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Author: Kasey Michaels
ISBN13: 978-0446605823
Title: Indiscreet
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Language: English
Category: Historical
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; First Edition edition (October 1, 1998)

Indiscreet by Kasey Michaels

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Kasey Michaels returns with all the hallmarks that have made her a Regency romance treasure: humor, unforgettable characters and a take on the era few others possess. From NEW YORK TIMES bestselling romance author Kasey Michaels comes the first in her ENTERPRISING LADIES series. There is a serious side to this romantic farce; two people who think they know who they are, what they want. and then get smacked in the face with the realization life doesn’t always fit into neat little boxes.

Book Overviews: Top Book, Top Author, Top Genre. From New York Times bestselling romance author Kasey Michaels: The Enterprising Ladies series When your father has his life snuffed out via falling buck-naked from a balcony with his mistress "attached" to him, to land smack in the center of a country house party, a son is faced with a dilemma. To wipe out the memory of his father's disastrous demise, Bram, now the ninth duke of Selbourne, decides to be the most upright, solemn, no-nonsense duke in Selbourne history. Why Must Read Online and Download Books? Get Indiscreet by Kasey Michaels. Full supports all version of your device, includes PDF, ePub and Kindle version. All books format are mobile-friendly.

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Kasey Michaels - the complete book list. A personal tragedy was the impetus for Kasey Michaels becoming an author. Her eight-year old son had kidney failure and she spent many months in and around hospitals waiting for his transplant. It was during this difficult time that she noticed that nurses and mothers all seemed to keep a romance novel tucked away in a purse or pocket. She realized that inside the pages of those books was an escape from the pain and suffering around them

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Romance set in Regency London.
Reviews: 7
For sheer entertainment value I'm giving this 5 stars. I got 5 stars worth of pleasure from it plus the WORLD'S GREATEST PROLOGUE! No wonder Ms. Michaels laughed as she wrote this. I wish she'd write more farce...she's really good at it. And please remember everyone, this IS a farce, meant to be improbable...not the standard soulful, serious HR fare. This is for fun and it's written so well.

I loved Bram and Sophie, both having suffered from their parents' indiscretions. I loved the secondary characters, those close to the H and h. The other characters (uncles -ha!) were a hoot. Loved seeing them squirm. Then, of course, there was the klepto monkey (to go with the klepto aunt:) and the indiscreet parrot.

I particularly liked that, in the end, things even worked out for Cecil and Constance, Bram's and Sophie's parents. That was wrapped up very nicely and made me feel happy.

A reviewer likened this to Heyer's THE GRAND SOPHY and I, too, can see that, sorta. And I was reminded of Metzger's farces. BUT. A big BUT here.....Ms. Michaels wrote this with her own gifted style and this story is unique...and fun. The sweet love story should satisfy the most hardened critics. It made me sigh and smile...and I'm a pretty jaded reader. And what fun it was to see Sophie's joie de vivre on every page!

Oh. I said nothing about the plot. There are plenty of rehashes out there so I'm pretty sure you don't want to yawn your way through my poor effort to retell the story.

Enjoy your reading! :)
From reading the other reviews, it's obvious that readers have a strong reaction (good or bad) to the characters, especially Sophie. This book is a nod to Georgette Heyer's "Grand Sophy" with the main character also having a monkey and a parrot and making it her business to fix everyone's problems. But Heyer's Sophy is not a beauty, where this Sophie is a "dazzler" - literally. She has been groomed to dazzle people by Desiree, her guardian who used to be a courtesan. This will seem shallow and manipulative to some readers, but if you read closely, especially the scene where Sophie first meets Isadora (the duke's fiancee) she puts great consideration into her chameleon-like behavior. Her goal is to make others comfortable and happy. Yes, she enjoys the adoration she receives for her efforts, but that is not her goal - she truly takes delight in seeing other people's happiness and I found this somewhat edifying.

How many of us really put ourselves out (and hold our tongue or temper) and even allow ourselves to appear weak in order for another person to feel comfortable, or to win them over? If I feel slighted by a person, I'd prefer to wash my hands of them and avoid them in the future. Sophie is resiliant and swallows her slighted feelings in order to assess the other person's feelings and needs and bring them around to being her friend. She is managing and manipulative, but her goal is not manipulation for itself, rather her goal is always in the best interest of others' happiness. A noble undertaking and a characterization I haven't often seen in Regency romances. Usually the girl who wants everyone to just be happy is not very bright. And manipulative girls are usually mean. Not so in this book, and I thought it was interesting, original and very well done.

Our hero, Bramwell Seaton, Duke of Selbourne, is a typical, stiff-necked duke who is overally concerned with propriety and maintaining a stellar reputation. You can read in the sample how his father sullied their family reputation with Sophie's mother, and Bramwell has been salvaging his family's good name through his squeaky clean behavior for three years. In comes Sophie to shake things up and make him question if his present mode of living makes him happy and if he really wants to be the stodgy persona he's created. His friends, Lorrie and Wally, miss Bram's fun loving and adventurous spirit and they'd like to see a bit of the old Bram back again.

This story takes place in London and mostly consists of interactions between the characters while driving in the park, attending teas, a ball at Almacks and a humorous adventure I won't spoil with details. The tone is somewhat tongue-in-cheek and we are not intended to take any of the story too seriously. I didn't laugh out loud, but I was amused for most of the book. And I'll admit, I found Sophie's concept of placing such high importance on other's happiness (even at the expense of venting her own spleen) intriguing, I liked her as a character and I liked how she grew to have a better (and more accurate) understanding of love. But that's just my 2 cents, as Sophie will not be to everyone's liking. I enjoyed this book enough to read it again, so I'm rating it five stars.
I don't know when I have enjoyed a book so much and as I've stated in many of my reviews, I do read a lot.

The premise of this book: The two main characters - Bramwell, the ninth duke of Selbourne, and Sophie Winstead (daughter of Bramwell's father's mistress), find themselves in a Guardian/Ward kind of situation due to the fact that Bramwell must be responsible for sponsoring Sophie during her first Season in London and assist in finding her a suitable husband.

Because of the outrageous manner in which Bram's father and Sophie's mother chose to live out their lives and in fact, the way they died, Bram has worked very diligently to be the total opposite of his father and live a much more staid, discreet life with his will and emotions always in check.

My favorite parts of the book are when Sophie, who has been trained to "dazzle" or "make people happy" all her life begins to dazzle all the people in Bramwell's world. Of course Bramwell doesn't like it because he knows that it is a form of manipulation. Because Sophie truly cares for all the people she is trying to make happy, you can't help but hope that she is successful.

Sophie is adorable and absolutely stunning. Bramwell doesn't want to be dazzled and fights it pretty hard. Plus he's already betrothed to the lovely, perfect, albeit somewhat standoffish Isadora, who perfectly suits his very "correct" temperament.

Enter Sophie Winstead into his calm world and oh yes, Baby, you can see his world begin to shatter. If you decide to purchase this book, I hope you are as "dazzled" as I was.