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Author: Karen Van Der Zee
ISBN13: 978-0263098068
Title: Secret Sorrow
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Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon (January 9, 1981)
Pages: 192

Secret Sorrow by Karen Van Der Zee

The last two chapters of Karen van der Zees book, A Secret Sorrow, are very eventful. I wouldnt want it any other wa. In conclusion, the exerpt from the book A Secret Sorrow by Karen van der contains all of the fine elements of popular literature. Many people have trouble reading stories that are written in dialogue but this story can be easily read.

From A Secret Sorrow 1981 Chapter Eleven. Faye could feel the blood drain from her face and for one horrifying moment she thought she was going to faint right in Kai’s arms. The room tilted and everything swirled around in a wild madman’s dance. There was love in his embrace and love in his words and in her heart there was no room now for doubt, no room for sorrow. In the warm darkness of their bed she would come to him and they would hold each other close and she knew he had been dreaming.

Karen van der Zee presents marriage with children as perfect and completely fulfilling; it is what Faye, the protagonist of A Secret Sorrow, wants and what is necessary to her happiness. For Godwin’s unnamed protagonist, marriage and family are almost the antithesis of happiness; her home life seems to suffocate hear and eventually leads her to death. In A Secret Sorrow, marriage is portrayed as the resolution. Van der Zee works to present the reader with the idea that only with this aspect will Faye be fulfilled and happy; it is what the entire story, with all the plot twists and romantic interludes, works toward. Marriage is also the end in A Sorrowful Woman but not as expected: it is quite literally the end of the woman’s life.

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Leia esse livro usando o app Google Play Livros em dispositivos Android, iOS ou PCs. Você pode fazer download para leitura off-line, destacar passagens, usar marcadores de página ou criar notas ao ler A SECRET SORROW: Harlequin Comics. After her nightmarish recovery from a serious car accident, Faye gets horrible news from her doctor, and it hits her hard like a rock: she can’t bear children. In extreme shock, she breaks off her engagement, leaves her job and confines herself in her family home.

A Secret Sorrow and A Sorrowful Woman The Oxford Dictionaries define sorrow as, A feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others. In the A Secret Sorrow by Karen van der Zee and A Sorrowful Woman by Gail Godwin both feature a female protagonist who encounters sorrow. However, Gail Godwin’s A Sorrowful Woman, is a better work of literature than A Secret Sorrow.

Windela Kilmer (born 26 May 1947 in the Netherlands) is a popular globetrotting Dutch writer of over 33 romance novels since 1979 as Karen Van der Zee. She also signed two novels as Mona Van Wieren and she received a RITA for Rhapsody in Bloom. Windela Kilmer was born on 26 May 1947 in the Netherlands. She grew up with her brothers, while she dreamed about visiting the exotic places that read in their books.

Karen van der Zee presents marriage with children as perfect and completely fulfilling; it is what Faye, the protagonist of "A Secret Sorrow", wants and what is necessary to her happiness. For Godwin 's unnamed protagonist, marriage an. how More. Thematic parallel of marriage and family in 'A Secret Sorrow' by Karen van der Zee and 'A Sorrowful Woman' Gail Godwin. A Sorrowful Woman By Gail Godwin.

Time For Another Dream (Harlequin Presents, No 950). Rand's Redemption (Harlequin Presents, Vol. 180). Karen van der Zee, Mary Brendan. The Italian's Price, The Sicilian Duke's Demand, The Italian's Seduction. Madeleine Ker, Karen van der Zee, Diana Hamilton.

Reviews: 3
A solid, if teary, romance that deals with the heroine's inability to bear children. Unlike many other romances it doesn't rely on cheap tricks or a last-minute miracle, it relies on two people willing to work through obstacles together. Good read. The artwork is solid and expresses the emotions well.
I liked this book because it really touched on a taboo subject. I thought it expressed the fears that some women have with that situation. And the story line itself was good.
Don't lose your head over him...

Firmly Faye had cautioned herself. No way could she risk getting involved with someone--not after the accident that so completely changed her life. Yet falling in love with Kai Ellington had been easy. His gentle, sensitive nature had soothed away her mental scars.

And now Kai had a dream--to marry Faye and live in a low, white Texas ranch house filled with freckle-faced children. Their children.

But it was only a dream, a dream that Faye knew could never come true ....