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Author: Barbara Metzger
ISBN13: 978-0449223512
Title: Lady Whilton's Wedding
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Language: English
Category: Historical
Publisher: Ivy Books (April 1, 1995)

Lady Whilton's Wedding by Barbara Metzger

Lady Whilton's Wedding book. Between a wedding and a funeral, sparks of romance promised. Barbara Metzger is the author of over three dozen books and a dozen novellas. When not painting, writing romances or reading them, she volunteers at the local library, gardens and goes beach-combing and yard-saling. Her novels, mostly set in Regency-era England, have won numerous awards, including the Romance Barbara Metzger is the author of over three dozen books and a dozen novellas.

Lady Whilton's Wedding. Lady Whilton's Wedding.

Lady Whilton's Wedding – Ebook written by Barbara Metzger. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Lady Whilton's Wedding. She had found him dead in his chambers and vowed to keep it a secret, fearing the miser's legacy would destroy her mother's glorious wedding. Lord Graydon Howell, the groom's son-and Daphne's former betrothed!-had lent his hand to the matter, moving Albert to the wine cellar.

Written by Barbara Metzger, Audiobook narrated by Pippa Rathborne. Your audiobook is waitin. ady Whilton's Wedding. Narrated by: Pippa Rathborne. Length: 6 hrs and 44 mins.

The day of Lady Whilton's nuptials was fast approaching, and the spiteful old lout had disappeared. Daphne Whilton, the bride's daughter, knew what happened. However, Albert's adventure was only beginning, thanks to a pair of thieves, a house full of guests, and the reluctant conspiracy.

Used availability for Barbara Metzger's Lady Whilton's Wedding. April 1995 : USA Mass Market Paperback. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your ebook retailer and purchase your own. There were so many laugh out loud moments in this book. I particularly enjoyed the dogs. I had visitors this weekend and we had three dogs here. Rate it . You Rated it .

Daphne Wilton and Lord Graydon Howell, a former flame, put their heads together to prevent a dead uncle and a pair of thieves from spoiling their parents' wedding. By the author of Lady in Green. Original.
Reviews: 7
I've read many hundreds of Regency romances, and this is one of my favorites. In fact, it's one of my favorite books ever.
I've read it so many times I've lost count, and I've loved it each and every time. I'm actually sharing it with my young adult daughter right now. We're reading it together a bit at a time at bedtime.

It's a sweet, traditional Regency romance, which means no sex, no angsty characters, and no overbearing drama—thank goodness! It's also a cleverly constructed farce that makes me giggle in several spots every blasted time I read it. Fun!

The love story here isn't a complicated one, but the hero and heroine are likable, and they're distinct personalities, rather than generic characters you've encountered a zillion times before. The resolution of their story is satisfying and heartwarming. It's a pleasure to see the get their happily-ever-after, even though you know it's inevitable.

There are two distinct subplots going on in this book, and watching events unfold is pure glee. I don't know how many times I smile as I'm reading this book, but it's a lot. There are a great many unexpected twists and turns that still make me smile, even though I know they're coming, simply because they're so wonderfully, absurdly amusing.

Yes, the secondary characters are stereotypical, as another reviewer complained, but in my opinion, this is precisely what makes them and their sub-plot-lines so much fun. We all know a sweet mama, a besotted widower, a man-hating auntie, a bumbling bad guy with a heart of gold—and we love watching them in these unusual situations. So, no, the secondary characters aren't very well-rounded, but in a book of this relatively short length, it's more important to see the hero and heroine's personalities developed, which the author does well. And the author uses archetypical character types to great advantage. I have no complaints.

I was also puzzled how another reviewer found some elements in this story in poor taste. I couldn't disagree more. The author treats the bumbling thieves with sympathy, not disdain. And the uncle was so odious that it completely justifies any disrespect the participants show his dead body. Any suggestion otherwise is quite misguided, IMO.

This is a deeply funny, deeply clever book that I've come to again and again when my mood has needed a lift. I've owned three copies (two in paperback that I read so many times that I've destroyed them, so I just purchased it on Kindle), and I am delighted to recommend it as a charming and delightful read.
Uncle Albert, a nasty drunk, arrives to attend Daphne's mom's wedding, and then drops dead. If anyone discovers that he is dead, everyone will be in mourning and the wedding will be delayed for a year, so Daphne tries to hide the body . But then the body reappears.
. It's rediscovered by the butler, who hides it ; then it disappears again. Then it reappears,

so Daphne's ex fiance carts it off to London to be cremated. Then it reappears again, this time as ashes in an urn. Meanwhile Albert's valet arrives, demanding to know where his employer is, and everyone claims Albert traveled back to London unexpectedly(which technically is true). Will Uncle Albert stay hidden? Will the wedding be held? Will Daphne and her ex fiance reunite? Very very funny Where's Waldo type comedy. Interesting sidelight: when the mother's fiance insists that she give up her daughter Daphne's 20,000 pound dowery, that is almost one million pounds in today's money. No wonder Lady Whilton had a fit.
This book has 2 plots in 1 book. One is a ridiculous farce with a love story complete with a miserly, crass, mean uncle who dies In the middle of the night just when everyone was hitting him very much and wishing he would die. His body is discovered unexpectedly. So as not to avoid the societal expectations of a mourning period, the body is hidden in his bedroom, and then hidden in the basement and then hidden in a giant wine cask, and then hidden in the icehouse. The body is eventually cremated and the ashes are desecrated. It is in very poor taste. The other story is about three societal misfits, very impoverished pickpockets Who appear to be below normal intelligence. Whenever they are discussed they are being hurt by a collapsing roof, or dog biting them, or stepping on a rusty piece of metal, on and on and on and on. Really really bad.
After reading a few of this author's books recently, and really enjoying them, I decided to download quite a few more. This one sounded good but I never looked at all the reviews because I relied on the evidence of her other work. It was a mistake. This book was far from romantic and I wouldn't trust the H with a 10 foot pole. Basically the H and h were promised to each other since they were children. Just as the h was coming out, the H takes his latest fling to the opera where the h sees him making out with her and she publicly dumps him at a ball. The H was not at all repentant and says he'd be faithful to her after the vows. Both the H and h were humiliated by the scandal of their break up so the h retires to the country and the H takes a commission and goes to war. Two years later their parents are about to get married and so the h will have to see the H again.

The fundamental problem I had with this book is that the H was supposed to have come to his senses about having lost the h but the first thing he does when he gets back from the war is take another mistress. He only decides to break off with the mistress once he is staying with the h and her family just prior to the wedding, but he doesn't actually break it off with her then either. Does this sound like some reformed love inspired H? Certainly not. His behaviour really annoyed me and when his mistress arrives for the wedding because of a mix up, he doesn't get rid of her. The h was jealous, which everyone knew and recognised but did she throw the woman out of her family home? Of course not. The mistress is fawned over by every male and no one looks askance at having such a woman at the wedding. Added to that I never felt that the H redeemed himself or grovelled. In fact when he finally proposes at the very end of the book, he tells the h that he can't promise never to look at other beautiful women but he'll be faithful to her. How romantic. I honestly think a guy like this will be getting himself another mistress before too long.

Sorry but this book just didn't make the grade.