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Author: Patricia McLinn
ISBN13: 978-0373584031
Title: Prelude to a Wedding
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Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: Silhouette Books (March 27, 1992)
Pages: 256

Prelude to a Wedding by Patricia McLinn

prelude to a wedding. Prelude To A Wedding. The Christmas Princess. Hoops (A Prequel to The Surprise Princess). The Surprise Princess. Not A Family Man (A Prequel To The Forgotten Prince). The Forgotten Prince. ~ ~ Dear Readers: If you encounter typos or errors in this book, please send them to me at: PatriciaiciaMcLinn. But, together, we can eradicate the nasty nuisances.

Patricia McLinn is the USA Today bestselling author of mystery, romance, women’s fiction known for strong characters, touches of humor, connected stories, and settings that make you want to move in. She had 27 books in 25 years in traditional publishing. Having secured the rights back to a number of her earlier books, she began indie publishing in early 2010. That made her officially a hybrid author, since she also still had books under traditional contracts. In mid-2015 she left the final traditional publisher and has been happily 100% independent since

Bette immediately liked the four-story red-brick building with the general air of solidity y window gave a glimpse of the lake a few blocks away. But the view was one of the few things that could be said for the near-barren living room. A door topped a pair of file cabinets and held a computer and accoutrements. Brick-and-board shelves for books, an old TV and mismatched stereo equipment. A rugged old couch and one side chair

Holly said: Sweet, sexy, with witty reparteeFirst, kudos to the author for a clean manuscript  . I enjoyed reading this book. I was in the mood for a light romance with some humor. This book adequately met my goals. In addition to her romance and women’s fiction books, Patricia is the author of the Caught Dead in Wyoming mystery series, which adds a touch of humor and romance to figuring out whodunit.

Wedding Party (The Wedding Series, Book 2). Patricia McLinn. Grady's Wedding (The Wedding Series, Book 3). Like her other books, this book, by Patricia McLinn, is well written and presents characters who made me smile and sympathize with their fears and conflicts. I do wish the secondary characters were fleshed out a bit more.

Prelude to a Wedding is the first book in a charming contemporary romantic comedy series. If you like quirky characters, magnetic chemistry and light-hearted antics, then you’ll love Patricia McLinn’s irresistible love story ~ Readers react to Prelude to a Wedding: "Excellent".

Prelude to a Wedding (The Wedding Series Book 1). Charming Paul Monroe had the Peter Pan thing down pat. As an antique toy appraiser, even his work involved play. Which was fine, except that Bette Wharton's job was to keep his Chicago business running smoothly. I cheered them on all the way" - ". Professor Carolyn Trent, returning from a prestigious conference abroad, is made academic advisor to ten basketball team members-much to her chagrin. Draper, the college’s irreverent new basketball coach, deplores her rigid outward perfection-but discovers a sensuous woman within. When her logic clashes with his ambition, can they both win?

Prelude to a Wedding PDF Download. By: Patricia McLinn Relase Date: 2011-09-27 Genre: Contemporain, Romance. Sign Off (Caught Dead in Wyoming, Book 1). The Games. Collection Baccara Band 281.

Prelude To A Wedding. About book: A kid at heart. She believed he'd spoken no more than the absolute truth, and that relieved her. Because that meant the odd undercurrent of attraction would soon wither. Dependability, solidity, maturity-those were the attributes she valued. Someone who would work through the difficulties in life as she did, someone who anticipated them and prepared for them. Certainly not someone who admitted to being-bragged about being-a kid at heart

Prelude to a Wedding.

Reviews: 7
I have read lots and lots of romance and its nice to get a totally different twist. Paul can be described as a adult who enjoys playing with trains and doesn't really have a good idea of what "Feeling of being in love" is. He knows he is attracted to Bette but has some childlike behavior ways of showing it. Acutally I think we all know someone like Paul. Bette is a control freak who wants a solid plan and as we all know, Life does not go according to plan. So these two people dance around each other.
I will disagree with another review about "all the sex". The author gives you details to set the scene and room and the emotions, but there is not erotic details of sex in this story. The author allows you as an adult to use your imagination to create with the use of her words that are beautifully written. I thought the title of her book would give away the storyline, but it does not at all. It's nice to read a romantic book with charming Paul disarming Bette with helping her find a house and then getting upset about the house she chooses. He introduces her to his parents in the first or second date and she is wondering if he really is afraid to be tied down or is he playing her to get what he wants? I enjoyed the dance of child like behavior and true feelings that are discovered. This was my first time reading this author, but I will look for more by her.
This book was OK at the beginning until Paul went into full stalker mode, abusing his staff and trying to impact Bette’s professional life just because she said no to going out with him. And for some reason this is supposed to be cute instead of sending out alarm signals to never go near this guy again and possibly take out a restraining order. Why on Earth did she not refuse to send him any more temps if he couldn’t behave appropriately and then tell herself she had a lucky escape. DNF.
This story was great. I love a good romance, and I have a hard time finding one that is different and unique since I read so many of them. This book's characters were developed so well and the way they spoke was very engaging. I loved this story all the way through, and was incredibly impressed. I can't wait to read the others in the series. What a great book to find. It's books like this one that make me so happy I own a kindle. I would certainly recommend this title to anyone who loves a great romance with great characters.
Phallozs Dwarfs
This is a stand alone read with a HEA. The hero is a kid at heart, happy go lucky kind of guy. No schedules, no plans, just fun and a good time. Then he meets the heroine. She is by the book on time, sticks to lists and schedules and 5 year plans. She has no time for the fun loving hero. Of course, she grabs his attention and he wants to show her how to have fun. She resist, knowing that he will just break her heart and then move on to the next good time.

However, nothing ever goes as planned. They each have lessons to learn about life and why they are the way they are. All the characters are very likable. They are smart, funny, and strong. You really do like them and want them to find a happy ever after. But, do opposites really attract? Can they make it work or is one doomed to be hurt? A really good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I definitely recommend it. You finish reading it feeling good. There are other books in the series but it seems like each one will stand alone.
Bette Wharton is a detail orientated, always by the schedule type of person. She looks to the future and knows what she wants. And she doesn't want anyone or anything to stand in her way. Paul Monroe is a child at heart and only lives in the moment, and it usually is something fun and unexpected. He doesn't want anyone or anything running his life. Paul needs a temporary assistant and Bette's company comes highly rated. As soon as Paul meets the boss, Bette, it seems to be his mission to get this straight laced lady to loosen up. It's a back and forth romance where both are afraid to give up their hearts. I thought the story line was very good, but I felt the steamy scenes were way over done and just too much and too often. I didn't care for the character of Paul. I just never could picture him as a professional adult. He might have been a kid at heart, but I found him very immature. That really took away from the story for me.
Dancing Lion
This story is a little predictable but it is an interesting study in how 2 people, one who avoids the everything about the life his grandfather wanted him to live and thensecond who embraced everything in life her grandfather wanted her to live for. It was interesting that both their grandfathers believed the same things and were so focused on the future that they never showed their grandchildren any value in the present. While this book is a romance about how 2 people struggle against their attraction to each other, it is also a study in how the past can prevent people from being open to what is right in front of them in the present.

Like her other books, this book, by Patricia McLinn, is well written and presents characters who made me smile and sympathize with their fears and conflicts. I do wish the secondary characters were fleshed out a bit more.
to a series by Patricia McLinn that sounds interesting.

Paul Monroe will always be a child at heart especially since he is an appraiser of antique toys, but he isn't the best boss to have. Before his secretary/assistant has her baby she made arrangements for a replacement through a temp agency.

Bette Wharton runs the temp agency and is a by the book, reliable, organized girl. She realizes that this man is hard to deal with but knows that there is someone who will help him. She also realizes when they meet that there is a connection between them that if taken the right way could lead to an incredible romance. He finds out that sometimes organization can be good and necessary. But that means both of them are going to have to leave that safety box they have themselves in.

This is a light romance that of course has a good ending and if the others are like it then it will be a series that I would love to continue to read.