firm, he gets, by default, the job of keeping Emmy from eloping with an artist that her father thinks is after her millions. It is obvious from the first of the story that she is not in love with this guy but is using him for some scheme of Emmy's. You get the impression that he doesn't care.

She starts out breaking out of the second story of the house where her father has locked her in a room. Ok, you have some sympathy here. But she starts out stealing Tom's car. Leaving him in a restaurant many miles from London to get home on his own. She lies, cheats, you name it. No regard for anyone else or anyone's property, why bother since Daddy will pay for anything she destroys. He falls for her, WHY? I have no idea. I only wanted to choke her.

I really tried to finish this book but I just couldn't. She was so immature that I could not see her falling for him and having anything lasting, except sex. She says she was a "child" at 18 when she tried to elope with her first "love", the one Daddy bought off and he promptly bought a new car with the money. She felt like he should have held out for more money, obviously he was as stupid as she was. However, at 23 she now knows everything. Try as I did, I just could not find one thing to like about this girl. I just gave up, she was off on another of her "madcap" adventures leaving our hero to look like a fool, and that was it for me. I just couldn't see myself really liking this chick in the time it would take me to finish the book--no matter what her reasons were. I really thought Tom deserved better!!!
This is a fantastic fun read, Emmy's father has treated her like a spoiled child and has decided that the man she says she is going to marry is not good enough, but all is not what it seems. Enter Tom Brodie the lawyer who is sent to talk to the man Emmy is going to marry, this book takes you on a fun ride as Emmy and Tom head to France and Emmy keeps trying to get away from Tom to talk to Kit before Tom does, it is a must read
I enjoyed this book. Somewhat predictable but humorous and enjoyable.
This isn't great literature but it is cleanly written and enjoyable. Like most romances it is a but predictable but the author throws in enough surprises to keep it fresh. The main characters are likeable and nicely developed. If you like sweet romances without the steamy sex scenes this is one you'll enjoy.
Put together a rich and pampered heroine with a mind of her own and a no-nonsense 'I had to work for all I have' lawyer and you can expect fireworks. Ms Fielding doesn't disappoint and she confines them to a trip together where the sparks fly. This is well written and engaging and a romance I would recommend to all lovers of modern romance.