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Author: Meryl Sawyer
ISBN13: 978-0821766767
Title: Trust No One (Zebra Romance)
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Publisher: Zebra; First Printing edition (September 1, 2000)

Trust No One (Zebra Romance) by Meryl Sawyer

Trust No One focuses on two twins separated at birth, both have no clue of the other. One of the twins, Brody, is a Navy Seal. The other, Elliott, runs the fathers winery business. I'd read this before but I trusted that Meryl Sawyer who did such a wonderful twist on anmesia in UNFORGETTABLE would deliver another unusual book and she did. This is Brody from THUNDER ISLAND'S story. He's a Navy SEAL and everything about him-except his looks-is different than his brother, Elliott.

Even though she is engaged to a wealthy vintner, a widow is swept away. I did enjoy this book. Good summer read, romance, suspense, pretty likeable characters. Sep 29, 2009 Angela rated it liked it. It was just as cheesy as I thought it would be but sometimes a little cheese is good. There was definitely more romance than suspense but it was a fun, light read. Nicole rated it really liked it Dec 12, 2008.

No one combines romance and suspense like bestselling author Meryl Sawyer. A Navy SEAL, Brody Hawke is alone in the world, never feeling the need to put down roots-or shrink from danger. Then he receives a letter from a man who insists he is Brody's father

5 2 5 Author: Meryl Sawyer Narrator: Amy McFadden. Navy SEAL Brody Hawke gets a letter from his father-who died when Brody was three. Not only is Giancarlo Hawke alive, he begs his son to come to California. He believes he's in grave danger and warns Brody to trust no one. Taped to the back of the letter is a photo of a man who's a dead ringer for Brody-the twin brother he never knew existed. Victoria Anderson thinks she's found an ideal partner in loyal, levelheaded vintner Elliott Hawke.

Meryl Sawyer has again given readers a sexy, touching love story, and a crackling mystery that keeps you turning the pages at a fever pitch His price for defending her was total trust-and a promise to never investigate his shrouded past. Royce was a journalist at the top of her form, challenging him with her beauty, brains-and a fiance Mitch despised. But not even Mitch Durant, San Francisco's top criminal attorney, could have anticipated the felony-murder charges that drove her into his arms. Second try of Meryl Sawyer, and probably my last. I find that the relationship between the leads is pure sex, and no substance. I guess that a lot of readers like that, but I don't.

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Trust No One PDF Download. By: Meryl Sawyer Relase Date: 2015-12-22 Genre: Suspense, Romanzi rosa. Le delizie di papà valentino.

Published 2000 by Kensington Pub. Corp. Brothers, Death, Fathers, Fiction, Triangles (Interpersonal relations), Twins, United States, United States. Zebra books, Zebra book. CPB Box no. 1989 vol. 14. The Physical Object. 416 p. ; Number of pages.

The widow of a daredevil stunt man, Tori Anderson finds herself swept into a dangerous and forbidden love affair when she becomes caught between two men, Navy SEAL Brody Hawke, and his identical twin brother, wealthy vintner Elliott Hawke, brothers separated since birth. Original.
Reviews: 7
This was a good book with enough twists & turns to satisfy. The information about the wine process was fascinating.
While on assignment, Navy SEAL Brody Hawke gets the shock of his life - the father he has always believed dead is alive and a vintner in Napa Valley, and has written asking him to come to his aid and that of his twin brother Elliott.

Widow Tori Anderson is engaged to Elliott Hawke. It has been five years since her stunt man husband died, and she vowed she would not get involved with anyone else that is into danger. As Elliott pressures her into setting a date, she realizes that she's not in love with him. When Elliott's father Gian dies, she puts off ending the engagement. At the reading of the will, Elliott learns about his twin brother Brody, and that the two have an equal share of the estate, with the remaining going to Gian's sister and his loyal manager, Aldo.

When Brody arrives, he is mistaken by Tori as Elliott, and the two share a hot kiss. She is surprised since she has never reacted this way to Elliott in the past. When Brody tells her who he is, she tells him that Gian has died. At the funeral, Elliott and Brody meet for the first time since birth and start a tentative friendship. Cousin Rachel (non-blood) notices the attraction between Brody and Tori, and decides to fan the flames as she wants Elliott all to herself.

Brody is willing to give up claim to his inheritance - all he wants to know is why their parents separated them. But can Elliott believe him as he fights down the vultures and family members who want to get control of the winery? An attempt is made on Brody's life and he cannot help but wonder if Elliott is behind it. Tori and Brody work together to investigate whether Gian was murdered, they discover even more lies and unbearable truths.

The plot of "Trust No One" was intriguing, but the execution was okay, and there was little suspense as to who was good or bad. It's hard to root for a couple who are carrying on behind a twin's back. But Sawyer is great at writing sensual scenes, and painstakingly made it clear that Tori had no feelings for Elliott. There was also not a lot of differentiation between the brothers - they spoke in the same formal manner, which is not consistent with Brody's upbringing.
While on a counter-terrorist mission, Navy Seal Brody Hawke receives a letter from Giancarlo Hawke, who purports to be Brody's father. The letter says that he, Gian,is in danger and begs his son to come home and "trust no one". Also included in the letter is picture of a man who looks exactly like Brody except for the scar over the eyebrow and is supposed to be Brody's twin brother, Elliott. Brody is stunned by the letter as before his mother died, she told him that his father had died in an automobile accident and never mentioned any living relatives
Brody takes off for the Napa Valley where Hawke's Landing Vineyards is located and rents a room at the Silver Moon Bed and Breakfast, owned and operated by Lou Edwards whose daughter Victoria Anderson, a graphic artist, is engaged to Elliott Hawke. Brody meets Tori and sparks immediately fly. He is informed that his father, Gian, is dead and fowl play is intimated and that the funeral is the next day.
In the meantime, the family lawyer has read the will wherein Gian leaves 10% of the vineyards to his wine master and best friend Aldo Abruzzo, and 10% to Gian's twin sister, Gina Barzini and other than small bequests to servants, the reminder of the vineyards is left to Elliott and his twin brother, Brody. Everyone is shocked especially Elliott who had no idea he had a twin brother and had been told by his father that his mother had died in an automobile accident.
The brothers meet and each is suspicious of the other;however, Brody offers his share of the vineyards, no strings attached. Elliott is still quite wary and is not certain he can believe his newly discovered brother.
Prior to Gian's death Tori had decided that she did not love Elliott and planned to return his ring even before she met Brody and is dangerously attracted to him. The return of his ring did not please Elliott.
Elliott lends his Porsche to Brody and a near fatal accident when trouble develops with the steering mechanism and the car is totaled. Who was the target? Was it Brody or Elliott?
Rachel Rittvo, a distant cousin, works for Elliott and unbeknownest to him is in love with him and resents Tori. To complicate matters Rachel has been having an affair with Alex Abruzzo who manages another vineyard and has hopes of owning his own.
Enter the Corelli brothers who want to buy Hawke's Landing Vineyard, Keith Puth, a millionaire who also wants to buy a vineyard, Maria, who cared for Elliott as a child, The Rittvoes who will inherit the vineyard if anything happens to Elliott and Brody.
Tori and Brody set out to solve Gian's mysterious death and they uncover a trail of lies and betrayals which had been hidden in the past.
You will suspect everyone and no one. This is a really good romance suspense book. Enjoy.
Take an intense Navy Seals officer who lives for danger and combined him the the heir to a prestigious wine-producing dynasty who is suave and sophisticated. What do you get? Identical twins separated at birth who have no knowledge of each other.
Brody Hawke had no idea the letter he had received from a stranger claiming to be his father would change his life in more ways than one. The letter from Giancarlo Hawke implores his son to come home because "...my enemies are closing in. Trust in no one." Enclosed is a picture that is identical to Brody except for one small detail. Brody has a small scar over his eye. Giving in to curiosity, Brody decides to go meet the father he has never known existed.
Meryl Sawer has done an excellent job in creating a romantic suspense with complex human relationships. The difference beween Brody and his identical twin brother Elliot is as stark as black and white. Each man is a product of the environment he has been brought up in. In the equation, Ms. Sawyer throws in Tori Anderson who is engaged to stable Elliot, but attracted to dangerous Brody.
I have to admit I was a little leery of this story line when I bought No More Lies. After all, the identical twins separated at birth plot has been done numerous times. However, in this case it works. I hated for the story to end. Ms. Sawyer did such a fantastic job of developing the characters that I felt there was still more to tell about each of them. I sincerely hope there is a sequel to this book. I want more.