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Author: Moody Holiday
ISBN13: 978-0974631592
Title: Secrets, Portia's Story
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Language: English
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Publisher: Pretty Paper Press, LLC (July 20, 2012)
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Secrets, Portia's Story by Moody Holiday

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Secrets: Portia's Story. Meet Dr. William Davidson; a prominent pediatrician, a beautiful daughter and an alcoholic wife. When his daughter Portia is born, she is alert and robust with a solid chance. Not only was this no ordinary love but it was definitely no ordinary book. Moody has done it once again. She has created characters and events we as faithful followers will never for get. If you have not read this book or Moody's other novels, they are all must reads. We are very interested to see where her next book will lead us. I for one, can not wait. Moody Holiday is one of the most imaginative, talented writers I have come across in my career.

Moody Holiday's love, seduction and murder series was introduced to the literary world in 2004 with award winning. Our families have an innate need to keep secrets! It led to one of my best selling novels to date, Secrets, Portia's Story. In my case, dear mother was adamant about getting us adopted by my step dad, an attempt that failed on two occasions! My mom moved us to New Jersey when I was four years of age.

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Moody Holiday is back in a climatic tale of romance and page turning drama in Secrets, Portia's Story.

Meet Dr. William Davidson; a prominent pediatrician, a beautiful daughter and an alcoholic wife. When his daughter Portia is born, she is alert and robust with a solid chance. Frail and weak, her fraternal twin looks like the genetic link to William's defective, booze ridden wife. With an eye towards perfection, Dr. Davidson looks the other way and raises Portia as his only daughter.

Pity the child named Portia. In time, three earth shattering secrets occur in the Davidson family; a missing baby, a dead man in a hotel room and a false allegation of rape captured on video tape. While the man in Portia's life is on the go as a federal marshall, Portia's at play with a high profile accountant with a knack for spotting new athletic talent. When Portia is forced to do community service at a girl's group home, wealth and oppression collide in one climatic secret. Secrets, Portia's Story is part I of a two-part series.

Reviews: 7
I read this book as a part of a book read from a group. I had never read Moody's books but I will not be a stranger to her writing again. I loved everything about this book, from the characters to the suspense. I couldn't put it down. I found myself staying up way to late in order to try to finish it but now that it's done I'm craving more of Portia's crazy life. I'm glad I found this amazing author and I can't wait to read more from her.
I didn't know what to expect with the little innocent looking girl on the cover, but once I opened the book and got to reading I couldn't stop. Finished this one in TWO days! All hell broke less towards the end! Five starts no doubt. Don't sleep on this one!
I read the reviews for this book and brought it thingink it woulfd be a page turner. WRONG! This book drags on and on and on. Too many characherts and the story lines jumps around. Did everyone read the same book I did?
this book was a definite page turner. Full of drama and suspense. I loved it!!!!
just one girl
I have read most of Moody Holiday's Books and enjoy them. I enjoyed the thrill of not knowing what is going to happen nexts and the surprise and suspense
Love It !
Kept my interest from beginning to end. Couldn't wait for to start the next book in the series...
This was a TRIP (IN A GOOD WAY ;)) The ending was a definite cliffhanger. Get this book!!!! Waiting to see what's gonna happen next!!
Portia Davidson first surfaced in Moody Holiday's book Wild Innocence: Tales from the Eighties as a snobby, poor little rich girl that all the girls loved to hate and the boys drooled after. In that story I agreed with the assessment of Portia and was not interested in her story. After reading a synopsis of SECRETS: Portia's Story, my curiosity was piqued and Holiday definitely has a story to tell not only about Portia but Portia's entire family and how they came to be.

Portia is wild and reckless, but her father, the infamous Dr. William Davidson, pillar of the community, constantly bails her out of trouble all in the name of appearances. Born to an alcoholic mother and controlling father, Portia does not have a clue as to who her father really is, in terms of his behavior, and as a reader we hear the tale of the Davidson family. While this is Portia's story it is also the story of William and his secrets and the secrets of their ancestors.

As Holiday takes us back to Portia's maternal and paternal great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers, the issues of passing, black mistresses, land, money and mental illness, we realize there is definitely drama at play; drama that is passed down from generation to generation. The entire scenario of the courtship of Portia's parents was enough of a shocker. I thought this was an excellent touch because it made me knowledgeable about William and Portia's behavior, which is dysfunctional to say the least. While reading I gasped at some of the happenings and thought people do not behave like this. However, remembering the family history and its affects on William and Portia, it all made sense. There is a lot going on in this tale and there are many characters seemingly connected. I made some family trees to refer back to as I read, just to keep all the players together. There are some recurring characters from the other three books, which only add to the completeness of this story. How Portia survived all of her antics and those of her father, I will never know but I get a sense that because a neighborhood family took Portia in to provide some sense of normalcy, sense of family and strong shoulders, Portia was able to survive physically but not emotionally.

I believe this is Holiday's best book to date because she has weaved an unbelievable tale of family dysfunction coupled with mental illness, lust, greed, incest, and charity. Although former characters return from her previous books, I do not believe it is necessary to read them in order to grasp SECRETS: Portia's Story. Some of their roles are minor but it was refreshing to catch up with them. Be forewarned, there is no neatly packaged ending because a sequel follows titled No Ordinary Love and I look forward to reading how Portia's story plays out, if it does in fact play out.

Reviewed by Dawn R. Reeves

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