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Author: Geralyn Dawson
ISBN13: 978-0786292271
Title: The Bad Luck Wedding Dress
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Language: English
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Publisher: Thorndike Pr (January 17, 2007)
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The Bad Luck Wedding Dress by Geralyn Dawson

The Bad Luck Wedding Dress is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed herein are fictitious and are not based on any real persons living or dead. Cover art by Stephanie Knautz. For my father, John E. Dawson, the greatest storyteller I know. And for my mother, Pauline Dawson. Thanks, Mom, for everything. According to this note, The Bad Luck Wedding Dress threatened her very life. THE AFTERNOON heat made Trace McBride long for winter as he wiped down the scarred oak bar at the End of the Line Saloon. But all thought of the oppressive heat disappeared when his seven-year-old daughter, Katrina, burst through the swinging front doors crying, Papa, Papa, Papa!

They were calling it the Bad Luck Wedding Dress, and Jenny Fortune knew that spelled trouble for her Fort Worth dressmaking shop. Just because the Bailey girls had met with one mishap or another after wearing Jenny's loveliest creation, her clientele had begun to stay away in droves. They were calling it the Bad Luck Wedding Dress, and Jenny Fortune knew that spelled trouble for her Fort Worth dressmaking shop. The dress was the inspiration for a series of novels by Geralyn Dawson. The Line(s) - Once you learn the scales, it’s not difficult to play a fish, Maribeth. Just don’t ask me to tune a fish. What is this book about then is not the bad luck wedding dress? Well, it's back in the "wild west". Jenny is a young-ish woman that isn't married.

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About book: Dressmaker Jenny Fortune was going to put a stop to the rumors of the "Bad Luck Wedding Dress" by wearing it to her own wedding. Other books by bad luck brides.

THE BAD LUCK WEDDING DRESS was a finalist for Romance Writers of America's RITA award! They call it the Bad Luck Wedding Dress, and now Jenny Fortune's dressmaking clientele has begun staying away in droves. Yet, Jenny is sure that she can turn her luck around if she wears the dress herself at her very own wedding-all she needs is a groom. Trace McBride is an attractive widower raising three little girls-or outlaws-and he badly needs a woman's loving touch. The fourth book of the series, LOVER'S LEAP is a January 2012 release with NIGHTINGALE WAY to follow in Fall 2012. com and register for her e-newsletter, which includes contests, news about her upcoming releases, and other fun stuff. You can follow her on Twitter at both lyndawson and ymarchbooks.

Author: Geralyn Dawson. Jenny isn't sure she knows how to win a marriage proposal, but she is willing to take off her spectacles, let down her golden hair, and even give flirtation a try.

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Used availability for Geralyn Dawson's The Bad Luck Wedding Dress. January 2007 : USA Hardback. January 2005 : UK Mass Market Paperback. March 1996 : USA Mass Market Paperback. Science Fiction Fantasy Horror Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Young Adult Fantasy.

The Bad Luck Wedding Night: Bad Luc. mily March. The Bad Luck Wedding Dress is the first of my historical romance "love and laughter" Bad Luck Wedding series. I hope you enjoy it! Happy reading, Emily (aka Geralyn).

Jenny Fortune was desperate.Just because of a little "bad luck" associated with one of her finest creations, she was losing her customers in droves. Widower Trace McBride seemed to be her only solution. He had three hellion daughters in need of a woman's touch. And since wearing the gown at her own wedding seemed the best way to turn her luck around, Jenny was determined to convince Trace that they would make the perfect match. If only things had turned out to be that simple!
Reviews: 7
Original (and interesting!) plot, good dialogue, and a truly quirky villain made this an appealing read for me. In 1879 Jenny Fortune has set up an up and coming dress shop. Her dresses are selling well until a bridal gown that she has made acquires the reputation for bringing bad luck to its wearers. Her landlord, Trace McBride, lives in an apartment above her with his three motherless daughters. As Jenny begins to lose customers and can't pay her rent, he offers her a job as housekeeper and surrogate mother for his girls. Her mother sweeps into town with a better idea. Marry someone while wearing the gown herself and turn it into a 'good luck' wedding gown. When Trace meets the future bridegroom, he reconsiders his plan to never marry.

There are several mysteries going on in this book and more than one villain. The drama is offset by a lot of humor. Although I really liked the H and h, the real stars are the hero's three young daughters who are referred to by the townspeople as the 'McBride Menaces.' Some of their antics are side-splitting funny. I hope to read more of these girls in later books.

For those interested: Language (f-bombs) may offend some readers. Sexual situations (after marriage only) are fairly frequent in the last half of the book, although not overly descriptive, and some readers may find them offensive
I really wanted to like this book as I have liked every other book that EM has written. Since I live close to Fort Worth, the setting was especially interesting to me; however, I was so glad that this book FINALLY ended. It just seemed to go on and on and on. To me, the characters were cardboard-like and I felt like I was reading 4 or 5 episodes in a sitcom.
The bedroom door is definitely open in this book which could have been handled differently.

I will be deleting this book and do not plan on reading another one in this series.
Historical romance with a bit of a mystery twist in the wild West.
Highly entertaining novel with the perfect amount of spice scattered through it.

Jenny Fortune, independent and creative is building a life for herself in a small town in Texas as a dressmaker. Everything is going splendidly until a couple of brides have accidents after wearing one of her creations. Their superstitious father blames the dressmaker and he is supported by the town's gossip and another dressmaker.
Her landlord, the honky Mr McBride, and his three menacing daughters offer her a position as the girls "mother" to aid her with her failing business.
McBride has is own demons haunting him though and will Jenny eventually trade security but a loveless marriage against her independence?
You'll have to read to find out...

Heartily recommend this book.
This was a very good book. I will state that this is not a Clean sexual book - there are 2 pretty explicit sexual scenes (married couple) which I simply scanned over to get to the end. Both are closer to the end.
At first I thought I had read this before (I think I read something a little similar but was a short modern story) - but I am so glad I kept reading this.
This is a Historical romance yet so much is going on - adventure, danger, regrets, memories etc. that keeps you interested.
But there is also a very superstitious man who blames the accidents his daughters have had on the seamstress who made the wedding dress - which he calls the Bad Luck Wedding Dress. - This book also shows the dangers of not only superstition but gossip and greed. (Something a lot of people need to think about when they gossip!)
The Bad Luck Wedding Dress is a sweet historical (western) romance about Trace McBride, a single father of three rebellious young daughters who love to act out, and the young and independent dressmaker Jenny Fortune. The three daughters have set their mind on having Jenny as their mother, and will do anything to make it happen. Trace's previous marriage was a disaster, and he doesn't want to remarry again. Jenny, in the first hand doesn't want to marry either, but she is attracted to Trace.

It was fun seeing Trace struggle with his attraction to Jenny, and I loved seeing how Jenny tempted him. Trace had a hard time containing his jealousy. I was invested in the characters and was looking forward to seeing what would happen next. This book was a fun read, but there were also a couple of suspenseful scenes that fit the story perfectly. I loved seeing the relationship between Trace and Jenny develop. I can't wait to read the three daughters' books.
I really enjoyed reading The Bad Luck Wedding Dress. It had lots of twists and turns in the plot, and I really liked the characters. The seamstress, Jenny Fortune, or MissFortune as the Menaces like to call her, owns Fortune's Designs in Fort Worth, Texas. The year is 1879. She's renting the ground floor of the 3 story building where Trace McBride, single father of the Menaces, and his 3 daughters live. The daughters have grown very attached to Miss Fortune as she has to them. Trace owns a bar in Hell's Half Acre area in Fort Worth, and counts on multiple housekeepers to keep track of his girls, however they keep getting into trouble and the housekeepers don't last more than a few days. Miss Fortune's once thriving business is struggling due to superstition regarding a wedding dress she made for one of Jack Bailey's daughters who later suffered an accident. When his second daughter wore the same dress and also had an accident, the rumors began, and Jenny's business suffered. What follows is the tale of development of a family with all the trials and pitfalls along the way. It was a fun read. I highly recommend.
This book was fantastic. It is the first book I have read by Emily March but it won't be the last.
The story was entertaining and the characters very believable.
Love that it was a stand alone.