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Author: Glenna McReynolds
ISBN13: 978-0553574326
Title: Prince Of Time
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Language: English
Category: Historical
Publisher: Bantam (June 26, 2001)

Prince Of Time by Glenna McReynolds

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The enchanting blend of passion and sorcery that has won Glenna McReynolds such high accolades weaves its unique spell once more in this new novel.

Ships from and sold by Lindon8980. Ships from and sold by stressfreesalesUSA. An enchanting, irresistible dream of a book. Glenna McReynolds has a rare gift for captivating both the imagination and the heart. Ms. McReynolds holds us spellbound.

And only one man can take her back into the past the charismatic thief who may or may not be the fated Prince of Time. But the reluctant thief and the resolute princess are followed by a ruthless villain who wants them both dead. Morgan and Avallyn will need more than skill, courage, and magic to survive in the ancient past, where an even greater danger awaits. The Complete Glenna McReynolds Book List.

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Toggle navigationMENU. Avallyn knows by a scar he bears and the white lock in his hair that Morgan is none other than the prophesied Prince of Time come to rescue her people, the Ilmarryn. But first she must cure him of his addiction to the potent Carillion wine, a psychosis-inducing brew; and she does so by binding him to her with magical bracelets as he heals.

He's the last thing she expected and she has waited for him all her. And only one man can take her back into the past: the charismatic thief who may or may not be the fated Prince of Time.

Author of Prince of time, Kelch und Schwert, Schild und Feder, Dream stone, River of Eden, Stein und Efeu, The chalice and the blade, Moonlight and Shadows. The chalice and the blade.

He's the last thing she expected — and she has waited for him all her life! It was written that her prince would be a mage, a warrior, and a saint. Instead he's a mercenary thief with a fondness for vice-filled dens and off-world wine. How can the sacred prophecy be wrong — or is there more to Morgan ab Kynan than meets the eye? Lady Avallyn has little choice and no time to ponder the possibilities of a mistake. She's the one woman who can save a twelfth-century mage whose demise turned the earth into a barren desert. And only one man can take her back into the past: the charismatic thief who may or may not be the fated Prince of Time.But the reluctant thief and the resolute princess are followed by a ruthless villain who wants them both dead. Morgan and Avallyn will need more than skill, courage, and magic to survive in the ancient past, where an even greater danger awaits. They will need faith in each other and a trust born of a passion willing to sacrifice everything — even life itself — for love....
Reviews: 7
I was entranced by THE CHALICE AND THE BLADE, the first book in Glenna McReynold's extraordinary trilogy. Imagine my shock when one of my favorite characters, the dashing and engaging Welsh Prince, Morgan ab Kynan, was killed off in a particularily horrific manner! Or was he?
So often, when a writer does a trilogy, at least one book falls short. I am happy to say that Glenna McReynolds started out beautifully, and only surpasses herself with each book in this oh so carefully thought out and beautifully written trio.You can enjoy each story on it's own, but do yourself a favor and get the whole trilogy. For those of us who have been with these characters from the beginning, PRINCE OF TIME is a truly rich and rewarding finale!
Glenna McReynolds is an extremely gifted author. She takes us from the green mists of Medieval Wales to a world of the future where few have ever seen a living tree. It takes real talent to time travel convincingly.You can feel the heat of the desert, and smell the fresh wind of Wales here.
Morgan ab Kynan, a displaced warrior prince, makes his way by thievery and deception. Tortured by dreams of a past he cannot reach, he drowns his pain with wine. At his side is Aja, a boy whose life he saved, whose loyalty is unshakable.
Into their troubled lives comes Princess Avallyn, who has her own agenda.Though reluctant, Morgan and Avallyn must depend on each other.In the course of their adventures, they find the love both had thought impossible.Their destiny is to save the world, but will their love be enough to save each other?
This is as an exciting, fast paced, action packed book as you are likely to find. Lushly romantic, with the lyrical prose that McReynolds does so well, it is truly outstanding!
All the characters in this book are exceptional. Wizards, warriors, thieves, or princesses, each is memorable. "Dharkkum" is one of the creepiest, most malovolent, most imaginative, "bad guys" I've ever read. Hands and feet will definitely stay under the covers!
This is just a gorgeous book! It made me smile and shed a few tears. Also made my heart beat faster. What more can we expect?
Congratulations, and a great big thank you to Glenna McReynolds for this creative, fantastic book!
PRINCE OF TIME has a colorful dreamily romantic cover. Happily, the models for this lovely cover look just the way the characters are described. A big plus for this reader.
Give yourself an early Christmas present and take the PRINCE OF TIME home for the Holidays. It is not to be missed!
To survive in this world that is almost a thousand years ahead of his birth year, accidental time traveler Morgan ab Kynan turns to thievery. In this highly advanced Technological environment, Morgan is quite good at his chosen occupation, which allows him to more than survive. He leads a small gang of felons.

However, his latest booty, a statue of a golden dragon brings Morgan to the attention of the wrong type of people for a thief in the night. Covus Gei, the deadly warmonger wants to kill Morgan because he believes the criminal is his enemy, the PRINCE OF TIME. The White Ladies of Death give chase too because they feel Morgan is their prophecy fulfilled after a ten-millennium wait. One of the White Ladies, a Priestess of the Bones, Avallon Le Severn, finds Morgan first. It shocks them both to find they are instantly attracted to one another. They must flee from the Warmonger who chases them into a wormhole back to his former time in Wales to hopefully fulfill his destiny.

PRINCE OF TIME is an exciting, non-stop blending of elements of romance and fantasy into a powerful tale that is more than the sum of its' parts. The story line in the future is cleverly designed to make Morgan a rogue struggling with his displacement. The return to the past is filled with action although Avallon, a powerful player in the future, all but vanishes from the screen. Still, Glenna McReynolds provides a wild ride that will please fans of all genres as she triumphantly completes her Celtic trilogy (see THE CHALICE AND THE BLADE and DREAM STONE).

Harriet Klausner
I can't believe previous reviewers said this was not romantic or great. I was spell-bound throughout the whole book. This is an intelligent author that writes fascinating detail and storylines -- and it was a true romance. I have read hundreds of romance books and this is one of those very rare treasures that I am keeping. The 3rd in a series, I liked it best of all three.
I had great expectations of the Prince of Time after reading the rave reviews on Amazon, but found myself disappointed. The story started off interestingly enough, but I soon found myself teetering on the verge of boredom. I'm having a hard time pinpointing why I'm having a case of Attention Deficit Disorder with this book. It could be due to the long-winded Gaelic (?) words the author indulges too extensively in or the too-frequent flashbacks of the main character. The author makes a fine attempt at keeping the pace and action lively, but I am now at the half-way point of the book and wondering if its worth pressing on to the end.

I'm a fan of fantasy, sci-fi and romance novels, but I get the sense this book aims too hard at covering all three genres and ends up only delivering a superficial dose of each.

If you are a fan of the hybrid fantasy/romance genre, check out Deborah Chester. And if you are into beta heroes, then check out The Pearl. She succeeds at TRULY delivering the goods.
This book was about Morgan ab Kynan and what happened to him. I was hoping for more of Dain and Ceridwen. The story was about Dharkkum and how drei glas and drei goch fought it. Ailfinn Mapp, Rhuddlan, Owain....
The third book in the riveting series was perfect. Wonderful star destined lovers with a world to save. Kept me glued from the first paragraph to the very last.
I just picked this book up with several others while shopping one day and low and behold it was a time travel/fantasy. I usually avoid them because I'm more often disappointed than not (Diana Gabaldon's epic being a HUGE exception). However, this was a great story with plenty of action and engaging characters. You really come to care for them and are quickly pulled into their story. After reading this one, I will definitely keep my eye on Glenna McReynolds. The preview given at the end of Prince of Time for her new book (a contemporary story) interests me greatly. Can't wait!