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Author: Carol Marinelli
ISBN13: 978-0263868623
Title: Emergency: Wife Lost and Found (Mills & Boon Medical)
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Publisher: Mills Boon (2009)
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Emergency: Wife Lost and Found (Mills & Boon Medical) by Carol Marinelli

Author: Carol Marinelli. Publisher: Mills & Boon. Wife Lost and Found: Emergency Carol Marinelli Mills & Boon 2010 English PDF,MOBI,RTF,LIT,EPUB,LRF. Marriage reunited †in A&E! Every emergency doctor dreaded recognising someone in Casualty †even cool-headed consultant James Morrell.

Author: Carol Marinelli. Pages: 288. Publisher: Mills & Boon Series Hardback. Emergency: Wife Lost and Found Carol Marinelli Mills & Boon Series Hardback 2011-02-24 288 pages English PDF,MOBI,LRF,LIT,RTF,EPUB.

Published December 1st 2010 by Mills & Boon Medical. Author(s): Carol Marinelli (Goodreads Author). Emergency: Wife Lost and Found (ebook). Published November 1st 2009 by Harlequin Medical Romances. ISBN13: 9781426841569.

Mills & Boon Medical - Chapter Sampler. Emergency: wife lost and found. well-earned break before the department came off bypass and allowed ambulances to bring patients in instead of diverting to another hospital. department would ever guess, May didnt like Abby, the new, rather snooty registrar, who clearly had her blue eyes set on the main prize.

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About book: Don't just focus on the first three words of the following paragraph, but keep reading:Dull, dull, dull I first thought when I started reading this. it felt monosyllabic and mono-tonal, no depth and very little interest. HOWEVER, and it is a big one I didn't notice the improvement as it went along - it crept up on me until I was crying at the end (my personal sign for quiet a lovely read). I am really starting to like medical romance stories too. This is the second medical romance story I have read till now. Really like the main characters James and Lorna. Love the second chance in love situation in life. It was an emotional read for me.

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Mills and Boon has grown to become the UK's undisputed market leader in romance and fiction books. Millions of women across the globe have been entranced by our fiction books, reaching into their handbags or to their bookshelves to spend a few hours transported into a fantasy world of intrigue, danger, passion and romance. The Italian billionaire’s vow:She’ll be his wife!Alessio Palvetti will do anything to bring his young nephew into the family business.

Marriage reunited â?“ in A&E!

Every emergency doctor dreaded recognising someone in Casualty â?“ even cool-headed consultant James Morrell. But he was doubly shocked when the unconscious patient he was asked to treat was instantly familiar. It was his ex-wife! Dr Lorna McClelland hated being ill, hated being stuck in a hospital bed, but above all she hated having to rely on James.

Then, as she recovered, all the wonderful things about their marriage came flooding backâ?¦

Reviews: 7
Love Me
I have no idea who comes up with these stupid book titles. I was almost turned off but because it was free I downloaded it. So glad I did. It is not a long novel but the characters come to life in the book and their love for each other was very believable. It takes place in London. They met in med school. She got pregnant soon after they met so they married. She miscarried and because they were both young they misunderstood each other's grief and needs. Words were spoken, feelings were hurt, so she left him. You find that out as you read the book because the beginning takes place 10 years later after a huge wreck nearly costs her her life. She was taken to his hosp and they begin to piece together what went wrong. It could be a "boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl" but the writing puts you inside their feelings. I like this book and the HEA rings true.
I was surprised that I enjoyed this book so much- the characters were likeable and sympathetic and story moved at a good pace.

James is working in the ER when an accident victim comes in and it turns out to be his ex-wife, Lorna. Their marriage ended years ago after a miscarriage but they still care for each other. James helps her recover from her accident and they eventually find their way back to each other--despite her medical issues, despite her disapproving family, despite his new girlfriend and despite all their past secrets.

Its a heart-warming story--I was literally crying when James revealed why he carries an "L" on his keychain (hint--its not for Lorna.) and when Lorna carries a Lily at the epilogue. I'm happy to have this book in my collection!
The very beautiful author under the pen name of Tessa Bell was born in England but lives in Australia. She is primarily a reader cum writer of Romance with an inclination towards medical field.

This book published by Mills and Boon can be labeled as a soft and neat romance between an ex-husband (Dr James Morell) and ex wife (Dr Lorna Mc Clelland). Both of them get divorced over a trivial matter and fate unites them after ten long years through an accident. Long lost love blooms again when the couple realize that they love each other more than anyone else in this world and it took ten years to get this confirmed. The reason for which they got separated becomes the sole reason again to re-marry and live happily ever after.

Positives: A soft and clean story that carries away the reader smoothly until the last page. A mix of deep emotions of love that remain suppressed inside both of them and which slowly unfold over a short stay of Lorna with James in his house. The author clearly brings out the fact that first love is never lost and is the strongest bond which remains forever, if given a chance. The importance of having children for the bond of marriage to become even stronger is well elicited.

Negatives: The role of fate bringing the couple together after ten years of separation somehow appears to be out of present times. The physical weakness of Lorna seems to have weakened her high headedness over a period of time which also became the main reason for her to accept James again, who in turn is projected to be the gentleman and ‘not at fault’ guy during the separation. Why didn’t he try to explain things clearly to Lorna and avoid separation….whatever may be the circumstances?

My rating is 3.25 out of 5
This starts out with an emergency room crisis. He is attending physician. She happens to be brought into the ER unconscious. He realized that she was his ex wife. The drama of their divorce stems from her strict upbringing. Her parents strict church ideas did not go with him. They pushed her into a divorce from him. Now their meeting in this way causes more angst. He is with someone else. Can forgiveness be found? What happened in the past has dictated her feelings. But can she overcome this with true love?
I loved this story. Couldn't put it down. ER doc's ex wife comes in nearly dead after a car accident It has been 10 years but he is still not over her. They have a lot to work thru. It is a great story, no bad guys, no mean people well except for her father. But they get beyond that. HEA. LOVED the book and highly recommend. Give yourself some time because you will not be able to find a place to stop to put this book down. Loved it.
Tori Texer
After ten years, an emergency doctor has to care for his ex-wife, after she is badly injured in a car accident. Their sadness over the loss of a pregnancy and the subsequent break-up of the marriage come back to the fore as they both try to deal with past issues and newly reawakened feelings.

The first half of the book is the most exiting and is really good. Unfortunately, the second tends to drag on, with nothing new being introduced. I got tired of hearing about the baby that was lost, her medical problems and how it affected their lives.

Their reasoning for having sex, after ten long years, was just laughable. The fact that he recognized his ex-wife from her feet is unbelievable.

I agree with the reviewer who noted that there is a lot of medical content. It is very distracting and does not add to the plot. Who cares if he is Doctor or Mister ? If they need more consultants or that Lorna (the wife) is too slow in writing her notes on her patients ? Color and context are nice but this was too much and, for a none practician, almost dizzying.

It's a nice romantic story if you can get to the end.