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Author: Renee Roszel
ISBN13: 978-0263189377
Title: Just Friends To... Just Married (Romance Large)
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Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon Ltd (Large Print Books); Large Print Ed edition (February 3, 2006)

Just Friends To... Just Married (Romance Large) by Renee Roszel

Select Format: Mass Market Paperback. What Romance Is All About. com User, June 16, 2006 Just Married is a great read! Who hasn't (at least secretly) wondered what would happen if that special friend we already treasure suddenly becomes 'the one' who also makes our head spin? What a wonderful concept! As her readers expect, Ms. Roszel delivers the sizzle!! 0. Report. It could happen to you! By Thriftbooks. com User, October 2, 2005.

by Renee Roszel ) Kimberly Albert has always yearned for stability. Her boyfriend's just walked out and she's craving the one man who's always been there for her: her best friend, Jaxon Gideon a much more irresistibly sexy side.

Start by marking Just Friends T. .Just Married as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. The female lead in this book was the whiny, shallow, stupid woman who felt she could never get married because her mother had no sense when it came to men. And the male lead whom she was best friends since they were kids, put up with her crap because he loved her, not just as a friend. Renee Roszel is the author of over 40 romance novels. She has been named Oklahoma Writer of the Year and has been a National Rita Finalist several times as well as a finalist multiple times in Romantic Times Short Contemporary Romance category. She is married, the mother of two sons and the grandmother a boy and girl who live way way too far away for Renee's taste!

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Kim begins to realize that she's had feelings for him all along, but has she missed her chance to make Jax hers?(c)SAKI HANAMURE/RENEE ROSZEL WILSON. OLDEST NEWEST just married. artist : Saki Hanamure original novel : Renee Roszel Publisher : Harlequin.

Renee Roszel Just Married (Larger Print Romance) Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. books to re-read 3 from Shadow Poet. to read from nandita saxena. Red from RReads Just Married (Larger Print Romance) from your list? . Kimberly Albert has always yearned for stability.

Kim just has to prove to Jax that their friendship could be so much more. Gritting his teeth on a curse, he distanced himself from her before he did something unforgivably stupid. She says, Why not spend your days and nights with the very best! Luckily for Renee, her husband is gorgeous and sexy, too! Renee Roszel loves to hear from her readers. Send your letter and SAE to: . Box 700154, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74170, . Or visit her Web site at ww. eneeRoszel.

Find nearly any book by RENEE ROSZEL (page 3). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers Just Married (Romance Large): Just Friends T.Just Married (Romance Large): ISBN 9780263189377 (978-0-263-18937-7) Hardcover, Harlequin Mills & Boon Ltd (Large Print Books), 2006. No More Mr. Nice (Temptation . ISBN 9780263787559 (978-0-263-78755-9) Softcover, Harlequin Mills & Boon, 1994.

Reviews: 5
Just Friends to...Just Married by Renee Roszel
Kimberly Norman has always had one sure thing in her life. Her neighbor Jax. As her mom flitted from husband to husband, Jax was always there. After almost a full decade since she last saw her friend, she needs a Jax fix. She wouldn't survive knowing he wasn't in her life. That's why she will never have more than friendship with him. The minute love or sex is involved...someone always leaves.

Jaxon Gideon moved to Chicago go get away from the woman he loved. He was always there to help Kim as she went through relationships with other men. He wanted to be the one for her. After ten years he's finally getting over her, he thought. When she shows up on his doorstep he realizes he needs to get her out of his life completely. Unless he can find a way to get this commitment phobic woman to realize not every relationship ends up like her mothers.

Poor Jax, he has all the money he'll ever need, but money can't buy love. Kim can't let go of her fears that love never works out. When Jax's partner wants Kim to help hostess a party he knows he'll have to hold his feelings in for one more week. And then tell her how he feels and watch as she will surely run away. Great story that takes the readers emotions on a bit of a ride.
Book Description: Kimberly Albert has always yearned for stability. Her boyfriend's just walked out and she's craving the one man who's always been there for her: her best friend, Jaxon Gideon. Jax has loved her forever yet he's had to stand by and watch her live her life without him. Now he has decided that if he can't have Kim in his life, he wants her out of it! But Kim is starting to see a new side to Jax...a much more irresistibly sexy side...and she likes what she sees! Kim just has to prove to Jax that their friendship could be so much more....

A nice read if you can get past the frustration of Kim's character, or lack of. Really, with Jax around, why would any half sane, somewhat intelligent woman look any further? It was difficult at times to complete the book because Kim was selfish, inconsiderate, clueless, and just all out horrid. Jax's character made the story and while you wanted him to get the girl and be happy you were left feeling he deserved better and wondered if she really deserved him.
I don't normally review Harlequins. But this one was so dreadful that I had to get my frustration over wasting money on it out of my system! Renee Roszel is a talented writer. I've enjoyed books by her in the past. But this one feels as if it was written by a talentless ghostwriter. The plot, the characters, the writing, the grammar... if I were allowed to give zero stars, this one would get it.

Kim is about the most selfish character I have ever encountered in romantic fiction masquerading as a heroine. All her life she has used her so-called `best friend', Jaxon. Whenever she's in trouble, unhappy, whenever she's dumped her latest boyfriend just for committing the crime of getting `too serious', she runs to Jax, expecting him to be there for her. He has to drop everything and treat her like the most important person in his life, just for as long as she wants it - and then she's gone again, ignoring him until her next `crisis' comes along. *His* needs are unimportant - in fact, what comes across in spades in this book is that Kim doesn't know Jax at all. She has no idea what drives him, what his interests are, what he wants out of life. She has no sensitivity to his needs whatsoever. It's all about her, her, her.

For example, when she turns up at his place - without even asking if it's okay if she just arrives expecting to stay with him for as long as it takes for her to pull herself together - it's perfectly obvious from his attitude that he's sick and tired of being taken advantage of. He's in love with her - why, I have no idea! - and she uses him and ignores his feelings. His attitude to her is less welcoming than usual. He goes out of his way to avoid her. Does it *once* occur to her that he might not want her there? No. Of course he wants her there - he's her Jax and that's that.

Which, of course, makes Jax a complete doormat. What man in his right mind would put up with such a selfish individual, let alone be in love with her? It's unbelievable.

But then, so much of the book is unbelievable. Jax's partner Tracy's intervention and the stupid plot device which leads to Jax and Kimberly having to pretend to be married. Puh-lease. The hackneyed device of having Kim see Jax in a compromising situation with Tracy, which *of course* leads her to feel jealousy for the very first time. And so on, and so on.

Then there's the writing style. Roszel's characters in this book think aloud, in full, grammatical sentences. Huh? Who does that? Do normal people walk around their apartment, or the shopping mall, or their office, talking to themselves for hours on end? In her earlier books, Roszel had a much better handle on introspection and point of view. I have no idea what happened with this one, but she'd better change her style back again fast. This just does not work.

And finally, grammar. Has she never heard of tenses? She uses simple past for everything, ignoring past perfect and past continuous. Okay, maybe this sounds like the ranting of a grammar geek, but the effect of it is that it makes so much of the book incomprehensible. So many times I had to stop reading and go back to review a paragraph to work out what was actually happening *now* as opposed to some time ago.

Take this example:

"Kim woke with a start and looked at her bedside clock. Two-thirty. She finally fell asleep less than an hour ago, and something had to wake her. She knew it couldn't be Jax getting home because he returned around eleven. She heard the garage door open and close, heard sounds below her bedroom in the kitchen. Heard his footfalls on the stairs some time later as he went to bed. That must have been around midnight. She tossed and turned until around one-thirty when she finally fell into a fitful sleep."

When did she hear the garage door open? Now? At this point in the narrative? Or more than three hours ago? Does Jax always get home around eleven, or just tonight?

Then there's present tense appearing:

"Is that how people saw her? Is it how Jax saw her?"

Hasn't anyone told Roszel that present and past tense don't mix? What's wrong with good old `was'?

I can only assume that this book got published on the basis of Roszel's past reputation - but I hope, for her sake, that she pays a little more attention to plot, characterisation, grammar and craft in her future work. She should be ashamed of this book.

- wmr-uk
I just discovered Renee Roszel, and when I found out she had a new book out, I had to read it. Was not disappointed in this cute tale. How many happy couples have started out as best friends only to discover their 'friendship' has deepened? Well, this is a prime example of that kind of a relationship. Though the discovery is on our heroine's part. Our hero, Jax, is a to-die-for kinda guy, and he's loved Kim forever. But her 'best friends' status, and her fear of committment due to family history, has driven him away. Now she's back for another 'Jax Fix' and he's once again in pain. I really felt for him. So he's bound and determined to get her out of his life once and for all. And just as he decides this, Kim starts to experience new feelings. Jax's inner struggle and Kim's innocent ignorance of his torture, having her near, keeps you reading. There are some laugh-out-loud scenes and some hot, hot you-know-what, too (unusual for the 'sweet' romance line). My kinda fantasy read!
Just Friends To...Just Married is a great read! Who hasn't (at least secretly) wondered what would happen if that special friend we already treasure suddenly becomes 'the one' who also makes our head spin? What a wonderful concept! As her readers expect, Ms. Roszel delivers the sizzle!!