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Author: Millie Criswell
ISBN13: 978-0804119931
Title: The Trials of Angela
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Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: Ivy Books; 1 edition (April 2002)

The Trials of Angela by Millie Criswell

To date, Ms. Criswell has writt National bestselling author Millie Criswell didn't start out to be a writer. Instead, she had aspirations of joining the Rockettes as a toe-tapping member of their dancetroop, or tapping her heart away in one of those big, corny MGM musicals. Of course she was only ten at the time, had absolutely no talent as a dancer, and cannot be blamed for her failure to succeed. To date, Ms. Criswell has written twenty-one historical, category, and contemporary romances.

Millie Criswell just gets better and better. With characters like Angela's cross-dressing father and John's shoplifting grandmother, this book is our-pants funny. The chemistry between Angela and John isn't bad either. Millie Criswell fans will not be disappointed with her latest release. Ms. Criswell outdid herself with this one! From the very first chapter when Grandma Flora gets arrested for shoplifting, this book is loaded with laughs and romance! It has a cast of some of the most zany characters you'll ever meet in a romance novel, from Angela's cross-dressing Dad, to her bulldozer operator sister. The hero, John Franco, is an absolute gem.

Bestselling author Millie Criswell has charmed her way into the hearts of readers everywhere with delicious romances, spiced by sparkling characters, delectable passion, and a generous helping of fun. Now, in her most irresistible book yet, a feisty lawyer is about to meet the man of her dreams. Library descriptions. Her life is a mess but things quickly go from bad to worse when Angela DeNero has to argue her biggest case against arrogant and handsome John Franco.

Both the hero and the heroine make unethical decisions, and their neighbors and families, especially the older generation, make unkind and bigoted pronouncements left and right

Millie Criswell (born March 26, 1948) is a best-selling author of over twenty-five romance novels. She began writing shortly before her fortieth birthday, after decades of reading romances. She has since published over twenty-five novels, and is the lead author for the new Harlequin Flipside line. She and her husband live in Spotsylvania, Virginia; they have a daughter and a son. Romantic Times Career Achievement Award winner. National Readers Choice Award winner.

National bestselling author Millie Criswell didn't start out to be a writer.

September 2002 : USA Paperback.

Millie Criswell (born March 26) is a best-selling author of over twenty-five romance novels. Criswell began writing shortly before her fortieth birthday, after decades of reading romances. She has since published over twenty-five novels, and is the lead author for the new Harlequin Flipside line They have a daughter and a son, both of whom are lawyers, and several grandchildren. Sweet Laurel Book 2. Prim Rose Book 3. Asking for Trouble.

Millie Criswell’s writing is simply brilliant! Romantic comedy is the perfect showcase for her extraordinary talent. Suzanne Coleburn, Belles and Beaux of Romance. Books by Millie Criswell. Mad About Mia. Staying Single. What To Do about Annie? The Pregnant Miss Potter. The Trouble with Mary. The Marrying Man. The Wedding Planner.

After breaking up with her unfaithful fiancT, Angela DeNero finds her life going from bad to worse, with her fledgling law practice failing and her overbearing parents moving back to Baltimore, when she is assigned to argue a case against the arrogant, infuriating, and seductive attorney John Franco. Original.
Reviews: 7
In high school in Baltimore, Angela DeNero dated Tony Stefano, but had a secret crush on John Franco (he became a lawyer not a pitcher). Surprisingly, John shared her feelings, but neither admitted the attraction probably more out of fear, but somewhat out of loyalty to Tony. Both goes on to college and law school, but during all that education, they never set eyes on one another.

Seeing each other years later, Angela and John are on opposite sides of a custody case. Angela represents the Gallaghers while John's clients are the Rothbergs. Legal and sexual sparks fly as Angela and John argues for their respective client. Besides not really wanting a relationship at this time, Angela is pregnant from the cheating boyfriend she just dumped. However, love is the supreme court of relationships so that the appeal between Angela and John makes for an open and shut case.

Millie Criswell's third Baltimore tale, THE TRIALS OF ANGELA, is a delightful contemporary filled with amusing family antics inside a warm romantic romp. The amusing story line is fun though the tons of humor takes away from some of the seriousness of the custody trial and the pregnancy yet leave the reader upbeat in a You Can't Take It With You theme. The cast engages the audience just as it did with THE TROUBLE WITH MARY and WHAT TO DO ABOUT ANNIE? and probably will with the next novel, MAD ABOUT MIA.

Harriet Klausner
Angela DeNero has left her law practice in Boston, as well as her philandering fiancé to set roots in the old neighborhood, Baltimore's Little Italy.

Her first big case involves the custody of Matt Gallagher, who was introduced in "The Trouble with Mary." Matt has been living with his father and step-mother since being abandoned by his mom, Sharon Rothburg, who is now married to a high-powered attorney, and insistent that she acquire custody. Representing the Rothburgs is John Franco, who also happens to be Mary's cousin and the unrequited crush of Angela. John reluctantly takes the case when his partner has a heart attack, facing the wrath of his extended family.

As the two become adversaries, John takes a chance and pursues Angela outside of the courtroom. She figures that once he discovers her fiancé left her with more than a broken heart that John will flee. But not even Angela's crazy oddball family (her pop s a cross-dressing ex-cop) can send him away as they square off in the bedroom as well as the courtroom, leading up to an emotional conclusion.
This was the best Millie Criswell novel I've ever read and I had a wonderful savoring each and every page. The characters are just so easy to love and Angela captured my heart from page one. She's definitely more than just a pretty face. Angela has it all but discovers a little surprise left from her previous relationship which ended on a pretty sour note and through it all it Angela perseveres one-step at a time. Her first encounter with fellow attorney John Franco sizzles from the moment they meet again. Little does Angela know but John has had a thing for her since their high school days and nothing -- and I mean nothing is gonna stand in his way to get her.
I believe you'll enjoy this novel as it's filled with romance and on top of several emotional upheavals along the way, Angela and John overcome it all. Having the characters back from the previous "Mary" and "Annie" stories is an additional pleasure. Anyway this is one novel deemed to knock your socks off cause once you pick it -- you won't be able to put it down. Enjoy!
Angela DeNero's life is a mess! She had just broken up with her fiancé who had been cheating on her. Her law practice was in need of help and her most challenging thing yet was a man, the man she was up against in her court, handsome John Franco. She believes he'd send his own grandfather to jail but instead he makes her heart to a pitter patter. John Franco is ambitious and has no wish to marry or even be involved if it took away from his work. Angela and John matches in every way possible from their ambition to their sizzling attraction to one another throughout the book. Even more complications arise for Angela that she had no expected and prove to take everything in her to get a grip on.
Angela started out so tough and independent but as the book progresses spots of vulnerability stand out in her making her more real to life and easier to be sympathetic with and you are, very much so. John comes across as strong, unrelenting, and drop dead gorgeous. As the book moves along though, John becomes gentle, caring, and still drop dead gorgeous. I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to Ms. Criswell's next book about Mia. Ms. Criswell has really written a humorous, contemporary tale of challenges and love. Keep up the great work!
Romance At Its Best
I love this series, especially the fact that many of the unique characters carry forward into each book!
Angela is not having a good time! Her cheating ex-fiance left her to move to London with his new girlfriend, her strange parents have just moved back to town and she has to argue a case against annoying (but gorgeous) John Franco. John isn't having a swell time either. His grandmother keeps getting arrested, his family is mad at him for representing clients who are fighting against his own family and he has to argue a case against annoying (but gorgeous) Angela DeNero.
Needless to say, sparks fly, in all kind of ways! Don't know how many times I've woken my husband when laughing out loud through these books! I lend all the books of this series to friends and we pass them around. They always come back dog-eared and this won't be any exception! Millie Criswell has done it again!