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Author: Jude Deveraux
ISBN13: 978-0783811710
Title: Remembrance (G K Hall Large Print Book Series)
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Language: English
Category: Historical
Publisher: G K Hall & Co (February 1, 1995)
Pages: 603

Remembrance (G K Hall Large Print Book Series) by Jude Deveraux

JUDE DEVERAUX'S BLOCKBUSTER BESTSELLER AT A NEW LOW PRICE!RemembranceRead by J. ling romance writer Hayden Lane just lost the "perfect" man. But what real man could compete with the dark intriguing character she writes about? When a psychic tells her that Hayden has had a past life, she yearns to know more. Despite the psychic's warnings, Hayden gets hypnotized and comes to in Edwardian England where she immediately faints  . Remembrance G K Hall Large Print Book Series. Издание: перепечатанное, крупный шрифт.

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ISBN13: 9780745136677.

Publication, Distribution, et. Boston, Mass. Hall, (c)1991, c1990. Physical Description: 389 p. Series Statement: . Hall large print book series. Rubrics: Large type books.

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Series: G K Hall Large Print Book Series. Hardcover: 951 pages. Publisher: G K Hall & Co (February 1, 1995). This book lies somewhere in the middle. An interesting story with a strong start, it carries on for way too long and gets a lot weirder than I would've liked. The main characters just suddenly seem to know things at the most convenient moment (. how to use their new special powers, the abilities and psychology of mysterious characters, et. and a lot of the supernatural stuff goes unexplained. Still, there was enough of a mystery to keep me reading and the epilogue gives a satisfying sense of closure.

After consulting a hypnotist, modern-day romance writer Hayden Lane finds herself journeying back in time to Edwardian England, where she awakens in the body of Lady de Grey, a notorious woman rumored to have poisoned her handsome, brooding husband
Reviews: 7
net rider
I hope I can make sense of my opinion of this book as I just finished reading it and am a bit torn on how I feel about it.

1st part of the book:
Although I did not mind that this started in a first person view, I felt that the first part of the book took FOREVER and went on and on about things that really did not matter and the constant descriptions and stories about things just went to long..... needless to say I skipped many pages just to get through it all as I did not feel that there was a need for SO much info, which there was not as I never had to go back and see if I missed anything.

2nd part of the book:
Aha, finally we are getting somewhere but soon realized that it would only last a little while and then I had to switch gears.... I wish she would have spent a little more time in this part than she did.

3rd part of the book:
This being the longest portion of the book was in my opinion good and bad..... I had to switch gears and now go back to reading in 3rd person, which was a bit hard to do. This was part was very drawn out and went into, again, so many things that really could have been easily taken out. I have to say that I felt it was truly exasperating reading about Callie and Talis and seeing how they were so connected one moment and then the overreactions on his/her part, it was somewhat childish and tended to get boring and frustrating. Although I connected with them both and found them heartwarming, at the same time I was feeling that if they were able to read eachothers thoughts the way they did, why on earth were they not able to read them when it truly mattered?

We now go back to 2nd part:
Again I must say that I felt cheated and would have liked this part to have been longer instead of the 1st & 3rd part being so long.....

4th part of the book:
Although it was predictable to say the least it was ok at best and again felt that this would have been a fantastic read if the story had been edited and elaborated on in several places.

This was probably one of the hardest books from JD that I have ever read that took me so long to get into it and excited to read it, I felt more like it was a chore and HAD to finish it since I paid money for it. I have to stress that I did like the plot and storyline and I have always loved time travel I just feel as though something got lost in the translation and not executed in it's full potential.
I have read several of your books and have mostly enjoyed them. And I actually like time travel. However, I really had trouble getting into this book. A bit hard to follow, and I think it was way too long. Sorry.
Jude is my favorite romance writer. I have tons of her books and am slowly transitioning to Kindle. I believe this may be my favorite story of hers but it is a tough call to make. Jude can make you laugh out loud on one page and then have you literally sobbing a few pages later. I can't get enough of her stories and re-read them regularly. Just make sure you have a hanky nearby when you read this!
I have read this book 3 or 5 times and I noe read through it to get the whole story without all the fine details. The idea of reincarnation and hypnotism for past lives is more realistic than some are aware as hypnotism is used daily in the Psychological offices of people who have specialized in that field. I laugh through the reading of at least the first 9 chapters for the humor as well as the recognition of what she says as being true. This is one of two of all the books I've read by her... the other being "A Knight in Shinning Armor" ...that I consider real classics. If you haven't read either of these, please do, and enjoy.
The description of this book does not do justice to it, it is a beautiful love story that crosses LIFE TIMES. I read this book as a teenager, i will not tell you how long ago that was, but it was a while ago, I remembered and thought of this story often, wishing i could re-read this book, wondering if it was as wonderful as my memory or if i mixed some books up and that id what I was remembering. Recently i placed the plot of this book into a search engine and up popped Remembrance, with crossed fingers and held breath i prayed THIS was the book and that it was as good as i remembered, it was and is BETTER than I remembered. I was unable to put this book down, i read threw the night, foregoing sleep, falling in love with Callasandra and Tally all over again, holding my breath, waiting for Hayden to find her love. I cant recommend this book enough, its just such a beautiful story and so different from so many other romance novels. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did and do!
I have read this book at least four times and it is one of my all time favorite books. I first read it in the late 90's and lost my copy of it in a move. I have thought about it ever since. I was trying to remember the name of the book and the writer, (I read a lot of romance in the 90's) and finally found it. I cried just as much this last time, as all the other times. Who doesn't want a love story that spans lifetimes??? I highly recommend this book. The writer is intelligent, and makes you fall in love with the characters. You will not be disappointed if you have a grand romance in mind to read.
I don't know how this book got to be rated so highly. Big fan of Jude and I tried to read it several times. I can't get through the first two chapters. The first chapter the character is so self absorbed it's annoying and her story is dull. I usually get into a Jude novel from the first page so I found this strange. I tried to read it in a quiet place with no distractions so I could focus and get into it but by the second chapter I realized this was insane. I didn't even flip to the end to see what happened before I returned it, I simply did not care.
This is one of Deveraux,s best. Of all her novels, this is one to keep forever. A Story as old as time, and just as interesting.