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Author: Ronda Thompson
ISBN13: 978-0843946246
Title: Prickly Pear
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Language: English
Category: Historical
Publisher: Leisure Books (November 1, 1999)
Pages: 315

Prickly Pear by Ronda Thompson

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Used availability for Ronda Thompson's Prickly Pear. November 1999 : USA Paperback. Science Fiction Fantasy Horror Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Young Adult Fantasy.

Camile hadn't earned the name Prickly Pear for nothing  . Ronda had been an avid fan of romance for years and was published in several different genres. Mor. rivia About Prickly Pear. Everyone knew that Camile could rope her way out of Hell itself. Now, Cam knew that her father was looking for a new foreman for their ranch - and she was sure she knew where to find one. Daddy's little girl was no angel. And she was bad news with a lariat. Heck, she hadn't earned the nickname Prickly Pear by being a wallflower. Everyone on the Circle C knew that Camile Cordell could rope her way out of Hell itself and most of the town thought the willful beauty would end up there.

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If you’re not overly bothered by the above mentioned quibbles, and enjoy bawdy humor and an action packed western with a very familiar plot, Prickly Pear may be more of the book for you than it was for me. I have a feeling Ronda Thompson’s contemporary (and Desert Isle Keeper) Isn’t it Romantic? might be a little more my style, though.

Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel.

Thompson, Ronda 1955–2007PERSONAL:Born October 14, 1955, in Ponca City, OK; daughter of Sam and Yvonne Widener; died of ovarian and pancreatic cancer, July 12 (one source says July 11), 2007; married Mike Thompson, 1984; children: Marley, Matthew; Chrystal (stepchild). Worked as a mortgage loan processor, bank teller, dog groomer, construction worker, and grocery store clerk. MEMBER:Romance Writers of America. Source for information on Thompson, Ronda 1955–2007: Contemporary Authors dictionary. Isn't It Romantic?, Lionhearted Publishing, 1998. Prickly Pear, Leisure Books (New York, NY), 1999. Cougar's Woman, Leisure Books (New York, NY), 1999. In Trouble's Arms, Leisure Books (New York, NY), 2000.

A beautiful and headstrong woman vies with a ruggedly handsome foreman for control of her father's ranch and ends up winning his heart.
Reviews: 6
Very Highly Recommended
Readers, get your fans! Ronda Thompson gives us a sensual tale with a gripping plot driven by strong characters.
Camile Cordell had something to prove. If only her father would giver her a chance, she would show him she could run the Circle C ranch as well as any man. Her need drives her to rope, ride, wrangle, cheat and cuss as good as any cowhand, earning her the reputation as the Prickly Pear of the Texas Panhandle. There wasn't a man around who dared to tame her--until Wade Langtry burst upon the scene.
Wade drove a spike into her dreams by taking on the job as foreman of the Circle C. Furious with her father and Wade, Camile works and schemes even harder to gain control of her land, but now she has a new problem. Wade has stirred within her strange feelings and a woman's passion, and now she must fight this too. However, Wade is as determined as she is to accomplish his goal, and when these two clash sparks fly!
This is a very well written story that grips the reader's attention. The only place I drifted was a section toward the end where the events between Wade and Camile were summarized in detail...this part might have been better served if shortened a bit. Otherwise, I wouldn't trade a thing, it's a definite keeper!
April Redmon 12/2/99
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Texas just wasn't big enough for the two of them! And Camile Cordell was determined that control of the Circle C would never fall into Wade Langtry's hands. She could ride and rope as well as any man. And she would prove to her father and to the rest of the men on the Circle C that the foreman's position on the ranch should be hers. If only she could find a way to best Wade Langtry once and for all.
But Wade wasn't one to be bested, especially not by a woman in men's clothing. He would gain control of the ranch and sell it off to the men back East who had sent him to the Circle C in the first place. But he hadn't bargained on Camile "Cam" Cordell, and he certainly never bargained for the surge of desire he found himself feeling for her.
Through harrowing, life threatening escapades, Cam and Wade fought one another and the feelings they felt for one another. But deceit and a foolhardy move could cost them both that which they hold most dear. And only the truth can save them.
Ms. Thompson has written a marvelous story of Texas history with "Prickly Pear". A fast paced read full of wit and sensitivity, this one is sure to please.
Prickly Pear should appeal to those who like a familiar western romance with all of the traditional trappings. Inside its pages you'll find a hard-hearted hero with a tragic past and a spunky heroine who tries her hardest to not only be one of the boys but to be *better* than the boys (usually failing badly and proving herself incompetent).
Camille (otherwise known as Cam) wants to run her father's farm to make up for a tragic accident that she caused years earlier. When she discovers that her father (very wisely) has decided to hire a new foreman she explodes and demands that she be given a chance to prove that she is worthy of the job. Her father gives them a month to prove can do a better job of it.
Cam and Wade set the pages on fire with their sexual tension but because both are extremely hot-tempered they battle it out to nearly the last page. They argue, they kiss, and then they argue some more. Wade wasn't what I consider "hero" material by any means either. He's too bossy and his past didn't exactly win me over to his side, nor did his love for visiting bawdy houses win him any points with me. Cam fared a little better. She does pull some incredibly naïve and ridiculous stunts but has a wicked sense of humor that made me grin on more than one occasion.
There is nothing new in Prickly Pear and although it contains some very irritating plot developments it also has some amusing and moving moments....
Liked Cougar's Woman more, but I really enjoyed this book. The characters are very believable and the setting is true to life. It is well-written and just a good read. I rank it up there with my many favorites read in the last year, especially Anything, My love by Cynthia Simmons and Savage Thunder by Lindsey. All page turners you can't put down.
The main characters in this book are written as warm, witty, sexy, adventureous, and very believable. The love that builds between the two is unique and romantic. The story flows evenly so that you won't want to put it down. The steamy love scenes were also loving and sensual. No purple prose to ruin it. I cannot wait for another book of Ms. Thompson's. She seems to have quite a talent for LOVE stories. If you like a book that makes you laugh, cry, and sigh, then this is a book for you.
A GREAT READ This is a funny and very steamy book. Once again Ms. Thompson has given us a book worth the money. Looking forward to her next book. Boy does she have a way with words. Get ready for laughs, tears and maybe even a cold shower! And you'll love every minute of it.